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The Quint continues their ‘humanising’ project by whitewashing and creating sympathy wave for Hyderabad rape and murder accused

In an attempt to deviate from the real issue, the left-wing rag Quint has tried to whitewash the crimes of the accused Mohammad by creating a wave of sympathy by highlighting the deprivations and poverty of his family.

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While the entire nation is shocked over the barbaric rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinary doctor in Hyderabad and demanding capital punishment for the accused, left-wing media seems to have taken it upon itself to whitewash the crimes of the accused rapists by creating a wave of sympathy on the pretext that they belonged to deprived sections of the society.

The Quint, which has a history of whitewashing crimes of Islamic terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and being terror sympathisers, has now resorted to similar propaganda in the horrific Hyderabad rape and murder case.

The Quint has interviewed the family members of the four accused, including the main accused Mohammad, alias Areef, a 25-year-old lorry driver of Narayanpet district.

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In what appears to be the attempt to deviate from the issue, which is the brutality of the act itself, the left-wing rag Quint has tried to absolve the crimes of the accused Mohammad by creating a wave of sympathy by highlighting the deprivations and poverty of his family. In doing so, the Quint has tried to humanise the whole incident in favour of the accused Mohammad so that he gets a reprieve for committing the barbaric crime.

In its first report, the Quint has talked to the mother of the accused, who has claimed that Mohammad returned home after committing the crime, who told her that he had killed a woman in an accident. The mother said, she asked him if he wanted to eat, but the accused refused, she added.

“She could sense that Mohammad was engrossed in thought. After some time, he broke his silence and told his parents about the crime. Hearing about it, Molanbi felt petrified for her son,” writes Quint in its report while depicting the soft side of the accused.

“We did not ask him questions. He looked scared and distressed (emphasis added) and all he wanted to do was to go to sleep. So, we all did,” said the mother according to the Quint report.

The report further states that Mohammad’s father, Hussain, told him repeatedly that he should have been more careful. The Quint then talks about how the rapist was the sole earning member of a poor family where neither of the parents could work.

According to Quint, Molanbi, the mother of the accused and her husband Hussain are dependent on Mohammad, who had dropped out of school in Class 10 to earn money. Hussain had reportedly worked as a driver but cannot work anymore as he fell off the lorry and hurt his back.

The mother of the accused has also claimed that she cannot move around much after her operation. She claimed that she still suffers from the pain and she has no means to earn money. While the poverty of the family is indeed unfortunate, it does not take away the fact that their son raped and killed a woman and then set the body on fire.

The Quint report adds more melodrama to the interview by reporting on how the accused had helped her mother when she had to undergo an operation. Quoting his mother, the report states, “I needed an operation a year ago, where my uterus needed to be urgently removed. He worked hard to make the money for my treatment”. Again, unfortunate, but does not absolve him of his crimes.

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Mohammad is one of the four accused in connection with the brutal rape and murder of the 27-year-old veterinarian Dr Preeti Reddy (name changed). The accused had burnt the body after raping her in the outskirts of the city on Wednesday night.

In its second report, the Quint has also talked to parents of three other accused – Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chinakunta Chennakashavulu.

Jollu Shiva, a cleaner who was the one who was asked the victim to allow him to take her two-wheeler for repairing the puncture. According to the police, Jollu also raped the deceased victim inside the compound. He then went and bought the petrol from a petrol bunk and also set her dead body on fire at Shadnagar road.

According to the Quint, Jollu Rajappa, the father of Shiva’s father, said he felt humiliated as the policemen went on taunting him. The father claimed that he was asked by the police on why they let their child go down the wrong path. “They kept asking us why we let our child go astray. I did not say anything. Just looked down and listened. What can I say? Is this why we wanted a son?” said the father.

“Rajappa, with his arms folded and his back straight, seemed like a man whose pride was hurt. The family says it has faced humiliation ever since the news came out, (emphasis added)” reads the Quint report.

Shiva’s sister who returned home after the arrest reportedly said to The Quint, “Kill him. What else should they do? After what he has done, what else does he deserve? Kill him.”

Jollu Naveen, another accused is the son of Rajappa’s sister – Laxmi. Naveen’s father passed away 12 years ago after battling cancer. His mother, Laxmi, takes care of the family.

The report states that Naveen ‘behaved strangely’ after he committed the crime. The accused’s mother Laxmi said, “He didn’t show any signs of remorse, guilt or anything. He was absolutely alright. He didn’t say anything to me about what transpired the previous night. He ate, did things as he normally does, and went off to sleep.” The Quint couldn’t give any further spins and humanise him as accused’s mother had already mentioned how he does not feel any remorse.

When asked about the nature of the crime, the mother did not defend her son. The mother said she was angry with her son, “How dare he do something like this? How dare he even think of something like this?” asked the mother. She said she was in disbelief that her son could be this person. “He should be punished,” the mother of Naveen said.

The fourth accused Chinakunta Chennakeshavulu, unlike other accused, is a married man. He not only dragged the doctor inside the compound but also raped her, dumped the body into the lorry and was present when the body was burnt. But Chennakeshavulu has ‘kidney problems’, which did not come in way of raping a woman, because of which he does not work.

In a bid to generate sympathy wave for his family, The Quint says how his mother also wishes he is ‘strictly punished’. Jayamma said, “There is no one who can understand the pain of a child being taken away from her mother. I am in pain and I do not understand why and how he could do this, however, he must be strictly punished,” the Quint described his mother as ‘looking distraught’ and had her eyes well up with tears.

This is not the first time that Quint has been on a project of humanising rabid criminals and terrorists. In 2017, the Quint had taken their ‘humanising project’ to the next level after they had observed the “death anniversary” of terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The left-wing fake news propaganda website had written about the ‘human aspects’ of Osama by revealing that how good or bad a father and a husband he was.

Following the crackdown on dreaded Urban Naxals, the Quint – one of the members of the ‘liberal-secular’ industry had suffered a meltdown in the left-liberal camp and had to come to the rescue of these terrorist sympathisers.

The Quint in one of its reports stood behind Vernon Gonzalves and had attempted to eulogise the raided Urban Naxals. The Quint had resorted to concerted attempt to whitewash the crimes that those arrested had committed in the past. The left-wing media had created an impression that Gonzalves was let out of jail in 2013 because he was found innocent and quotes him intensively to paint a picture of how he was falsely accused.

The Case:

On Wednesday night, a 27-year-old veterinarian Dr Preeti Reddy (name changed) was brutally raped and murdered and her body was set ablaze on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Four people have been reportedly arrested in connection with the case.

According to the reports, the four accused had pre-planned the crime after they had noticed that the victim had parked her two-wheeler at the Tondupally toll plaza. The accused assumed that the lady would come to pick it up later in the evening. The accused then deflated the tyre.

As Preeti Reddy (name changed) was returning home from work a little after 8 pm to pick her vehicle, she noticed a flat tyre. She immediately called her sister, who suggested that she leave her two-wheeler at the toll plaza and take a cab home. Before she could, two men approached her, who offered to take her vehicle for repair.

The woman was allegedly ambushed and dragged into the bushes by the accused barely 50 metres from Tondupally toll plaza behind a line of trucks that was parked near the road. Her charred body was found under an underpass on Thursday morning.

According to police, the accused took her body to an under-construction bridge a few kilometres away and set it on fire. The police stated that the victim’s innerwear and some other objects including an alcohol bottle found around 100 metres from the spot led them to believe she was sexually assaulted before being killed.

The Telangana police have also confirmed that Preeti Reddy was kidnapped and gang-raped. The incident has sparked massive outrage among the public over the never-ending cases of sexual violence against women.

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