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Sikh cop manhandled in Dalhousie because locals were angry over CISF-Kangana incident? Himachal Police share the truth behind misleading claims

In its statement, HP Police said that Chandigarh ASI Paramjit Singh had wrongly parked his Toyota car in the middle of the road causing inconvenience to others. When Khajjiar Police Post officials asked Singh to remove his vehicle, ASI Singh started arguing with them.

In a recent incident, it was reported that a Sikh Police officer from Chandigarh ASI Paramjit Singh was manhandled by locals in Dalhousie and Himachal Police over Kangana Ranaut slapping incident. A report by Times of India on 17th June claimed that some locals taunted ASI Singh saying “You hit our MP at the airport and then expect us to welcome you here.”

The report said that a Himachal Police constable also allegedly mistreated Singh and that HP Police ASI Madan Paul also supported the locals. The incident transpired when Singh had gone to Khajjiar near Dalhousie on a two-day vacation on the 9th of June. After returning to Chandigarh, Paramjit Singh filed an FIR over email with the Himachal Pradesh Police DGP against the HP Police officials who allegedly mistreated him.

In his complaint, Singh said that he parked his car at Khajjiar where other cars and taxis were parked and later sent his son to get his spectacles from the car. After reaching the spot Singh’s son called him and informed him that locals were objecting to his car being parked at the said spot. The TOI report claimed that locals were angry over the recent incident wherein a CISF officer Kulwinder Kaur allegedly slapped actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut.

Now, a video of the incident has surfaced online wherein an HP Police officer DS Thakur is seen confronting Chandigarh ASI Paramjit Singh. While it was being claimed in media reports and on social media that ASI Singh was mistreated by locals due to their anger over the Kangana Ranaut slapping incident, it was seen that it was a car parking-related dispute. The entire argument started after Singh had allegedly parked his car wrongly.

Social media users peddle hateful narrative against Himachal Pradesh claiming ASI Paramjit Singh manhandled due to his Sikh identity

Several X users used the TOI report on the incident to peddle a false and sinister narrative against the Himachali people. One X user “Ujala” wrote, “Even Sikh cop’s are not safe in Himachal. High time Himachalis need to understand that we don’t want to do the similar act with your people in Chandigarh/Punjab. So it’s a humble request please calm down & stop these filthy acts, specially Himachali drivers when you still have time.”

Another one who goes by the username @KhalsaVision on X called for a “belt treatment” and “boycott” for Himachali people asserting that the Chandigarh cop was manhandled due to his Sikh identity. “Another Sikh ASI Paramjit Singh manhandled and mistreated in Himachal. I think Himachali Pahadiye need belt treatment as well as boycott,” the X user wrote.

One X user “ORC” went on to incite violence and shared a violent image suggesting the beheading of Himachal Pradesh locals. The X user shared an AI-generated image showing the severed head of a man wearing a Himachali (Pahadi) cap impaled on the tip of a spear. The image also contained text overtly threatening the Himachalis of violence and said, “Every road from Himachal to Delhi goes from Panjab.”

Meanwhile, one “Punjab Politics” urged the Punjabis to boycott Himachal Pradesh and go to Jammu and Kashmir instead since Himachal Pradesh has become “Rakshasa Bhoomi” [Demon’s land]. “Himachal is no longer Dev Bhoomi but has become Rakshasa Bhoomi. Instead of spending money and getting beaten up in Himachal, people of Punjab should either stay at home or go to Jammu and Kashmir…Don’t go to Himachal for just one year,” the X user wrote.

A Punjabi journalist Simrajit Singh Makkar said, “What is the compulsion that you have to go to Himachal, go to Srinagar. Take an oath that you will not go to Himachal for the next 2 years, if the ‘tongues’ of the people of Himachal do not come out in 2 years then ask me.” Makkar’s Instagram post has received over 24000 likes and the comments under this post largely agree with with his call to boycott Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh cops refute allegations of police misconduct and connection with Kangana Ranaut slapping incident

Meanwhile, Himachal Pradesh Police has issued a statement on the matter and said that the image of HP Police and the local people is being tarnished without ascertaining facts. The police said that Himachal Pradesh is a peaceful state and the local people welcome tourists. They added that the police are disciplined and public-friendly.

In its statement, HP Police said that Chandigarh ASI Paramjit Singh had wrongly parked his Toyota car in the middle of the road causing inconvenience to others. When Khajjiar Police Post officials asked Singh to remove his vehicle, ASI Singh started arguing with them.

Himachal Police added that an enquiry was conducted by Sadar Police Station SHO and the allegations levelled against the police were found “baseless and false”.

“On 9th June 2024, Mr. Paramjit Singh, ASI Chandigarh Police who had come to visit Khajjiar in Chamba district, parked his vehicle Toyota Fortuner bearing No. CH 01 CE 8821 in the middle of the road causing obstruction to the traffic. When police officials of Khajjiar Police Post requested him to remove the wrongly parked vehicle, he got offended and started arguing with them. In this regard, enquiry into the matter was also conducted through SHO PS Sadar District Chamba. During enquiry, the allegations levelled against police officials soliciting support from local taxi drivers to fight with the tourists have been found baseless and false,” the HP Police statement reads.

The police also addressed similar false claims being associated with another incident involving an NRI Kanwaljit Singh. It was reported that Kanwaljit Singh who visited Khajjar along with his Spanish wife and brother Jeevanjit on 11th June were attacked by a mob comprising around 100 locals after a parking dispute. Kanwaljit Singh had claimed that he was assaulted as he was a Punjabi.

The Police, however, denied Singh’s claim and said that there was no “interstate or inter-community dispute”. The Himachal Pradesh Police in its statement said that an inquiry was conducted into the matter and it was found that Kanwaljit Singh and his brother Jeevanjit were forcibly holding the hands of female tourists and local women on the pretext of practising palmistry. “This led to an altercation between the NRI couple and the tourists & local people present there. The police intervened in the matter and brought the NRI couple to Sultanpur Police Post. They refused to initiate legal proceedings in the matter and did not undergo medical examination despite repeated requests by the local police. Their statement was also recorded in which they categorically refused to register the complaint regarding the scuffle,” the Himachal Pradesh Police said.

Regarding the media report claiming that the locals mistreated Paramjit Singh out of anger over the CISF staffer Kulwinder Kaur assaulting Kangana Ranaut recently at Chandigarh Airport, the HP Police said that this incident had nothing to do with the Kangana Ranaut incident.

“Both the above incidents had no relation or connection with the Mandi MP Ms. Kangana Ranaut incident at Chandigarh airport as reported in the media. There was also no altercation with local people regarding the same. Himachal Pradesh is a peaceful State and tourist destination. The State attracts tourists from all over India and abroad, especially during the summer and winter seasons. Therefore, Himachal Pradesh Police cordially welcomes all the tourists coming from other States and is always ready for their safety and security,” Himachal Pradesh Police said.

The portrayal of these incidents as identity-based attacks malign the image of the Himachali people. The “Dev Bhoomi” has long been known for its peaceful and welcoming people. The false narrative peddled by some social media users undermines the social fabric of the region and sows discord where none exists. The police should take action against such people attempting to incite boycott, hatred and violence against the Himachali people by presenting such incidents as inter-state or inter-community rivalry.

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