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Shaheen Bagh mob robbed, assaulted and tried to convert Gunja Kapoor into Islam for wearing a burkha, wanted to use as hostage to negotiate with the BJP

Abhijit Iyer Mitra further said that a mob began to assemble at the site and forced Gunja Kapoor to chant Islamic Kalima (la illah illallah) and demanded her to become "one of them" so that they could 'accept' her.

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Two days after Political analyst Gunja Kapoor was heckled by Shaheen Bagh ‘protestors’, shocking revelations have been made, exposing the real intentions of the mob behind the heckling of Gunja Kapoor.

Defence analyst Abhijit Iyer Mitra, who spoke to Gunja Kapoor after the incident took to Twitter to narrate the sequence of events that unfurled at Shaheen Bagh on Wednesday on behalf of the victim.

On Wednesday, Political analyst Gunja Kapoor was heckled by women at Shaheen Bagh for allegedly ‘taking videos’. She was allegedly wearing a ‘burqa’ and the objection was raised over her trying to cover the protests while wearing one.

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Later, the mob had got angry at Gunja for wearing a burqa while attending the protest. They had objected against Gunja wearing a burqa and trying to shoot videos in Shaheen Bagh.

Narrating the incident, Abhijit Iyer Mitra said that the reality at Shaheen Bagh incident on Thursday was much scarier than what was shown on TV. According to Mitra, political analyst Gunja was not only mugged but also physically assaulted by the mob that was present at the Shaheen Bagh protest site. A woman named Upasana Sharma was allegedly behind the attack on Gunja Kapoor.

Mitra stated that Gunja Kapoor who was at the Shaheen Bagh was just interviewing some of the women protestors at Shaheen Bagh and as per Kapoor’s revelation, no one in the mob seemed to know the details of CAA, NRC or NPR. Suddenly one of the protestors, allegedly named Upasana who claimed to be an ‘organiser’ started interrogating Gunja.

“Upasana knew exactly what to ask and since Gunja had not rehearsed her story got caught easily. Upasana and this creature below DRAGGED HER BY HER HAIR(!!!) to the 1st aid camp,” Abhijit Iyer Mitra narrated the horror perpetrated against Gunja Kapoor.

The most shocking revelation was that the Upasana had reportedly seized Gunja Kapoor’s phone, Aadhar card and also snatched away cash from Kapoor’s wallet. Soon, another lady protestor started heckling, claiming that she had disgraced the Burkha by wearing it to the protest site.

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Mitra further said that a mob began to assemble at the site and forced Gunja Kapoor to chant Islamic slogans like Kalima (la illah illallah) and demanded her to become “one of them” so that they could ‘accept’ her. They also repeatedly slapped, shoved and puller her hair, said Mitra.

“They tried to convert her. She refused,” said Iyer Mitra on behalf of victim Gunja Kapoor.

According to Mitra, Upasana wanted this situation to develop into a hostage crisis. Another person agreed with Upsana and wanted the BJP to negotiate her release. The Shaheen Bagh police could not arrest the protestors as it could have turned violent. However, Sarita Vihar police visited the protest site at Shaheen Bagh. 

The organisers refused to hand her over to Sarita Vihar police. They allegedly wanted to hold Gunja as a hostage and lay down conditions for handing her over. “It was a clear cut case of kidnapping and hostage-taking,” reported Abhijit Mitra.

The police who tried to push the protestors to rescue Gunja Kapoor was reportedly pushed back. The mob let the police only after they threatened to lathi-charge on the protestors, said Mitra who reported Gunja’s side of the story. Mitra said that Gunja distinctly remembered a protestor saying that “if they lathi charge that’ll be the end of the protest”. The mob then ended the hostage situation, added Mitra.

According to Abhijit Mitra, there were repeated physical assaults on Gunja in addition to the theft of phone and cash and ID card. “All the above crimes are punishable by years in jail and not to mention how her phone and Aadhar will be misused,” tweeted Defence analyst Mitra. 

Mitra also provided proofs to strengthen his argument of how mob at Shaheen Bagh not only kidnapped Gunja Kapoor but also kept her as a hostage.

Shaheen Bagh protests are lately turning into a security threat as repeated instances of violence are being reported from the site. The mobs at the Shaheen Bagh, after attacking journalists like Deepak Chaurasia and Doordarshan reporters, had heckled senior journalist Bhupendra Chaubey during a live-show.

The anti-CAA protests, especially at Shaheen Bagh, which began as a peaceful protest has now crossed all the boundaries as it has not only turned violent but has now become another typical left-wing event where anti-India and Hinduphobic slogans are being openly chanted.

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