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Communal clashes break out as Muslim mobs pelt stones at the Ram Navami procession
A scuffle ensued as the people of the minority community assaulted Jaiprakash and others for throwing colour on them
The communal violence which involved stone pelting and heavy firing has left a number of people injured.
The houses of the people in the Dalit were allegedly attacked by people from the Muslim community.
Chandan was shot dead while participating in Tiranga Yatra on the Republic Day through a Muslim locality
Incidents of communal outrage are not new in the Burma Mines area of Jamshedpur.
Though goats are known to be one the most docile living creatures, they have lately become the source for such communal tensions in Uttar Pradesh
Four people, including the BJP booth president, were injured in the incident in Kurdaspara which falls under the jurisdiction of Fakharpur Police station in Uttar Pradesh's Bahraich district.
A police officer was attacked near a 'religious site' and his car was set ablaze
The Muslim Gau Raksha Sangh plans to educate Muslim children about cow protection.
27 people have been named in the FIR lodged after the Bulandshahar violence, 60 unnamed people have also been mentioned.
The core aspect of the inter-tribal conflict is the issue of nativity.
After the bail pleas were rejected, the defence lawyers sought a week's stay on implementation of the order so that they could file an appeal in the High Court, but the judge did not grant a stay.
The Lucknow incident has all the similarities of occurrence of yet another Ayodhya moment for the Hindus
Hyderabad City Police have clarified that the attack was due to a personal grudge developed by two regular offenders in the area
Goats, contrary to their generally peaceful demeanor, have been known to be a reason for communal clashes.
Eight have already been arrested by the police in connection with the incident.
The route was chosen as the regular one was blocked by another funeral procession
The title of the Facebook post questioned the use of Burqa
The police has taken precautions for what it feels might be result in communal tension
They are accused of waving swords at a Mosque while wearing saffron robes
Communal violence has reportedly ensued in Bihar following the desecration of an idol of Lord Hanuman.
Bihar has witnessed a slew of communal violence incidents in recent days
He was trying to visit the parts affected by violence on Ram Navami
ABP News reports that people are moving to areas which have lesser Muslim population.

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