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No Times of India, the Muslim mob did not damage ‘statues’, those are our Gods

The Indian mainstream media displays remarkable insensitivity towards the cultural ethos of the country.

The Indian mainstream media displays remarkable insensitivity towards the cultural ethos of the country. There appears to be a pervasive unawareness that radiates through every aspect of their conduct. Whether it’s deliberate or an unconscious consequences of their ideological biases is anybody’s guess. Now, it’s the Times of India which has published a report on the consecration of new Idols at the Durga Mandir at Lal Kuan, Hauz Qazi at Old Delhi calling the Murtis ‘Statues’.

As any Hindu would be aware, calling a Murti ‘statue’ is equivalent to calling a person, healthy and alive, dead.

To be clear, Murtis one consecrated are believed to contain an essence of the Deity. Only after It has been consecrated it It worthy of worship. It is an embodiment of the divine and considered extremely sacred. Because Hindus consider Deities to be extremely personal, it is why when Idols are desecrated, it causes so much anguish to Hindus. Unlike statues, an Idol isn’t merely mud and stone, It is verily an extension of the divine.

Such cultural insensitivity has become a hallmark of the liberal establishment. The indoctrination of the intellectual elite in western ideals has led them to completely abandon the nature of divinity that permeates through the fabric of Indian society. These are little little things which demonstrated how disassociated the elite of this country is from its cultural realities.

The conduct of the mainstream media cannot be attributed to ignorance alone. There is, undeniably, a certain amount of malice involved. The manner in which it consciously makes the effort to divert blame from the toxic elements of the Muslim community certainly hints toward that fact. Moreover, the other aspects of the TOI report is worthy of mention as well.

It was a hate crime that was committed against Hindus by Muslims. However, the headline makes no effort to mention that the mob was composed of people from the Muslim community. If the reverse was the case, the religious identity of the perpetrators would have been highlighted in bold letters.

Not merely that, the mainstream media has shown amply that its motivated to shield the Muslim community from all manners of criticism. It also seeks to perpetuate a fictional narrative that Muslims are perennial victims while Hindus are aggressors all the time. In doing so, it creates a fear psychosis within the Muslim community, which is prone to such delusions anyway due to the sermons of toxic religious preachers and leaders from their community.

The media invents fake hate crimes to serve this purpose while ignoring the spate of actual hate crimes that are committed against Hindus by toxic elements of the Muslim community. That it is fake hate crimes are invented with the deliberate intention of suppressing actual hate crimes against Hindus cannot be ignored either.

Thus, that the TOI refers to Murtis as ‘statues’ isn’t surprising at all considering the wider range of conduct of the mainstream media. While it spends an inordinate amount of time adhering to the norms set by Muslims, it deliberately insults and disrespects the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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