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I read this article in service of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, and I’m impressed with the service

Following the insensitive ‘fabulous dinner’ hosted by Sonia Gandhi for united opposition on the day of Sukma attacks, the recently concluded two-day Congress Plenary session gave us more insights into what is stored in in the run up to the 2019 general elections.

If this article by pro-Congress journalist, Pallavi Ghosh, who was earlier roasted for a soft ball interview with Rahul Gandhi, is anything to go by, Priyanka Gandhi has taken charge of the grand old party and how!

I was really impressed. With Pallavi, more than with Priyanka. So here I am summarizing the article for you.

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She starts off her article with saying that Rahul Gandhi was in a rare form, the credit to which should go to his younger sister Priyanka Vadra. This in itself is revolutionary and remarkable as Pallavi usually gives credit to Rahul Gandhi for everything. She mentions how Priyanka Vadra had taken personal interest in the plenary, including ensuring the venue is mosquito-free.

Ghosh cites a ‘top source’ and says how Priyanka noticed empty chairs on the first day and asked a worker to ensure that next day more people are called in to fill the chairs. Though, not sure if this strategic move will get them seats in 2019.

At end of day one, people had complained about mosquitoes at the venue. So what did Priyanka do? She personally went to the venue and oversaw the fumigation process for over two hours. Priyanka, the strategist, also decided the speaker list and it was her brilliance that ensured only Rahul Gandhi and the logo of Congress are visible on the dais when Rahul goes on the stage.

Ghosh then mentions how the plenary sent out a ‘powerful message’ by doing away with the traditional ‘gaddas’ (mattresses), which used to be there at Congress plenary over the years. Of course, removing mattresses in favour of chairs is a phenomenal move. After all, that might be the only chair most of the Congress leaders may get to sit on after 2019 elections.

The slogan for the plenary was ‘Change is Now’ and Ghosh mentions this is why the delegates were made to sit below the stage. Even as I tried to figure out what is the correlation between the tagline and delegates being made to sit below the stage, Ghosh explains how Priyanka has been instrumental in forging alliance with Akhilesh Yadav and also oversaw the Gujarat election campaign, both of which Congress lost.

Ghosh claims that in the run up to the 2019 elections, Priyanka’s ‘hidden hand’ will become more obvious. Considering Rahul Gandhi’s ‘charm’ isn’t really doing the trick, we can only wait and watch what magic the hidden hand creates. In the meantime, I request Priyanka Gandhi to do something about the mosquito menace at my home as well.

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