Wednesday, September 22, 2021



‘Liberals’ can live only as slaves of Islamists, or they will be ‘cancelled’: Naseeruddin Shah is an example

In the case of Indian 'liberals', all their intellect, their thought process, and talks of progressive ideologies lie firmly at the feet of Islamist radicals.

Hinduphobia: Rahul Gandhi wishes Sumit Antil for the gold in Tokyo Paralympics, netizens point out he has cropped out an important detail

This comes on a day Rahul Gandhi shared fake 'hate crime' clip to further the 'Dara Hua Musalman' narrative, that too on Krishna Janmashtami

Sushant Singh’s Team Saath again accused of targeted harassment and online bullying, hounds Twitter user for expressing opinion

Responding to @Being_Humour's tweet, Team Saath had labelled the response as 'harassment of a woman' just because the handle Khushboo Khan was apparently a female, and reported the tweet, tagging Twitter's online safety handle alleging that @Being_Humour has been "trolling and harassing women".

Uttar Pradesh: Occult practitioner Afzal Malik and his aides gang-rape minor girl in Amroha, ‘secular media’ refers to him as ‘Tantrik’

An occult practitioner identified as Afzal Malik and his three friends Tariq, Aslam and Zulfiqar allegedly gang-raped the minor girl after luring her to his place on the pretext of curing her illness.

Why a cartoonist imagines ‘gothra’ while reality is ‘halal’ vaccines. Understanding the mindset

You see, Satish Acharya wouldn't really want to be Charlie Hebdo'ed, right?

The façade of Indian secularism: How the uncomfortable truth about realities of Sanatanis is hidden by Lutyens ecosystem

The neatly ordered world according to the Nehruvian idea of India is nothing more than brushing the rubbish under the carpet and pretending upon the cleanliness while ignoring the fact that someday the rubbish will overflow the bounds of the rug.

‘Dominance of one religious group cannot prevent religious celebrations of other’, says Madras HC after local Muslims object to Hindu procession

The Madras High court concluded that similar acts of 'resistance' by other religious groups would result in loss of lives, destruction of properties, riots, religious fights and chaos.

‘Working for one group is secularism, but working for all is somehow communal in India’, PM Modi in Assam

"The rhetorics around secularism and communalism has caused serious damage to the country," Pm Modi added.

BBC, with history of anti-Hindu bias, attempts to take Hinduism out of Holi and Islamise the festival of colours: Details

The British public broadcaster BBC took to social media to Islamise Holi and attempted to take Hinduism out of the festival.

‘Preachers lead lavish lives while teaching poor to stay poor’: Pasmanda activist Faiyaz Ahmad Fyzie about casteism in Muslim community and Tablighi Jamaat

Activist Faiyaz Ahmad Fyzie speaks on his past association with Tablighi Jamaat, caste, class discrimination among Muslims and the blind 'secularism' in India that fails to address the issues.

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