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‘Fact-finding’ report by Harsh Mander on the AMU violence during anti-CAA riots on 15th Dec falls flat: Here is how

The Times of India has also deleted their report based on the video evidence provided by Uttar Pradesh police regarding the violence at AMU.

The anti-CAA riots have gripped the country with Muslim mobs running amuck, indulging in arson, vandalism, stone-pelting, organised violence and political parties adding fuel to fire with known Leftists leading the charge. One of the first incidents of unbridled violence was one that came from the Jamia Millia Islamia University followed by the violence unleashed by the so-called students of Aligarh Muslim University. The UP police were massacred with criticism by the Leftists who repeatedly asserted that the UP police had used “excessive force” on the “students of AMU” while “they were protesting peacefully”.

Dispelling those allegations, the Uttar Pradesh police released videos yesterday which showed the “peaceful” students of AMU clearly hurling stones, mercilessly at the police.

In the first video, UP police demonstrate how the police had actually appealed and warned against the unlawful assembly. It is at this point that stone-pelting had started, injuring several policemen. It is to control the situation that the police had to resort to tear-gas shelling.

The second, more damning and chilling video is where it is clearly visible that AMU’s Bab-e-Syed gate was violently broken down by the ‘students’ of AMU, not the police.

The two videos have decisively put an end to the Left-Liberal agenda of blaming the Uttar Pradesh police of using “excessive force” on “peaceful students”. The “students” of AMU were not peaceful by any stretch of the imagination and considering the violent nature of these riots, the UP police can be seen using sufficient restraint.

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These videos also put in focus the motivated, lie-ridden “fact-finding report” that was published by ace propagandist Harsh Mander who used to be a part of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC, which was almost the de facto government during the UPA’s tenure.

Harsh Mander and his NGO ‘Karwan e Mohabbat’ published a report based on utter conjecture and outright lies to demonise the Uttar Pradesh police and whitewash the crimes of the violent AMU students who ran riots.

Harsh Mander claims in his fact-finding report

Harsh Mander claimed that the ‘circumstances in which RAF entered the campus remain unclear’. He then claims that the students and faculty attest to the fact that there was no provocation from the peaceful students.

It is evident from the videos that the students indulged in violent stone-pelting and thus, for Mander to take the word of the students in this aspect betrays the truth. Interestingly, his “fact-finding” thus seems to have been limited to furthering propaganda by the violent rioters. It is evident that Mander did not check the CCTV footage of the violence or if he did, he chose to hide the facts that emerge from it. One has to then wonder what this ‘fact-finding’ mission was all about.

Harsh Mander then claims with absolute certainty that it was the RAF and Uttar Pradesh police that broke down the Bab-e-Syed gate of AMU.

Harsh Mander claims in his fact-finding report

In this fact-finding report, other than the victimhood of rioters, noting really seems to be based on ‘facts’. Harsh speculates that the VC of AMU extended to ‘consent’ to let RAF in after they have “broken down the Bab-e-Syed gate” to legitimise police action. He says that the gate was broken with ‘precision’ while the locks were intact, insinuating that the RAF and UP police had somehow conspired to break the gate without any provocation from the students of AMU. He also tries to cast aspersions on the fact that there was stone pelting and large scale violence from within AMU. Both these assertions have been debunked by the videos released by the UP police.

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Harsh Mander, while painting the stone-pelting, rioting students completely innocent, also claims that the Uttar Pradesh police used ‘stun grenades’ and ‘bullets’.

Aligarh SSP Akash Kulhari has in clear terms stated that no lethal arms were used to control the mob violence that broke out at AMU during the anti-CAA riots. He stated that he is ready to face an inquiry over such allegations that stun grenades were used by police during the protests. Interestingly, much before Harsh Mander, it was Naxal sympathiser Nandini Sunder who had made these claims. Similar such ‘stun grenade’ usage appeared in leftist rag The Telegraph India which claimed that a report prepared by Jamia Millia Students who went to AMU to ‘fact-find’ on what transpired the previous night in violence, mentioned usage of ‘stun grenades’.

Harsh Mander claims in his fact-finding report

While there is absolutely no evidence that stun-guns were used and the UP police have already clarified, after lying about everything else, Harsh further fear-mongers by claiming that the UP police turned AMU into a war-like situation by using stun guns.

Further, Mander says in his report, “Based on students’ and teachers’ testimonies, video footage, medical opinion, remarks of administration, and physical evidence on-site, we can confirm that tear gas shells, sound bombs, rubber bullets, stun grenades and lathis were used on the students. They had also resorted to stone-pelting”.

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It is to be noted here that while Harsh Mander claims to have checked the video footage to peddle a lie that lethal weapons were used, he has asserted that the AMU students did not indulge in stone-pelting and also that the Bab-e-Syed gate was broken by the police and RAF without confirming those allegations with the video footage.

Harsh Mander does not stop there.

In an already charged environment where Muslim mobs are going on a rampage, Harsh Mander claimed that the police raised ‘Jai Shree Ram’ slogans while “attacking” the “peaceful” Muslim students of AMU. There is, of course, no evidence for this except the word of the rioters of AMU who Mander is trying to shield.

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It is important to note here that in WhatsApp groups that were run by NSUI (Congress), coordinating protests throughout the country, Harsh Mander was one of the names that came up as a go-to helping hand in case rioters get into trouble.

The full report can be read here.

While Harsh Mander has resorted to blatant lies helped by digital media platforms and leftists like Nandini Sunder and scores of others, it is shocking to note that the mainstream media has only added fuel to fire.

Times of India had earlier today reported the videos released by the Uttar Pradesh police that demolish the lies being peddled by the likes of Harsh Mander.

Times of India headline

Interestingly, the Times of India has now pulled this article down.

Times of India deleted article

The Times of India has claimed that the article was removed because it contained ‘inaccurate/insufficient information’.

An archive version of this article shows that it was a simple report based on the videos released by the Uttar Pradesh government that not only showed the students of AMU breaking down the AMU gate but also them indulging in unbridled stone-pelting.

One has to wonder why Times of India would delete a simple report based on videos released by the official, verified Twitter account of the Uttar Pradesh police.

Is this a part of a concerted attempt to further a certain kind of narrative without allowing the truth to reach masses? Till this report was published, the Times of India had not published their report back.

The violence in the country has been fomented by political parties and aided by media that has often refused to publish the truth. With Muslim mobs going on a rampage across the nation, the media, Left-liberals and political parties like the Congress, AAP and others have been active participants in not only spreading disinformation but also shielding the rioters by either maintaining silence on their violence or airbrushing the truth. Harsh Mander is certainly unlikely to withdraw his blatant lies, however, one has to wonder what stopped the Times of India from publishing the truth about AMU as evidenced by the videos.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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