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Cricket fans get nostalgic on the 10th anniversary of Team India’s historic World Cup 2011 win: Here are some visuals

On 2 April 2011, Indian cricket team won its second ICC Cricket World Cup after a hiatus of 28 years

Loan defaulter Vijay Mallya congratulates Congress on assembly elections victory

Interestingly, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had initially liked the congratulatory tweet of fugitive Vijay Mallya but later unliked it after it went viral.

The two giant positives for Hindu unity from Karnataka elections

Hindus of Karnataka have shown the Congress that they do keep their eyes and ears open.

Why a BJP-JD(S) combine is in the best interest of both parties

Only time will tell how this plays out

BJP clean sweeps Jharkhand municipal elections, also wins in Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat polls

The party also registered victories in the Nagar Parishad and Panchayat polls

Gujarat Municipal Elections: BJP wins 47 Nagar Palikas, thumping victory in Narendra Modi’s hometown

The BJP was criticised for losing some ground in the Assembly elections

Mr Varadarajan, spare India’s blind heroes of your phoney intellecutalism

Celebration of famous win for India's blind sportsmen, is labelled as Jingoism

Social media protests over police action in NIT Srinagar campus

Students under attack for standing up to a group who was chanting anti-India slogans

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