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The mainstream media is almost like the propaganda wing of Islamic Extremists. Here is how

Despite the fact that a Temple was desecrated, attempts are being made to disassociate it from religious bigotry.

Ever since a Muslim mob vandalized a Temple in Old Delhi, there has been a concerted attempt to whitewash the entire matter. People from expected quarters have attempted to reduce it to a fighter over parking space while others have accused BJP supporters giving the incident a communal spin.

Some have called it a ‘minor communal flare-up’ and others claim that the incident has nothing to do with religious bigotry at all, in purposeful denial of the obvious facts.

Thus, a pattern appears to be emerging here. Despite the fact that a Temple was desecrated, attempts are being made to disassociate it from religious bigotry. One has to ask the obvious here, why would people desecrate a Temple over a fight related to parking space if there wasn’t deep-seated religious hatred involved?

For those who have been observant of the conduct of the mainstream media over the years, it is nothing out of the ordinary. For as long as one can remember, they have whitewashed the crimes of the minority while portraying Hindus as aggressors and rabid communal bigots when the reality is quite different.

Therefore, we must address a harsh reality. The mainstream media is almost like the propaganda wing of Islamic extremists. To divert attention from the intolerance of the minority, they invent fake hate crimes to demonize Hindus while ignoring the spate of actual hate crimes that Hindus have been suffering. It does appear that the fake hate crimes are invented specifically to divert attention from the toxic elements of Muslim society.

That the mainstream media has been carrying out propaganda for the extremist sections of the Muslim community becomes obvious when one observes their coverage of Asaduddin Owaisi. They have turned him into a beacon of secularism waging a lonely battle against the oppressive forces of Hindutva.

In reality, Asaduddin Owaisi is the brother of the infamous Akbaruddin Owaisi. Akbaruddin is the same person who had once infamously said that Police ought to withdraw across the country for 15 minutes, then Muslims would show Hindus who the boss is. Asaduddin, who is being portrayed by the media as a great secular leader, took no action against his brother. As a consequence, Akbaruddin is now an elected representative in the Telangana Legislative Assembly.

More than that, whenever Hindus suffer hate crimes, the instinctive reaction of the mainstream media is to suppress the news of it. Even when they are forced to report it, they try very hard to deny the communal nature of the crimes and propose secular reasons for the crimes.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the mainstream media operates within the theory that Hindutva is more of a threat to the country than Islamic extremism. While they continue to focus on Hindutva disproportionately and accuse it of crimes it hasn’t committed, it not only ignores the elephant in the room, it denies its very existence even while staring right at it.

The manner in which the mainstream media props up caste conflict and focuses on the fault-lines within Hindu society also indicates ulterior motives as well. While they cheer for parties that attempt to create a Dalit-Muslim or Yadav-Muslim vote-bank, they try every trick under the Sun to slander the political consolidation of Hindus of all castes under one banner.

The manner in which Zaira Wasim’s decision to quit Bollywood was projected by certain elements in the mainstream media speaks volumes as well. They portrayed it as a personal decision while entirely ignoring the influence the toxic elements of Islamic society must have had upon her. She was even chastised for bringing religion into it as if she was not supposed to reveal the actual motivation behind her decision.

The entire effort and the huge resources in possession of the mainstream media is directed towards deflecting attention from the extremist elements of Islamic society. They often as their first line of defence. They have turned rabid communal bigots into secular heroes, cattle smugglers into role models for society and without a sense of shame, they obfuscate matters to trivialize hate crimes against Hindus.

The denial of the very real phenomenon of Love Jihad, humanizing terrorists and providing a platform to the families of these terrorists to cast aspersions of the motivations of the Indian Army, every bit of it is tailor-made to serve the interests of Islamic extremists. There is no doubt at this moment that the mainstream media very much is the Enemy of the People.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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