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Diary of a Delhi Liberal: Do not underestimate us, comrades will make sure Modi and Shah lose their deposits in next elections

They underestimated us diary, they didn't know how united the liberals are.

Dear Diary,

This fight against fascism really takes a toll on you, you feel lost at times, you start wondering whether this is all worth it, but during those times, you see the brave freedom fighters of JNU and your spirit is reinvigorated! What brave souls diary, what brave souls, they shook the foundations of Modi empire this week.

Let us recap quickly for you diary, so as you know, our brave fighters in JNU have been on strike against the fascist step to raise monthly hostel rent from 10 Rupees to 300 Rupees. These warriors have been bravely stopping the fascist students from the fascist step of registering for new courses and exams. However, some fascists registered despite our appeal to save democracy so begrudgingly, comrades beat up those fascist students.

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All was well till then, but then, the other side (fascist side) also started retaliating! How can people not just stop comrades from beating them up, but also beating up comrades in return?? These monsters are all supported by Amit Shah diary, he is the one personally leading the students towards fascism.

However, they underestimated us diary, they didn’t know how united the liberals are. Immediately, we instructed all news channels to focus on the retaliation, and ignore the initial violence. That is how you save liberalism diary, for every terror incident, say it was retaliation for Babri demolition, for every communal riot, say it was in retaliation for 2002, for Kashmiri Pandit exodus, say it was in retaliation for KPs getting Government jobs, and for JNU violence, stick to retaliation.

Anyway, we are going to make sure Amit Shah and Narendra Modi lose their deposits in front of Kanhaiyya and Umar during the next Lok Sabha elections over this issue diary. That will be our revenge for their supporters not watching comrade Deepika Padukone’s film.

Talking of Deepika’s film reminds us of the communal Bollywood. This week, they released the violent communal film Tanhaji. There was so much saffron diary, so much saffron that our eyes started bleeding. When leading A listers like Anurag Kashyap and Swara Bhaskar are standing bravely against fascism, B grade actors like Ajay Devgn and Kajol are pandering to the majoritarian sentiments of this government. This is how Nazis spread their propaganda diary, and we are seeing a repeat here in India.

Our stir against CAA and imaginary NRC is also continuing diary, even though Government went ahead with the CAA. We have decided not to show our documents to people who are not asking for the documents. That will show these fascist people the power of the common man. Want to write a lot more but have to go to British embassy to submit our bank statements from last 6 months to get the Visa. See you next week diary, ciao.

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