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‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ slogans raised at Shaheen Bagh: The true face of anti-CAA protests and what these slogans mean

Anyone who raises 'Jinnah wali Azadi' is essentially saying that they believe that Hindus and Muslims are separate nations by their very characteristic and that they, Muslims, cannot co-exist with Hindus and thus, want to break up India yet again to form another Islamic nation.

After the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the country has been gripped by riots, violence and arson specifically by the Left and Islamist mobs. The protests, which have been raging on for weeks have exposed itself to be deeply Islamic and anti-Hindu in nature with posters like F*ck Hindutva that distorted the Om symbol to several slogans that exposed the Islamist mobs’ deep-seated hatred for Hindus. A video has now surfaced from the Shaheen Bagh protest where slogans like “Jinnah Wali Azadi” can be heard.

In the video, the individual on the stage can be chanting Azadi slogans. “Hum ladke lenge Azadi. Nehru wali Azadi. Gandhi wali Azadi. Bhagat wali Azadi. Ashfaq wali Azadi. Jinnah wali Azadi. Dilli wali Azadi….”.

While one can understand Leftists and Islamists wanting “Nehru wali Azadi” since the cloak of “secularism” that amounted to shameless minority appeasement during the time of Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi has thankfully come to an end with the rise of PM Narendra Modi, one has to wonder what ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ means when chanted by the protestors at Shaheen Bagh.

We slowed down the relevant portion of the video where ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ slogan was heard, which confirms that the slogan was indeed raised.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCmPTxUwhzg]

Citizenship Amendment Act is one which gives citizenship to the persecuted minorities of neighbouring Islamic nations that have, since their inception, indulged in horrific crimes against their minorities like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis, Jains etc.

One must recall that in 2018, a clash had erupted between AMU students on the issue of Pakistan’s founder and Muslim leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s portrait in the campus. Some sections of the students opposed and staged a protest against University authorities for placing the divisive leader Jinnah’s portrait. Violent clashes erupted between students organisations and AMU Student Union dominated by Muslim students, as AMU Student Union was in support of the controversial leader, Jinnah. In fact, one must remember that AMU was founded by Jinnah and it was he who had given the two-nation theory. With AMU students rioting against CAA, it is entirely believable that the crux of these protests are indeed in support of Jinnah and his ideology and thus, that chants of ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ were raised comes as no surprise.

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When one chants ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’, what they are essentially saying is that they want ‘Azadi’ to break India yet again and create another Pakistan where the founding principle of the state was Islam and the two-nation theory.

The two-nation theory of Jinnah essentially said that Muslims cannot co-exist with Hindus. The two-nation theory states that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations by every definition; that Muslims have their own customs, religion, and from every point of view like social, moral Muslims are different from Hindus therefore, Muslims should be able to have their own separate homeland in the Muslim majority areas of India, in which Islam can be practised as the dominant religion.

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This ideology was the main war-cry of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who called it the awakening of Muslims and ensured that India was divided to create Islamic Pakistan.

BR Ambedkar had severely criticised Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his 14 demands.

In chapter XI of Ambedkar’s book ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’, Ambedkar thoroughly criticized Jinnah for the tabulation of his 14 points which include but not limited to :

  1. Muslim representation in the local bodies be based on the principles of the communal award, that is, separate electorates and population strength.
  2. Discarding of the song– “Vande Mataram”.
  3. Freedom for Muslims to perform Cow slaughter.
  4. Make changes to the tricolour flag or give equal importance to the Muslim League flag.
  5. Constitutional and statutory guarantee of fixed Muslim representation in the state services through the reservation.

Ambedkar was of the opinion that Muslims are exploiting Hindus and using their outrageous demands to force the Hindus into the negotiation tables. He writes –

“The second thing that is noticeable among the Muslims is the spirit of exploiting the weaknesses of the Hindus. If the Hindus object to anything, the Muslim policy seems to be to insist upon it and give it up only when the Hindus show themselves ready to offer a price for it by giving the Muslims some other concessions.”

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Ambedkar had, in fact, said that for Jinnah, Hindus of Bengal and Punjab province at the time were like mere ‘chattels’ who will do as the Muslims instruct. This was demonstrated in a speech delivered by Jinnah on November 16th, 1942. Jinnah had said:

“Who is the author of this new formula that every community has the right of self-determination all over India? Either it is colossal ignorance or mischief and trick. Let me give them a reply, that the Musalmans claim the right of self-determination because they are a national group on a given territory which is their homeland and in the zones where they are in a majority. Have you known anywhere in history that national groups scattered all over have been given a State? Where are you going to get a State for them? In that case, you have got 14 per cent. Muslims in the United Provinces. Why not have a State for them? Muslims in the United Provinces are not a national group; they are scattered. Therefore in constitutional language, they are characterized as a sub-national group who cannot expect anything more than what is due from any civilized Government to a minority. I hope I have made the position clear. The Muslims are not a sub-national group; it is their birthright to claim and exercise the right of self-determination.”

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Therefore, when today the protestors at Shaheen Bagh, who are essentially protesting against giving citizenship to the minorities from Pakistan who have been persecuted by the ideology of Jinnah, raise slogans like ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’, it merely means that they are reposing their faith in Jinnah’s two-nation theory and the fact that Hindus are merely chattels.

Anyone who raises ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ is essentially saying that they believe that Hindus and Muslims are separate nations by their very characteristic and that they, Muslims, cannot co-exist with Hindus and thus, want to break up India yet again to form another Islamic nation.

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In the anti-CAA riots that broke out, the country saw widespread riots by Islamist mobs. We should also remember the slogans that were raised in Jamia. ‘Hinduon se Azadi‘ cannot be wished away in any manner. Glorifying people who committed the genocide of Hindus cannot be wished away in any manner. We cannot afford to ignore the graffiti and slogans that erupted in the Jamia protests. There is an insidious design at work here and we have to confront it. And the country will have to wake up to this sad reality at some point in time and the most opportune time is this.

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With the violence in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Universities like AMU, Jamia etc, sprinkled with anti-Hindu imagery and now, ‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ slogans, one must realise that this is the Khilafat 2.0 and the nation cannot afford to maintain wishful blindness any longer.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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