Monday, July 26, 2021


Tucker Carlson

Global media looks away as Biden’s NSA “unmasks” dissenting right wing journalist Tucker Carlson

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, an outspoken critic of President Biden, claimed that the NSA has been monitoring his communications.

Anthony Fauci led NIAID funded horrific experiments where scalps of aborted babies were stitched to the back of lab rats

Tucker Carlson asked Daleiden if Anthony Fauci has accounted for this to which the latter answered in the negative.

Tucker Carlson slams ADL for being concerned about Israel’s demography but demonizing him for concerns about USA’s

Tucker Carlson highlighted how ADL had objected to the influx of Palestinian refugees in Jewish-dominated Israel in 2010.

Watch: Tucker Carlson asks CNN President Jeff Zucker to transition into a woman to fight toxic masculinity

"We agree, CNN is dominated by lots of dumb men," read the Fox News tucker during the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

Rapper Cardi B deletes tweets after activist Candace Owens threatens to sue her for slander during spat over sexually explicit Grammy performance

Candace Owens, popular Conservative political commentator and activist, has threatened to sue American rapper Cardi B.

After targeting Tucker Carlson, US Dept of Defense mocked for old ‘beauty influencer’ ad discussing makeup under army regulations

After Tucker Carlson was targeted by the US Military in a propaganda campaign, Dept of Defence was mocked for 'beauty influencer' army ad.

Democracy under threat in USA? Military under Biden intimidates, threatens civilians, journalists over policy disagreement

he US Military under Joe Biden has launched a comprehensive propaganda campaign against Tucker Carlson.

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