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US elections

Meta removed thousands of China-based Facebook accounts influencing opinions in India and the US ahead of elections

The report underscored that these China-based fake accounts posing as journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders etc posted the same propaganda content on both Facebook and Elon Musk-owned X. In a bid to appear authentic false accounts commented on and shared each other's posts.

USA: Media again gears up to brand Trump as the devil, as court upholds his freedom of speech

The Economist conceded that Donald Trump is ahead of the incumbent US President Joe Biden by a large margin in the swing states.

Former US President Donald Trump to surrender before authorities in 2020 Georgia election interference case, what it means

A total of 19 people have been indicted in the case including Trump, who is in the forefront for the Republican nomination for the 2024 Presidential elections.

‘The USA needs India, will rebuild trust with New Delhi’: Vivek Ramaswamy discusses Russia, China, 9/11 and more with Tucker Carlson

Ramaswamy's candidature promises to restore meritocracy and lessen reliance on China during his interview with Tucker Carlson.

Fewer takers for Biden? ‘The Donald’ trumps Biden’s treasure chest in the 2nd quarter of fundraising campaign for 2024 US Elections

Donald Trump has raised more than $22 million in the second quarter of the fundraising campaign taking him slightly ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden who has until now raised $20 million in funds

Mark Zuckerberg admits on Joe Rogan’s show that Facebook suppressed Hunter Biden emails story just before US elections because FBI had told them to

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg admits on Joe Rogan Experience that the tech giant had worked to suppress the Hunter Biden story before US elections in 2020, says the FBI had asked them to.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen Mark Milley had gone behind President Trump, promising advanced warning to China in case of USA’s ‘surprise attack’

“Gen. Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time," said Milly to the Chinese general, as per the new book.

After 2 long months, Washington Post retracts fake news about ‘find the fraud’ quote, Donald Trump calls it the ‘Georgia Hoax’

Attributing it to 'anonymous sources', Washington Post had claimed in January that Donald Trump had asked the top election investigator to 'find the fraud' and that she could be a 'national hero' if she did so.

After US elections, Facebook and Twitter are getting ready to interfere with Indian elections: Why the centre must take note before 2024

With Twitter's admitted Left-wing bias, nobody needs to wonder which side they would choose to censor and the trajectory is rather evident with the censorship of Malviya's tweet.

Donald Trump’s ‘transactional marriage’ may come to an end as Melania Trump may call it quits: Report

According to former aide Stephanie Wolkoff, she further alleged that the couple had separate bedrooms and had a transactional marriage.

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