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Turkeys are not vegan: PETA’s non-stop preaching ahead of Thanksgiving gets ‘fact-checked’ by community notes on X

Along with the ironic Community Note, PETA's X post also received numerous critical and even sarcastic responses with many calling out PETA for suggesting that Turkeys would never eat humans.

Vegan food influencer, who only ate raw food, dies of starvation at the age of 39

Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova, a Russian online influencer who went by the name of Zhanna D’Art on social media, has died of starvation after years of following an entirely raw vegan diet.

‘Animal cruelty’ activists in the UK spill milk in supermarkets to protest against dairy industry, irk even the vegans with this wastage of food

One woman wrote, "I'm verging on vegan, and I agree. If anything, this sets the vegan cause back years."

After the Paper Magazine photoshoot, PETA invites actor Ranveer Singh to again pose nude for their ‘Try Vegan’ campaign

PETA writes to Ranveer Singh asking to pose nude for their Try Vegan campaign after his nude photoshoot with Paper magazine

PETA resorts to sex: Shares cringe sexual videos making dubious claims to promote veganism

PETA is claiming that vegans enjoy great sex life and they are superior in terms of sexual performance to non-vegans, especially meat-eaters.

After revealing his ‘diet with eggs’, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli clarifies he is a vegetarian, not vegan

Virat Kohli had landed himself in a controversy after the self-proclaimed vegan cricketer revealed that he continues to consume eggs in his diet

‘Vegan’ Virat Kohli reveals he has eggs in his diet, netizens amused

Virat Kohli had turned vegan in 2018 where he had said he gave up meat, milk, eggs to improve his fitness.

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