Home News Reports Law student claims she was harassed on college trip because of her Muslim identity, faculty present there denies allegations

Law student claims she was harassed on college trip because of her Muslim identity, faculty present there denies allegations

A student of Dewan Law College accused fellow students of harassing her and professors being mute spectators. Professor denies any such incident having taken place.

A certain law student on Twitter, Umam Khanam, had levelled serious accusations against her fellow students and members of her faculty with whom she had gone on a college trip. In a series of tweets, Khanam claimed that certain students, under the influence of alcohol, harassed her.

She alleged that the students were carrying BJP caps which they were forcing her to wear and consequently, she was harassed because she refused to. She also suggested that her Muslim identity played a role as she was the only person from the community in the entire group. She further stated that the male faculty ignored the fact that students were harassing despite being present right at the scene.

Concerned netizens, upon investigating the matter, discovered that one of the male faculty she mentioned in her tweet thread was the Head of Department at the college, Dewan Law College in Meerut. Dushyant Dubey, co-host of the Chai with Red Pills podcast along with comedian Ahmed Shariff, contacted the H.O.D, Ambuj Sharma via phone and Sharma claimed that nothing of the sort had happened. The recording of the call has been accessed by OpIndia.com.

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Talking to Dubey, Sharma confirmed that Khanam is indeed a student of the college and he was one of the faculty who went on the trip. He also claimed that Khanam’s version of events involving the BJP and alcohol had not happened.

Another individual who contacted the H.O.D. is Madhur Singh who tweets under the handle @ThePlacardGuy. Talking to Singh, Sharma said, “No, none of it happened. The kids organized a trip so we went along with it. The kids enjoyed the trip.” On the matter of the male faculty ignoring the whole thing despite being present there, Sharma stated, “If she is saying this, then she is wrong.”

OpIndia.com, too, contacted Sharma to inquire about the matter. Sharma denied the whole incident while talking to us as well and said that he will look into the matter when he goes to college next. He also denied that any student had consumed alcohol.

Update: As per reports, Khanam has given a written complaint to the college head, following which two students have been rusticated. However, a video purported to be of an eye-witness who was present in the bus with Khanam shows the students dancing in the bus, like any other school/college students on an outing.

OpIndia cannot independently verify the above claims. This is a developing story and we shall update the report once we have more information.

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