Home News Reports Muslim law student who had alleged sexual harassment during college trip suspended from college

Muslim law student who had alleged sexual harassment during college trip suspended from college

Khanam had taken to Twitter to allege harassment by fellow students on a college trip to Agra. She had claimed she was targeted because of her Muslim identity.

A law student from Dewan law College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh who had earlier alleged that she was harassed sexually during a college trip to her Muslim identity by fellow students who carried BJP caps, has now been suspended by her college authorities. According to a student from the college OpIndia.com spoke to, she has been suspended for allegedly levelling false allegations. “All the evidence was against her and she doesn’t have any proof,” said the source.

According to Khanam, a few students, under the influence of alcohol, allegedly harassed her while the professors who were with them were mute spectators to the same. After the allegations went viral, two students she had accused of harassing her were rusticated from the college.

Students we had spoken to earlier were outraged by the college’s decision to rusticate two male students of the College on the basis of Khanam’s allegations. We were told repeatedly that nothing of the sort had happened. Two students had told OpIndia that Khanam was extremely good friends with one of the two she had accused of harassing her.

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The student told us, “Of the 55 people who were present there, no one saw anything. Only two people apart from Khanam claimed to be witness to the events. At least 30 of us presented evidence in front of the authorities who were hearing the matter and yet, the two boys were suspended.”

Refuting Khanam’s allegations that she was ‘targeted’ on the basis of her Muslim identity, the student said, “Khanam has been here for 8 months. If her Muslim identity was the reason, why hasn’t anything happened to her until now? Why was she chosen as Miss Freshers?” The student again vehemently denied that she was harassed.

Note: This is a developing story and we shall update it as and when we get more information.

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