Kerala floods: Why Rajiv Malhotra has a point

The Constitution of India allows the right to “Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion”. However, it is “subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part”. This has been rightly interpreted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that it is fine to propagate, which is to espouse the views of a religion or theological philosophy, but it is unconstitutional (illegal and unlawful) to convert somebody. In fact, to avoid any confusion the Hon’ble Apex Court defined what is propagation and how it cannot mean conversion: “to transmit or spread one’s religion by an exposition of its tenets”. An exposition is similar to the inter-sampradaya samvād(roughly equating to a discussion) or vivād(roughly equating to a debate) that the ancient Bharatiyas used to have to settle religious (theological) and/or philosophical disagreements, and of course this involved mutual respect. However, neither Islam nor Christianity believe in mutual respect but believe in the absolute damnation of the non-believing infidels.

One might argue that it is an insult to the dignity of man to claim non-believers will be eternally damned in hell. The Hon’ble Apex Court has repeatedly held that the right to life, the “protection of life and personal liberty,” entails the right to dignity. To quote the Hon’ble judges themselves dignity has been elucidated as something that is “innate” in man, as being guaranteed in the preamble of the constitution (“assuring the dignity of the individual”), “an obligation on the part of the Union to respect the personality of every citizen and create the conditions in which every citizen would be left free to find himself/herself and attain self-fulfillment”,  “is a subset of liberty”, and even observing that “the fundamental rights” themselves “emanate from basic notions of liberty and dignity”.

Thus, when the two tenets are considered together, one can say that for the Evangelists to convert people during disasters, to propagate the theories of eternal damnation and to claim that the disaster itself was a result of the people being “non-believers” goes against not just the legality that no religion is free to convert by force or fraud, but also is in direct contravention of a person’s fundamental right to life and dignity.

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Yet, such an obvious reasoning of the constitutional law had to be reiterated overtly by the Hon’ble Supreme Court especially with regards to conversions by “force, fraud or allurement.”

In fact, undermining the constitution, the dignity of human life and natural justice, in the name of ever-mutable chameleonic versions of “secularism”, the Left cabal of India has spearheaded a movement to not only violate human dignity but to put the mere existence and survival of its so-called majority population under threat. This fact again is born by empirical data from across the globe:

  1. Almost the entire native American population (Red Indians) has been wiped out. In today’s population count and density of population, it will be like a genocide of the Indian population 13 times over. In pure numbers, it will be about 1,721 crores of people! It was committed under the banner of Christianity.
  2. Same happened in Australia, where the natives (the Aboriginals) were decimated and Australia is more than two times the size of India, in today’s population count and density that works out to about 265 crores of people murdered in the genocide. Again, under the banner of Christianity. So much for the religion of love!
  3. To add to all this there were hundreds of crores of Africans, Asians and Indians who were mercilessly eliminated in man-made (“Christian Colonialism” in Karl Marx’s own words) famines, and enslaved in the global slave trade and indentured labour industry, etc. (Marx K (1951) Articles on India(People’s Publishing House).

Some geniuses tend to argue that these are historic events and the Christian world (roughly the West, and its non-White sepoys and apes of the West) has largely reformed itself. Is it reflected in the data? Is there evidence for any reform within the Christian Umma? From the ongoing global Christian Churches’ child sex abuse to child trafficking to the Rwandan genocide of just a couple of decades ago, there seems to be no sign of an abatement to the two millennia old atrocities of the Christian Church. (1–4)

Yet the Left in India and the unholy nexus of the Left-and-Right in the West blame the Hindus and their leaders such as Rajiv Malhotra for being honest about the reality of facts. The facts of over many hundreds of centuries written in blood, tears and manacles of billions of lives.

Pope Francis himself claims that “suffering is a call to conversion”. When this stance of the popery is nowhere close to anything even remotely conscientious, how can it be allowed legally under the guise of freedom of conscience? Is it not oxymoronic?

And, there are several such examples of how the Evangelists have travelled to ravaged, disaster-stricken lands to use that opportunity to convert people to their religion, stripping them of their basic right to dignity.

It stands to reason then, what was wrong in what Rajiv Malhotra stated? The Evangelists have proved, time and again, that their main aim during calamities is to convert people to Christianity and not necessarily to help the victims.

Why should the victims of the Kerala flood be stripped off their right to dignity in the face of such hardship? Why should any victim feel the need to either convert or be denied the necessary aid to just survive? While chameleonic “secularism” forces people to look the other way and not weigh the merits of an argument, it is imperative to evaluate the arguments here with sound reasoning and not sacrifice the dignity of the victims at the altars of political correctness founded on nebulous and misplaced secularism.


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The author, a medic and a graduate of the University of Cambridge, is currently a consultant and has over half-a-dozen peer-reviewed scientific publications, ranging from clinical research to population genetics.

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