Monday, March 1, 2021


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‘Double standards won’t be allowed’: IT Minister RS Prasad lashes out at social media platforms encouraging anti-India propaganda

"Make money, but you will have to abide by Indian laws and the Constitution", said IT Minister RS Prasad in Parliament

‘No headmaster like Twitter censorship’: OpIndia talks to Aprameya Radhakrishna, cofounder of Indian Twitter alternative Koo

Koo was first recognized on a wider platform when it won the AatmaNirbhar App Innovation Challenge in August 2020.

China blocks Clubhouse, the ‘only by invitation’ app loved by Elon Musk: Here is all you need to know

China loves censorship and the latest victim of China's over-censorship is the famous social media app Clubhouse

Sandes, a Make-in-India alternative to Whatsapp, being tested by government officials: Read the details

Government officials have started using Sandes, a desi alternative to popular messaging application Whatsapp

Rahul Gandhi and Congress launch a campaign to hire paid social media trolls: Read how

Congress plans to recruit 500,000 internet trolls, including 50,000 office bearers through its "social media warrior" campaign

Congress senior leader Kamal Nath follows an Instagram handle called ‘Karonaviral’ and it has nothing to do with ‘corona’: Details

Now with Kamal Nath having followed her on Instagram, considering he follows only 17 people against 2.10 lakh followers he has, one wonders if other Congress leader would now follow suit

After porn star, Playboy model enters global campaign against India, ‘Team Kisan’ offers to receive Amanda Cerny at airport in a tractor: Details

Team Kisan made the proposal after Playboy model Amanda Cerny, vocal about the protests, said that she found tractors 'sexy'.

Greta Thunberg deletes protest toolkit tweet after it revealed global designs against India, campaign underway since at least November: Details

Greta Thunberg accidentally revealed the conspiracy behind international support to farmer protests, deletes tweet later.

Uttarakhand police could deny passport verification if the person habitually posts anti-national content on social media

Uttarakhand Police has now decided to scrutinise social media contents before clearing their passport or arms license verification.

InstantBollywood: How this Bollywood fan Instagram handle with millions of followers has been spreading anti-farm laws propaganda

Owned by one Simi Deol, Instant Bollywood spread anti-farm law propaganda on its social media accounts to millions of followers

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