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Bigotry pays: Sayyad Asim Ali arrested in Kamlesh Tiwari murder case had fought Lok Sabha elections against Nitin Gadkari

On 18th October, Kamlesh Tiwari, who had once announced he would make a movie titled Rangeela Rasul, was stabbed by a man who was allegedly in touch with Asim who had invoked Ilm Din last year. 

The Maharashtra ATS has arrested fourth accused, Sayyad Asim Ali from Nagpur, in the Kamlesh Tiwari murder case on Monday, October 21. He is a hardware shop owner and was reportedly constantly in touch with the three accused Rashid, Mohsin and Faizan already detained by the UP Police, UP ATS and Gujarat Police. As per reports, Asim Ali played a key role in the Kamlesh Tiwari murder case.

India Today report that Sayyad Asim Ali has been arrested by Maharashtra ATS

Who is Sayyad Asim Ali?

Sayyad Asim Ali contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Nagpur constituency from ‘Minorities Democratic Party’ against BJP’s Nitin Gadkari.

Sayyad Asim Ali getting congratulated for contesting 2019 elections from Nagpur (Image:

He got over 600 votes.

Nagpur constituency results for Lok Sabha elections, 2019

A year ago, he had threatened that Kamlesh Tiwari is now nearing his death. The video was uploaded on his YouTube channel on 24th October, 2018.

In the video, he refers to Tiwari as ‘Kamlesh Harami’ and is angry at him for having insulted the Prophet. He says Kamlesh ‘Harami’ had two fathers and he was born out of their relationship. Anyone who is a ‘harami’ will only blaspheme against Rasulallah he says. Asim plays a clip where Tiwari could be heard saying how he is planning to make a film on the Prophet, his life, his character titled ‘Rangeela Rasul’.

In his video, he alleges that Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS came together to be slaves of the British and betray the Indians. He further says how Tiwari has blasphemed and was jailed for insulting the Prophet and now he is insulting again. “You killed us in Gujarat, we were silent. You killed us in Godhra, we were silent. You killed us in Muzaffarnagar, we remained silent. We remained silent when you took away our reservation. You tried to break up the laws of Islam, we were still silent. We even tolerated when you tore down Babri masjid. But if you will blaspheme against our Prophet, we will kill you,” he says. Asim adds that ‘mujahids’ know how to fight for the cause.

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He further adds that this ‘qaum’ is made of soldiers of Aurangzeb and should not mess with them. “Do you want to destroy the peace in India?” he asks. In a veiled threat to Tiwari he says, looks like you don’t love your life, otherwise you should tell openly what you want. “We are neither afraid to die nor afraid to kill,” he says. We will not abuse your religion but if you abuse our religion, we will remind you of your ‘aukaat’.

Kamlesh harami tu yaad rakh ki Rasulallah ki shaan mein tu movie banane ki baat kar raha hai, tere din to mukammal ho chuke hai. Aur woh film banane wale director, writer, producer, jitne bhi log hai, ek ek log yaad rakhiye… hum log, MDP, Sunni Youth Wing. Tumhara mukabla karne ke liye taiyar hai. Hum tumse mukabla karenge, chun chun ke mukabla karenge. Tum movie to bana kar dekho, maine pehle bhi kaha hai Ghazi Ilm-ud-din chale gaye, chhura abhi bhi baaki hai. Yaad rakhna us chhure ki dhaar ko bhoole na,(Kamlesh, remember, you are making a movie blaspheming against Rasullah, your days are numbered. That film director, writer, producer, whoever is involved, remember, we MDP, Sunni Youth Wing, we will fight you. We will fight with each of you. You just make the movie once. I have told before also and I’m saying it again. Ilm-ud-din may have gone, but the knife is still there. Never forget the sharp blade of the knife” he threatens.

To put things in perspective, Alim was angry because Kamlesh Tiwari had announced he’d make a movie ‘Rangeela Rasul’, chronicling life of Prophet Muhammad. Rangeela Rasul was a book published in the 1920s by one Pandit MA Chamupati as a retaliation to the book written by a Muslim depicting goddess Sita as a prostitute. Ilm-ud-din or Ilm Din was a carpenter who stabbed the publisher of the book, Mahashe Rajpal with a dagger.

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On 18th October, Kamlesh Tiwari, who had once announced he would make a movie titled Rangeela Rasul, was stabbed by a man who was allegedly in touch with Asim who had invoked Ilm Din last year.

Reports suggest that Ilm Din proudly claimed that he killed Rajpal over Rangeela Rasul. He was represented by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Lahore High Court and appealed to the court that Ilm Din was only 19 or 20 and hence he should not be given capital punishment. However, he was given death penalty for the murder.

Now, in Kamlesh Tiwari murder case, reports have emerged that like Ilm Din, whose reference Asim makes in his YouTube video, Kamlesh Tiwari’s murderers also wanted the world to know that they killed him. An Aaj Tak report states the accused Ashfaq and Moinuddin took sim card, booked hotel rooms in their real names, giving real identity proofs. They have also not made any effort to conceal their faces in the CCTV footage. It shows that they not only wanted to stab Tiwari (like Ilm Din who stabbed Rajpal, publisher of Rangeela Rasul, the book), but also wanted to be known that they did it.

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