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‘Mela’ director says Aamir Khan insisted on doing a vulgar scene in the movie, reveals why Kajol had refused to star opposite the actor

'Mela' director recently revealed that actor Aamir Khan insisted on doing a urine therapy vulgar scene in the movie.

Thrashed, force-fed urine, chilli powder on genitals, and more: Two children in UP subjected to horrifying brutality over suspicion of theft; Saud, Abdul among...

In UP's Siddharthnagar, a poultry farm operator, Saud, along with 7 individuals, inflicted horrifying brutality on 2 children on the suspicion of theft.

‘I can’t pass urine. I have a prostate problem’: Pakistan’s former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed to the medical team in Zardari remarks case

Pakistan's ex-interior minister Sheikh Rasheed said he couldn't pass urine to medical team sent to collect his urine sample.

‘Maulana ke Peshab mein se Chirag jalayenge’: Samajwadi Party leader urges people to vote for party ahead of UP elections

Salman Qureshi is the district President of the Samajwadi Party Youth Brigade in Bijnor.

Rectal ejaculation: How a drug addict man waited two years after he started jizzing from his rectum and urinating faeces

It was revealed that the pathologic condition of rectal ejaculation occurred in the patient due to a traumatic Foley catheter insertion

Camel urine is pure, can be used to treat diseases, but cannot say the same about cow urine: Zakir Naik

"Drinking of camel urine is a common practice (among Muslims). It is coming down from centuries in the Arab (world)," Zakir Naik said

UK HelloFresh food app issues apology after a customer gets bottled-up urine with his order: Read details

In the United Kingdom, a HelloFresh app customer was left in shock as he received a bottle full of urine as part of food delivery

Watch: Tractor rally rioters had urinated on the walls of Red Fort on Republic Day

The so-called 'farmer protestors' had not only disrespected the Tricolour, they were also seen urinating on the walls of the heritage monument.

Rajasthan: Man abducted, beaten and forced drink urine over a relationship in his own community, 6 detained

In a viral video, a man in Rajasthan's Sirohi was seen being tortured and being forced to drink urine. Police had taken cognisance of the issue and arrested 6 culprits.

After excreting in corridors, Tablighi Jamaatis accused of throwing urine-filled bottles in Dwarka quarantine centre

The shocking incident comes just a day after two Tablighi Jamaat members were found defecating in the corridor in Narela quarantine facility.

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