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Stop demonising us merely because we want to exist : Dara hua Hindu

In the past few days, the news of 2 deaths have emerged which has caused a massive dent in the collective consciousness of the Hindu community. In Bangalore, a BJP worker was murdered over political rivalry while in Delhi, a Hindu boy was murdered by his girlfriend Shehzaadi’s family because they did not approve of the match. One would have expected such incidents to garner major attention of the mainstream media, but the sheer apathy of the mainstream media towards concerns of the Hindu community regarding their safety can be estimated from the fact that Swara Bhaskar’s open letter to Bhansali received more attention and coverage than these two heinous murders.

When a person from the minority community suffers a crime at the hands of a Hindu, even if not for communal reasons, the entire Hindu community is painted as intolerant and much hue and cry is raised about the radicalization among Hindus and yet when a Hindu happens to be the victim of a hate crime, the blame is pinned on the collective consciousness of the country as if other Hindus are somehow culpable for the hate that other communities harbor towards them. In the incident at Delhi, some are choosing to ignore the obvious and instead make a point about Indian society as a whole and blaming the murder of Ankit Saxena on Patriarchy.

The international media which is normally so overeager to run the narrative of intolerance of Hindus in India will conveniently choose to ignore these heinous attacks on the Hindu community as they ruin their narrative. Through extensive propaganda, a narrative has been created which shames the Hindu community for merely voicing their concerns, however valid they are. And time and again, the blame is pinned on the Hindu for his very identity.

Intellectuals in India have created a myth out of thin air that only the majority community is responsible for sustaining an environment of social harmony and consequently, should a Hindu be a victim of a hate crime, the magical wand called ‘nuance’ is waved around the subject to conjure some blame on his part. When a Hindu suffers a terrible fate, the blame is always squarely placed on the values and culture of the larger Indian society. Under such circumstances, when a Hindu voices his concerns, it is declared senseless paranoia and the community is accused of suffering from a victim-hood complex. On the other hand, we have to constantly withstand a barrage of propaganda accusing every voter of the Bharatiya Janata Party of culpability in every crime against the minority community. Hindu concerns are ridiculed, mocked and derided while the concerns of the minority communities are always exaggerated, often with fabricated evidence. The objective of such a narrative is to shame Hindus for their identity and invalidate all their concerns solely because of their identity.

Reality is often exactly the inverse of what the mainstream media professes to be. Contrary to popular claims by intellectuals, it is the Hindu, it has always been the Hindu, who upholds the principles of tolerance and coexistence in this country all the while as he is demonized by every social institution for his identity. In a recent incident, the IPS association was quick to denounce a senior IPS officer for taking a vow to ensure the construction of a Bhavya Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. It’s natural for a devout Hindu to want the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, is the IPS Association then accusing all Hindus of being unable to perform their duty impartially?

In another incident, people mocked and condemned a journalist for touching Yogi Adityanath’s feet. Well, it is natural for a Hindu to seek blessings from a saffron clad priest. Why were they demonizing a Hindu for an act of faith? Do they want Hindus to abandon their fundamental religious beliefs before signing up for a job? It seems pretty unreasonable for people who so strongly oppose Uniform Civil Code to expect Hindus to abandon their core beliefs and all for a job. All that matters is that a journalist be efficient at his job, it is amusing then that people who are vocal cheerleaders for journalists who regularly misrepresent facts and sometimes spread lies wholesale condemn another for merely seeking the blessings of the Mahant of Gorakhnath Math.

Should a Hindu refuse to participate in the glorification of historical figures who slaughtered, pillaged and raped his ancestors, he is accused of destroying the secular fabric of the country. Should a Hindu insist that he be granted the same rights that a member of the minority community enjoys, he is accused of suffering from a victim-hood complex. When a Hindu expresses concern about the massive demographic shift that is underway in the country, he is accused of paranoia. These are all valid concerns and denial of it is not grounded in fact but in mere politics and an extremely biased view of the world. It seems that according to the intellectual elite, Hindus should just keep their head down and their mouth shut and continue to suffer whatever injustice is meted out to them because they are deserving of it by virtue of their identity.

The atrocity really crosses all limits of decency when Hindus are blamed even for the genocide they suffered in Kashmir. Intellectuals whitewash what was evidently Jihad against pagan Hindus and portray the entire series of events as a revolt by the oppressed masses against their tyrannical oppressors.

Some even allude that the migration of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley was voluntary.

It is akin to blaming Jews for the holocaust they suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany. But the only difference is, Nazis are denounced the world over while in India, the genocide of Hindus is flatly denied by large sections of the intellectual community and some even go on to blame the Kashmiri Pandits for the fate they had to endure. Only in India can the intellectual elite get away an arrogant display of genocide denial.

The death of Ankit Saxena is mere statistic while the death of Pehlu Khan, whom the police confirms was a cattle smuggler, was a national tragedy. In Kerala, RSS workers are being killed with impunity by communists but it’s the RSS which is branded as a fascist and a communal organization. The name of Shambhu Regar is forever etched in public memory yet anyone hardly knows Savan Rathod, a 17 year old boy, who was burnt to death in Pune after the suspects allegedly confirmed his Hindu identity.

We are branded bigots if we express our concerns and state that we do not approve of the direction our country is headed in. We are branded patriarchal dinosaurs for pointing out that there’s a concerted attempt at brainwashing our daughters. We are branded intolerant for calling out the hypocrisy of self appointed moral guardians of society. We are branded fascists for merely exercising our fundamental right to vote in a democracy because intellectuals do not approve of our choices. Meanwhile, our Gods are denigrated, the reputations of our heroes are sullied, our festivals are banned and our history is distorted. We are demonized because all we want is to ensure the worship of our Gods and to pass on our heritage, our traditions, to future generations. We are demonized merely for our desire to exist. We are demonized solely because we refuse to passively allow our heritage to be mere artifacts in museums. We are demonized because we wish to sustain the flames that inspired our ancestors to build one of the greatest civilizations in history. We are demonized because we refuse to forfeit our culture and traditions to the false, militant pursuit of secularism.

The entire narrative of Hindu fascism in India is a despicable charade propagated to influence democratic politics and dent the image of the country. The media wants us to remember Shambhu Regar but forget the names of Chandan Gupta and Ankit Saxena. The media desires so because it fears that the memories of Chandan Gupta and Ankit Saxena are a threat to the ‘Idea of India’ and the secular fabric of the country is only upheld when every concerned Hindu is branded as a caricature of Shambhu Regar. The intellectual elite glorifies the secular fabric of the country and the inclusive nature of our Constitution but it should remember that the foundation of their ‘Idea of India’ is built upon the carcasses of innocent Hindus.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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