Home Crime Kamlesh Tiwari murder: From UP to Gujarat to Maharashtra, the trail of conspirators and perpetrators cuts across state boundaries

Kamlesh Tiwari murder: From UP to Gujarat to Maharashtra, the trail of conspirators and perpetrators cuts across state boundaries

Till now people from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat have been detained in Kamlesh Tiwari murder case for questioning.

Following the murder of former Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari, police of at least three states have gotten involved in trying to trace the perpetrators and conspirators. There have been multiple arrests and raids till now in cities across Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Even as the investigations continue, few things are clearly emerging that the culprits got help across state boundaries to assassinate Tiwari.

As per reports, while the two murderers were killing Tiwari, they got into a scuffle where one of them, Moinuddin was also hurt. Reportedly, Moinuddin got treatment for the injury in Bareilly. Following this, their location was traced to Lakhmipur. Police was quite sure of catching the culprits, but by the time they reached, they had run away. It is believed that they were on their way to cross into Nepal and escape. In Lakhmipur, it was reported that they borrowed a phone of a local cab driver to talk to a lawyer and offered to surrender. The lawyer then informed the same to the police.

Right now, the police is in Shahjahanpur looking for clues to arrest them where they were last spotted as per reports.

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It is reported that the duo met one Mufti in Premnagar area of Bareilly. Police, while investigating, questioned one Mufti Kaif Ali. It is believed that on meeting the Mufti, the murderers passed on the information of murdering Tiwari to Surat and Dubai. However, the police have let him off.

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Amidst all this, one shocking revelation has come to light that wherever the assassins went, they found help. Over and above these states, if reports are to be believed, the connection of Kamlesh Tiwari murder can also be traced to states like Haryana, Karnataka and Delhi.

It is reported that the murders stayed in Palia where they used e-rickshaw to board an Innova car. The driver of that car, Tauhid, had told the police that one friend of his boss lives in Gujarat and had taken booking for Rs 5,000 on his recommendation. In Palia they had gathered information. Other than the car driver, four people were detained from Bareilly, and one person from Pilibhit. It is believed that the persona arrested from Pilibhit was also in touch with the murderers though phone.

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Last night, Maharashtra ATS unit nabbed one Sayyad Asim Ali from Nagpur who is also believed to be a key player in the murder. He had contested 2019 Lok Sabha elections against BJP’s Nitin Gadkari and last year had uploaded a video where he had given a veiled threat to Tiwari stating that his days are numbered. Accusing Tiwari of blasphemy for announcing a movie ‘Rangeela Rasul’ on the life of Prophet Muhammad, Asim had said that no one should forget the sharp blade of Ibn Din, the Islamist who stabbed the publisher of the book Rangeela Rasul back in the 1920s.

According to latest reports, the murderers wanted to escape to Delhi but owing to tight security they were not able to move ahead from Moradabad. From the kind of support and network the murderers are getting from these states, one can say that this was a well-planned murder. The police has increased vigilance at musafirkhanas (guest houses) and madarsas in Shahjahanpur. Local police is also keeping a watch on those who are related to Gujarat, especially those who live near the railway station. It has to be seen when the culprits are finally nabbed.

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