The embarrassing embrace by the entitled man-child and the quick rescue team of Rahul Gandhi

The storm over Indian politics has passed. India has survived the earthquake brought about by the hollow utterances of Rahul Gandhi. Beyond the humour that any speech of dynastic despot of Congress produces, this has something new. It was immediately criticized by those who love the democratic practices and graceful polity of the yore in this country, and who lament the decline of dignity in political discourse.

They, for whom, Rahul Gandhi’s coming back to the power, by means logical and purely evil, has implication of their own coming back to the power too were up, once they were over the immediate shock of the embarrassment put for public display in the holiest house of Indian democracy, trying to make the act of Rahul Gandhi in the parliament during a serious debate on No-Confidence Motion, brought in against the Narendra Modi Government, which enjoys unprecedented confidence of the citizen of this nation.

Rahul Gandhi walked after his speech, spoken without facts in his now infamous screeching voice, towards the chair of Prime Minister and even had the audacity of signalling the Prime Minister to get up from his seat so that he could be blessed by an embrace by the feudal lord of Indian polity. If one wanted to see the real downside of installation of a selected PM in place of an elected one, Sonia Gandhi installing Manmohan Singh as the PM was a clear demonstration of how low the Congress had converted the highest position in the Indian democracy.

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In the meantime, Congress lost power, but the derision with which their leadership views constitutional position was once more evident in the parliament the other day during the hopelessly ill-conceived No-Confidence Motion brought out against PM Narendra Modi. The farce which began with a speech by TDP, blaming the Congress for its ills, reached its nadir by the time Rahul Gandhi began speaking.

His speech, sprinkled with his now infamous lunatic tone, read out like the editorial piece of some digital absurdity which passes on the fact-less fake news as a digital journalist. The theatre of absurd carefully created by the Congress strategists with the sole agenda of creating Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi narrative, rolled down into the darkest depths of worst of the parliamentary debate in the history of Independent India. In the future, when they want to show young parliamentarians how not to debate, this speech of Rahul Gandhi can serve as a brilliant lesson.

What followed his farcical speech was a disgusting demonstration of scant respect the dynastic prince has for the democratic positions, as he walked to the chair of the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy and gesticulating like a perfect entitled child asked PM Modi to get up, saying- Utho, Utho. Then he went on the hug the Prime Minister, claiming to be spreading the love. This was so juvenile in itself and would have seemed funny if one disregards the fact that the corrupts of this land have joined hands to make this boy-man head of Indian state if we do not consider what happened after this obnoxious display of elite entitlement.

Having placed his act of absolute lack of etiquette for public display, he walked back to his seat and winked to his team. The wink was caught on camera. One can’t make out if Rahul winked to his colleagues or to the supposedly neutral journalists, who, as if one a cue, began hailing Rahul Gandhi’s speech, in a chorus, like that of Jesus speaking to Moses, a gift to the mankind, much like the speaker of the speech himself.

The whole behaviour of this man-child of forty-eight reeked of nothing but entitlement. It is no secret that all his big talk about grand love, fades away quickly. His own speech is quickly discredited by his behavior. The whole thing was terribly staged Public-school kid’s drama of a close circle of dynasts.

Rahul Gandhi, Gaurav Gogoi, Randeep Surjewala and the whole gang of Babalogs have zero respect for democratic process and positions. When one looks at this entitled lot of Congress which is running the party, one is reminded of Virginia Woolf’s brilliant observation on the British society which remains equally true in modern-day Congress. In her novel, Night and Day she writes about men of elite clubs deriving their legitimacy from their family name, “It may be said, indeed, that English society being what it is, no very great merit is required, once you bear a well-known name, to put you into a position where being eminent is a whole lot easier than being obscure…. One finds them at the top of the professions with letters after their names; they sit in luxurious public offices with private secretaries attached to them; they write solid books on dark covers, issued by the presses of two great universities, and when one of them dies, chances are that another of them writes his biography.” In this one paragraph, Ms Woolf, while writing about the early Nineteenth century British society, describes the Lutyen’s world in India.

The whole entitled club of babalogs of Congress believes that they have the divine right to rule over this nation as individuals and as a class. Now in their middle-age, they still remain mentally in their public school boyhood. They think such and behave such. Their understanding of Indian democracy is as little and as flawed as is their understanding of an Indian mind. India mind values quietness and grace. Their education has taught them to value noise and lack of respect. They lose election after election not only because of a history of political corruption. They lose because they want to superimpose their foreign interpretation of the world on Indian sensibilities.

What they projected as a gesture of love, a man of ruling class embracing the poor downtrodden where the latter is supposed to keep his mouth shut and enjoy his moment in glory; India saw as an affront on our culture where we don’t ask a man (for a moment assume that he is not the PM of India) to stand up and get embraced.

We, the people, saw an errant prince asking the man, twenty years his senior and who represents all the people of this great nation to stand up and be hugged. Indian people saw the man they chose, be slighted. What the incident demonstrated was how little the entitled lot thought of Indian masses and their choice. It showed that while they consider their position of power as a matter of natural necessity and their current loss of status as some sort of temporary aberration.

Their faith in their divine right to rule over this great nation is disgustingly evident in their behaviour. It is this faith in the hereditary right to rule which makes Rahul Gandhi act in this kind of non-serious fashion in the matter of constitutional and political significance. It takes a special nonchalance for the leader of principal opposition to go abroad and justify his own divine right of dynastic rule in a democracy. This idea always fails.

Thomas Paine wrote which explains the haughty disdain with which Congress elites treat Indian democracy and why it is such a bad idea for Indian democracy, for any democracy. He writes, “One of the strongest natural proofs of the folly of hereditary right in kings. is that nature disapproves it, otherwise, she would not so frequently, turn it into a ridicule by giving mankind an ass for a lion. He further adds in the same essay, Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance;..” 

Every grain of Rahul Gandhi’s existence shouts about this feigned sense of superiority. For him and people around him who believe in his divine right to rule, the whole purpose of this nation is to surrender itself in slavery in front of their entitled blood. This is what we saw in that embarrassing embrace the other day in parliament. Rahul Gandhi believes in his superiority. He also believes that Modi is a mistake the nation has made, and India has no choice to surrender itself at his feet, sooner or later.

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