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Dr. Naresh Goyal, Executive Director of the Dewan College, said that since four faculty members dedicated to the job were wasting their time, waiting for her to turn up, the college had no option but to take the decision.
Times of India journalist Piyush Rai has resorted to false propaganda to target the BJP by reporting that the 22-year old Meerut Law College student, Umam Khanam, was suspended after she refused to wear a BJP cap.
Umam Khanam, who eulogises JNU freelance protestor Shehla Rasheed and fake news propagator Arfa Khanum Sherwani, in a series of tweets had also claimed 'victimhood' stating that certain students under the influence of alcohol had harassed her.
Khanam's friends have refuted the allegations that she was targeted because of her Muslim identity.
Qureshi has made headlines after he announced 51 crore bounty over the head of the cartoonists who drew the sketch of Prophet Mohammad.
Attacking Congress Minimum Income Guarantee scheme, PM Modi asked whether the people who could not ensure a bank account for all Indians in 70 years can be trusted to put money into those accounts.
The Cantonment Board CEO has filed a case against 250 people including Naseem, Mumtaz, Samar, and Rahsuddin for indulging in vandalism.
It was found during the investigation that the madrassas had appointed teachers to teach subjects other than those they held qualifications in.
The slaughterhouse is reportedly built on agricultural land and does not have a No-Objection certificate.
The arrest of illegal weapon smuggler Danish gave an important clue to the Police about the factory.
A Hindu outfit, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha announced on Wednesday that the group has set up India’s first ‘Hindu court’.
It is being reported that the arrested pastor is a resident of Muzaffarnagar.
The first phase of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway will also have dedicated bicycle tracks.
The religious sentiments of one community seem to be more worthy of protection than that of the other.
They planned to avenge the death of Bhim Army leader's brother.
Meerut Police asks the journalist to fact-check before tweeting.
The incident has been reported from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
One of the clerics claimed that normally women are responsible for the talaq
The mafia is alleged to have fired at another member of the family recently. Incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.
The crowd even reportedly fired at the police station
The word 'Pappu' is now blasphemous for Congress. Regardless of the context, the party won't tolerate it.
He is also been pressurized to convert to Islam

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