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Uttar Pradesh: Villagers catch father-daughter in compromising position, demand police action after the man attacked them with stones

After catching a father-daughter duo having sex, the villagers thrashed them and called for a panchayat meeting on the following day.

Halwai Tehseem’s son throws hot oil on minor Naushad’s face during fight over masks at Kachori shop, case registered

The Meerut police are in the lookout for the minor son of the kachori shop owner, who has been on the run ever since the incident took place.

‘How can an idol which cannot protect itself, protect someone else’: Read how one Tarachand became Tahir as he came out of a Meerut...

After the case of Tarachand came to the fore, agencies are probing whether the conversion racket has its roots in the jails of Meerut

‘Shooter Dadi’ Chandra Tomar passes away in Meerut after testing positive for Covid

'Shooter Dadi' Chandro Tomar has passed away after being infected with the novel Coronavirus.

Uttar Pradesh notorious Salman Ghazi gang members dance on a terrace with pistols, Meerut police respond after video goes viral

The Salman Ghazi gang is involved in various cases of extortion, loot and plunder in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh

Women stop hanging underwear to dry after Meerut thieves Mohammad Romin and Mohammad Akkas reveal they stole them for sexual pleasure

The police are expecting the involvement of more persons in the theft of women's undergarments and are searching for them.

Uttar Pradesh: Meerut youths on their way to namaz steal woman’s undergarment hanging for drying, people suspect occult practice

As per reports, the residents of the area approached police station to register a complaint regarding the same. While the police were surprised at such a complaint, the residents believe this stealing of underwear could be part of some occult practice.

Naushad, who was caught spitting while cooking tandoori rotis in viral wedding video, to be booked under NSA

Earlier this month, a video of Naushad who appears to be spitting on the tandoori rotis before putting them inside the tandoor for cooking, while at a wedding function, had gone viral.

Meerut: Naushad arrested for spitting on Tandoori Rotis while cooking at wedding after video goes viral

Naushad who worked as a cook at a wedding was spotted spitting on tandoori rotis before putting it in the oven.

Grooming Jihad in Meerut: A tutor changes his identity to trap a Hindu girl, kidnaps and forces her to convert to Islam

In this new case of Grooming Jihad, the teenager from Meerut confessed that Amaan forced her to convert at a mosque in Delhi

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