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Delhi riots ground report: Eyewitness tells Muslims were prepared for riots, women, children were armed to attack Hindus

Many of the eyewitnesses OpIndia got in touch with have revealed that the Islamist's had been preparing for these anti-Hindu riots since a long time under the pretext of anti-CAA protest.

Islamist mobs have gone on a rampage in Delhi where the anti-Hindu riots have claimed several lives and given rise to horror stories in the process. As time moves on more and more proofs have emerged, making it sufficiently clear that these riots are nothing but a selective, well-coordinated and planned outrage against the Hindus by Islamist fundamentalists.

It has been claimed by multiple eyewitnesses that AAP’s leader Tahir Hussain was one of the key conspirators behind these anti-Hindu riots which engulfed 37 lives and left more than 200 seriously injured. The quantity of stones, bricks and petrol bomb recovered from Tahir Hussain’s terrace proves that this was not an impulsive reaction but a well-planned and coordinated outrage against the Hindus by Islamist fundamentalists in the national capital.

Mostly all the eyewitnesses OpIndia got in touch with have revealed that the Islamists had been preparing for these anti-Hindu riots since a long time under the pretext of anti-CAA protest.

An OpIndia reporter who has been covering the Delhi anti-Hindu riots extensively reached the Shastri Park by metro on Friday to take stock of the situation. While getting down from an autorickshaw he got the opportunity to meet a Hindu woman who had reportedly eyewitnessed the outrageous atrocities meted out against the Hindu’s in her locality.

On condition of anonymity, the Hindu woman, living in a rented house in Sonia Vihar, agreed to speak to OpIndia. She said that the previous night when she stayed awake in fear, she heard loud noises from the neighbourhood. As she tried to get a closer look, she saw that a group of frenzied Muslims were running across the street towards the main road with sticks, brick-stones, bars, rods, pistols etc. in their hands.

Many woman and children were also amongst the crowd. The eyewitness divulged that she then noticed that the men of their families were giving out stones, bricks and lathis to these women and children and urging them to participate in the attack. They instructed the female members and children of their houses to attack the Hindu’s they come across. “I was stunned to see this,” said the eyewitness.

The woman further stated: “All the Islamist rioters had hoarded bricks and stones inside their respective houses in advance. They were constantly bringing out the bricks and stones from there. Seeing all this, I was so scared that I could not even sleep the whole night. The area we live in, predominantly belongs to the Muslims and our locality is the only locality which houses Hindus,” said the eyewitness.

The woman kept wondering how these Muslims allowed their children and women to participate in such deadly riots, asserting that Hindu’s would never allow their children to do so.

The eyewitness originally from Bihar lives in a rented house in the Muslim dominated area of ​​Sonia Vihar. After the death of her husband seven years ago, she works as a domestic help to raise her children. She has been so scared since the violence that she has not gone to work for the last three days and is compelled to think whether she should stay in Delhi now. Afraid of violence, the woman kept saying the same thing again and again, “Do not take my name, otherwise they will kill me.”

Since the time Delhi has been gripped in violence, many Hindus affected in the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, have come out to narrate their ordeal. One such smalltime shopkeeper identified as Shyam ‘Chaiwala’, who lost his livelihood due to a rioting mob in Delhi’s Bhajanpura, had recounted his horror to OpIndia.

Shyam told us that he watched this horror unfold hiding in a bylane, but he could not do anything. Then he heard that a large Muslim mob has attacked the houses of Hindus in Yamuna Vihar area. Since Shyam’s house was located in that area, he ran fearing for the lives of his wife and children. He reached his home and told his wife to take their four children and leave, away from the Muslim-majority locality and to the house of a family friend in another lane.

Shyam narrated that they were so scared that they spent the rest of the day and night holed up in a corner, hungry and thirsty. When police forces came the next morning, Shyam mustered the courage to come out and go towards his shop. When he reached and saw what had become of his shop, the means of livelihood, he broke down.

After a Hindu man told OpIndia how the Delhi anti-Hindu riots are creating a situation where a devout man has to hide every symbol that gave away his religion, another man from Delhi’s Chand Bagh divulged how he saved himself from the frenzied Islamist mob by hiding his true identity. He says that he wore a “topi” and called himself “Imran” to keep safe from the Islamists who attacked him while he was returning from his work.

Delhi has been burning as Islamists ran amok, resorting to stone-pelting, arson and vandalism, destroying public properties worth crores and hurting several police personnel and civilians in the ensuing mayhem. The Islamist mob have been selectively targetting the Hindu’s in the national capital.

Be it from the murdered IB official Ankit Sharma to head Constable Ratan Lal, from Vinod Kumar to Dilwar Singh and many others, Hindus in several areas of Delhi have been attacked in a planned manner by Islamist mobs.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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