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NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan attends UK ‘Kashmir’ event, gets endorsed by JKLF

As if the real intentions behind the event were not clear so far, terrorist organisation JKLF too endorsed it, calling it an event that managed to 'bring Kashmiri voices', referring to Nidhi.

Ever since the Indian government took the decision to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and to bifurcate the former state into two Union Territories, the Pakistani establishment has been on a propaganda overdrive. Incapable of ever winning a direct conflict, the terrorist nation has been putting all its resources behind creating an anti-India atmosphere through lies, propaganda and their sponsored agents inside India and abroad.

NDTV, the self-proclaimed news channel has been used by Pakistan multiple times so far to propagate their vile, anti-India ideas. NDTV’s reports and shows have already been quoted and mentioned by Pakistan to further their lies. Now, it seems, Pakistan has found useful work for NDTV’s employees too.

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In a shocking revelation, NDTV seems to have undermined the interests of India yet again. Defence analyst Iyer Mitra revealed telling information regarding an event called ‘The Cost to Britain of the Kashmir Crisis: Is There a Solution?’ at the Chatham House, London on November 7.

The event was organised by Abdurrehman Chinoy, a British Pakistani businessman who is also the chairman of the Queen Mary Pakistan Society. Speaking to Pakistan’s Geo TV, Chinoy had stated earlier that the conference, held on November 7, would look at the “possible role Britain can play to diffuse tension between the two nuclear-powered nations leading towards resolution of Kashmir”.

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In other words, Chinoy had mirrored what Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party had said about Kashmir, stressing at direct interference in India’s internal matters.

Other participants in the event were former Pakistani envoy to the UN Maleeha Lodhi and Lyall Grant, UK’s former National Security Advisor, who stated in the event that “Modi’s actions in occupied Kashmir are radicalising Kashmiris and that has a direct impact on UK’s national security where more than 1 million Kashmiris live. Asserting that the “Kashmir” issue needs Britain’s involvement, Grant stated at the event that “The issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) poses security risks to the United Kingdom.”

As if the real intentions behind the event were not clear so far, terrorist organisation JKLF too endorsed it, calling it an event that managed to ‘bring Kashmiri voices’, referring to Nidhi. JKLF also thanked the organisers profusely. It is needless to remind here that ironically, JKLF has been one of the chief initiators of radicalisation and terrorism in the Kashmir valley. Its chief Yaseen Malick is currently facing charges for killing Indian Air Force personnel in cold blood.

Source: Abhijit Iyer Mitra
Source: Abhijit Iyer Mitra

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JKLF is banned in India under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. JKLF is also one of the principal forces behind organising and mobilising the violent protests by Pakistani goons that had attacked the Indian consulate in London multiple times so far.

NDTV’s Nidhi Razdhan attended the show and mirrored the lines what were being peddled by Pakistan to paint India as evil and Pakistan as a victim of terrorism. Speaking at the event, Nidhi lamented over the communication curbs imposed in Jammu and Kashmir and claimed that while India ‘claims’ that the end of special status to Jammu and Kashmir is for the benefit of its people, India has not consulted the people of the region at all. To the delights of the Pakistani establishment, she also added that India’s credentials at the world’s largest democracy have been shadowed by the events in Kashmir.

Another speaker at the event, Jack Straw, a former UK foreign secretary, stated that PM Modi’s decision on Article 370 abrogation was “outrageous, preposterous and seems not to have a strategy.”

Recently, Pakistan had shared an NDTV video to further their anti-India agenda.

NDTV finding support in Pakistan is nothing new. Earlier in March, NDTV’s star anchor Raveesh Kumar had urged media that they should not report the post-Pulwama India-Pakistan conflict, because it will ‘help BJP in the elections’. Raveesh’ statements were soon used by Pakistani media to further their anti-India narrative.

Recently, radical Islamist Zaid Hamid had used ex-NDTV anchor Barkha Dutt’s tweets to spew venom against India.

NDTV seems to fan its ‘Kashmir is in fear’ narrative so much that they are now bordering on an open call for violence. The clip by NDTV reporter that claimed an old Kashmiri man allegedly challenged India to ‘lift the curfew’ to see the real sentiment of Kashmiri people is nothing but another attempt to further their baseless fearmongering. The way NDTV, and for that matter, many media portals are going on about the issue, it seems as if they are just waiting, rather hoping for a riot to happen and people to die, just so they can claim that the central government has failed and thus help Pakistan further its narrative.

Update: Nidhi has responded to the allegations that have been made against her. She claims that she vociferously countered Pakistani propaganda.

Nidhi has, however, not contested statements like “India’s credentials at the world’s largest democracy have been shadowed by the events in Kashmir” that were made by her.

It is also being said that the organiser who was thanked was indeed Shoaib K Bajwa and not the Pakistan Army Chief as claimed by Defense Analyst Abhijit Iyer Mitra. This article has been updated with relevant information.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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