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Gujarat: Fed up with conversions, villagers decide to not allow outsider Christians into the village

The recent activities from Christian missionaries to convert local Hindu tribals to Christianity have been cited to be the reason behind such decision by the villagers.
Nagaland candidate wants to build churches all along Indo-Myanmar border

After Chau, another Christian missionary risks the existence of an isolated tribe in Brazil, could be tried for genocide

After John Allen Chau risked the lives of the isolated Sentinelese tribe in the Andamans, another American missionary has now risked the lives of people from an isolated tribe in Brazil
John Allen Chau

‘Aren’t easy to come by’: Christian zealot Chau travelled without missionary visa to convert the Sentinelese

John Allen Chau wanted to 'establish the Kingdom of Jesus on the island'.

Missionary bigotry of targeting vulnerable people during calamities must be called out

"Seculars" continue to preach “tolerance” to plural Hindus even in the face of an onslaught from the intolerant ones

Kerala floods: Why Rajiv Malhotra has a point

Imperative to evaluate the arguments with sound reasoning and not sacrifice the dignity of the victims at the altars of political correctness

Modi govt’s crackdown on NGOs continues: Online tool launched to monitor foreign funding

The tool is stated to have analytical features to conduct big data mining and data exploration.

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