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Tucker Carlson

USA is no longer a democracy: Tucker Carlson on the Joe Rogan podcast says intel agencies are controlling elected representatives

Regarding the controversial Section 702 of the FISA program, Tucker Carlson said congressmen were “terrified” that intelligence agencies would frame them with “kiddie p*rn” if they were to oppose reauthorising it.

‘The CIA blew up Nordstream pipeline, everyone knows it’: Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tucker Carlson interview

"In the world of propaganda, it is very difficult to defeat the USA. The USA controls the world's media and even the European media. The ultimate beneficiaries of the biggest European media networks are US financial institutions, don't you know that?", Putin said.

‘Ukraine was ready to sign peace agreement, war would have stopped, Boris Johnson came and prevented it’: Vladimir Putin in Tucker Carlson interview

In an interview with the American news anchor Tucker Carlson released on Friday, President Putin said Ukraine made a mistake, adding. "Why do we have to bother ourselves and correct somebody else's mistakes?"

‘Biden govt tried to stop us, illegally surveilled, leaked chats’: Tucker Carlson in Moscow for Putin interview, exposes US hypocrisy on media freedom

The Western media, for the last several years, and especially since February 2022, has painted Vladimir Putin as an evil, cruel dictator running a terrorist regime. The vilification has been so unidirectional, biased, and relentless that any scope of understanding and mutual dialogue has been stamped out.

Fox News paying Tucker Carlson $20 million to not start rival channel but he wants to get out of the contract, friend says, ‘he...

Axios reported that Tucker Carlson wants to get out of the contract to be able to start his own media empire.

American television host and political commentator Tucker Carlson quits Fox News in a surprise exit

Tucker Carlson rose to prominence in the American media landscape with his acerbic commentary on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' show on Fox News.

Elon Musk to launch TruthGPT, a rival to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, says hyper-intelligent, unregulated AI could end civilisations

According to a state document, Musk registered a company called X.AI Corp, which was incorporated in Nevada, last month. The company listed Jared Birchall, the managing director of Musk's family office, as a secretary and Musk as the only director

WSJ columnist asks for a building more beautiful than Victoria Terminus in Mumbai built after 1947, netizens oblige

Beauty is subjective and Victoria Terminus is indeed a fine piece of architecture. However, to say that it was just the British who built India and 'left behind a civilisation' would be stretching it too far, even for Brown Sepoys wearing colonial goggles.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death: Tucker Carlson hails England for leaving behind a civilisation when they quit India. Here’s how he is wrong

Fox News' Tucker Carlson said England gave "civilisation" to India when it left the country in August 1947.

Tucker Carlson, censored for referring transgender woman as a man, returns to Twitter after Elon Musk takeover

Tucker Carlson was censored on Twitter for referring to Assistant health secretary of US, a transgender woman, as a man

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