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What to do with these termites? Does ‘ha-ha’ reaction to terror attacks have a religion?

The armed forces would see to the external threats, but who will take on these 'ha-ha' reaction giving Muslim names? Why are they being tolerated by the 'good muslims' of this country?

Empathy is a fundamental emotion that comes naturally to humans as they grow. Mind you, I am talking about humans and not these terrorists or terror sympathisers. Even with some people, who don’t feel the same way at certain events, choose to stay silent as it might not move them as much. Our proximity to certain events, human loss or its news determines the degree of our concern. It dictates how much you feel related to those incidents.

Over 40 jawans were martyred when we were not at war. Pulwama attack is one of the biggest terrorist act in Indian history. It is obvious that the whole nation stands united in the face of these ghastly incidents. But is it that obvious? Because the whole nation doesn’t seem to show its empathy because, for some people, just the Islamic names in these ‘Allah hu Akbar’ brand suicide bombers is enough to swing them that way.

You have seen the image above. If you feel it is photoshop, I would suggest you to go to any Indian news site’s Facebook page, find out Pulwama attack related news or videos and click on ‘ha-ha’ reaction names. You will get a sense of what I am trying to state.

Media calls these people as ‘samudaay vishesh’ whereas the only ‘visheshta’ that these people have in the name of their ‘samudaay’ is to stand in support of terrorists, violent ideologies and the likes. These are some of the Muslims of these country. It is completely a different thing if someone starts saying there is no religion of such people with ‘ha-ha’ reaction. Because, even when someone chants Islamic words, even when the flag of ISIS has those Islamic words, yet Islam is detached from terror. I don’t understand how far we can go in being politically correct and get perished while doing so!

I am just laying out some facts that are visible to public. It is not some accident that they were giving ‘angry’ reaction and somehow ended up pushing ‘ha-ha’. The number in which these reactions are coming, if someone does a survey, the results will prove that this percentage of users is sizeable. People will realise, if they haven’t, that there is a large majority of such Muslim names that mocks the martyrs and stands in unison chanting the terrorists’ chants. And then, you don’t feel appalled when some Muslim names gather in a university and chant ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’. It is just a tangible extension of digital ‘ha-ha’.

This is just one aspect of insensitivity, another one is still a step ahead. Some Muslim names are running a hashtag asking ‘HowsTheJaish’, a mocking reference to the popular dialogue, ‘How’s the josh’, from a recent movie based on surgical strikes, while endorsing terror outfit Jaish-e-Muhammad. These people are in abundance and you just need to run a hashtag search on Twitter. You will realise that these names are not only Islamic, but these are people living in India. I would request the champions of fact check websites to do a basic non-rocket science research on it.

Screenshot from social media

If seeing these kinds of reactions after every terror attack, someone starts to hate these filthy humans, would they be wrong? These roaches do not deserve to live in this country, or even any civilised society. They deserve to live in isolated places where they can bomb each other and hail their gods while claiming the act to be purely religion in nature. These Muslims not only support these terrorists but even Pakistan and ISIS. You don’t need extra research to find them after every terror act they will seem happy and flaunt it.

I despise these guttersnipes. Every single India-loving person will hate these cockroaches who eat and sleep in the warmth of India while singing tunes of terrorists that attack us. These are those treacherous insects rotting and crawling in the stinking drains of their filthy thoughts that can laugh on the martyrdom of the very soldiers that give them a good life. These people should be identified and asked about the meaning of their vulgar laughter. Or, should we accept the flawed logic that these can be the Muslims from anywhere? But really, are these Muslims ‘from anywhere’ or ‘from here itself’ who shamelessly go on with their anti-national activities in universities like AMU?

And yes, please don’t give me the ‘these are not good Muslims’ argument. Where are the ‘good Muslims’ who are conveniently silent and tolerates these ungrateful insects among them? Have the good Muslims ever denounced these despicable acts of their own ‘bad Muslims’? The proportion of the so-called good and bad Muslims is so tilted that you seldom find one Muslim denouncing such acts on social media. Anyway, where are these good Muslims, or those institutions that certify good Muslims as such?

It is painful that even these types of humans are allowed to live in India, nurture an anti-national thought process, and survive under the protection of Constitution. Even though, these are those termites that are hollowing up our society and nation. The armed forces would see to the external threats, but who will take on these ‘ha-ha’ reaction giving Muslim names? Why are they being tolerated by the ‘good Muslims’ of this country?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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