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Readers deserve better journalists, not the trolls-cum-gossipmongers who appear mentally unstable

Swati Chaturvedi concocts up stuff and people propagate it as truth.

Abusive troll masquerading as a journalist is also a fiction writer. And by that, I don’t just mean the two fiction books, which gave a glimpse into her disturbed psyche, Swati Chaturvedi has written.

Swati likes to come across as important and someone who hangs out with the mighty and the powerful on a daily basis by tweeting things and attributing them to ‘sources’. While they create a lot of buzz when she tweets them, a few months down the line they’d appear as ridiculous Rahul Gandhi’s promises.

Her ‘buzzes’ are timed, and usually in reaction to an incident or an event which has taken place just a few hours or days prior.

This ‘buzz’ on an unnamed ‘top constitutional functionary’ comes just hours after the Election Commission suspended campaigning in West Bengal from today. A few days back, she had posted about another ‘huge buzz’ right after Akshay Kumar interviewed Prime Minister Modi.

She then privately messaged those who asked the figure. See, she had named no one in the tweet, she could have put out the figure openly since she was anyway casting aspersions. But then unless you build an air that you know something others don’t, how will you come across as important?

Swati has also tried to spook Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal a few times by claiming that she has been hearing that Narendra Modi government is going to dismiss Kejriwal government in Delhi.

And not just once.

Kejriwal continues to be the chief minister of Delhi and will complete five years in power next year.

And then she has also had her sources tell her that Dawood is dead.

She also has an unhealthy obsession with ‘panna pramukhs’, a term she loosely uses to refer to anyone in media who she disagrees with. She takes out her frustration on these ‘panna pramukhs’ by being sly and nasty. Because nothing brings instant gratification than putting the other person down.

Self-enlightenment is a wonderful thing, they say. Irony buzzes itself when serial abuser and fake news peddler gives sermons on journalism.

Clearly, it is something she takes too much pride in.

So why dedicate an entire article on her? Because she concocts stuff and people propagate it as truth. She either has no sources or she is just feigning them and creating the ones who do not really exist. Most of her predictions as per her sources and the buzzes are fake and unreliable. Yet she doesn’t get called out.

One theory could be that people usually avoid confronting foul-mouthed people because when you fight with a pig, the pig is actually enjoying it. Foul-mouthed people also usually have no qualms in abusing to any extent because they like to project themselves as the victim. In her case, she is most likely to cry victim that she is being targetted on a personal level and that she is being stalked by me (she blocked me because she didn’t like it that I trashed her terrible books) but that does not really prove that she is correct.

And when she is not busy abusing people and cooking up stories, she is accused of plagiarism, running extortion rackets, use dead children to tweet insensitive rubbish, and also gets summoned in criminal defamation cases. And because her gossip and imagination is treated like credible news.

And god knows we deserve better journalists.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Nirwa Mehta
Nirwa Mehta
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