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Hindu women have to come from far off to get Kejriwal’s ‘free water’, while Muslims have water tank: Ground report

If you live away from Delhi in other part of India and you do not have water crisis, this scene will give you two lessons: learn the importance of water and if a politician has promised 'free water' it does not mean he has improved the condition.

When OpIndia team visited parts of NorthEast Delhi as part of their ground reporting during anti-Hindu riots, the team got to know of the sorry state in which the Hindus are living in that part. Just some distance away from Shiv Vihar Chowk, we got to know of the truth which proves how hollow the promises of Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government are. About 20,000 Hindus in areas surrounding Shiv Vihar, Govind Vihar and Mahalakshmi Enclave have been facing such hardship since past eight (some say 20) years.

There is a road along a big drainage which leads you to a lane in Govind Vihar. The drainage opens up on either side of the lane. Every evening at 6 PM, a huge crowd gathers there. Women, children and some youth, all gather there. Some come from nearby lane while others come from far off places. Everyone has a bucket or container in their hands in which they fill water. In that drainage opens the mouth of two pipes from which drinking water is provided. The water directly falls into the drainage. These women balance themselves and collect the water for drinking.

Hindu women collecting water from drainage line in Shiv Vihar

If the women lose their balance, they could even fall inside the drainage line. When they are filling water from the pipes, half their container or bucket is dipped in the drainage water. This is a shocking state to live in for the Hindus. If you live away from Delhi in other part of India and you do not have water crisis, this scene will give you two lessons: learn the importance of water and if a politician has promised ‘free water’ it does not mean he has improved the condition.

Why Hindus?

You might be wondering why do we keep repeating about the plight of Hindus. We could have also mentioned about the plight of a citizen instead of specifying religion. This is why it is crucial. This area of Karawal Nagar comes under Mustafabad. Haji Yunus of Aam Aadmi Party is the newly minted MLA of that area. Local people believe that the MLA of the ruling party had a role to play in the recent anti-Hindu riots in the national capital. He is also believed to a close associate of AAP corporator Tahir Hussain whose role in anti-Hindu riots last week is under scanner.

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People believe that Haji Yunus won because of Muslim vote consolidation and is now taking a ‘revenge’ on Hindus as he thinks the Hindus didn’t vote for him.

We noticed that near that sewer, not a single Muslim was filling their buckets with water. We asked about it to the people standing nearby.

Why no Muslims?

The local people said that in the Muslim locality, proper arrangement is made for water supply and storage. They also get tankers to supply water to them and have water tanks to store water. Because of curfew and communally sensitive circumstances, we could not physically go to verify these claims. However, people there said that proper water facility is made for Muslims.

More shocking details

OpIndia team learnt of more shocking details. The water supply in the pines along with drainage lane comes once a day for a period of one hour. If you do not fill water in this one hour, you will be left without water for one day.

That means, one family will be left without drinking water for one day or they will have to make alternate arrangement for water. What is the use of such ‘free water’? The situation of Hindus have not been like this in this area always. When BJP’s Jagdish Pradhan was the MLA, the water situation was not this dire.

The women recount that when Pradhan was the MLA, without religious discrimination he would put up water tanker outside his office. Hindus, Muslims, all used to fill water from there. Jagdish Pradhan is no longer an MLA. However, people say that after he lost, the Hindus have to now collect water from pipes flowing into the drainage. When OpIndia team reached there, they were hopeful that media will now raise their voice. Everyone was asking, ‘when will this news be published?’

With this hope, we are bringing this report to you. An MLA of the ruling party is accused of favouritism. BJP and Congress leaders should reach out to the people and talk to them. They should bring some relief to the Hindus collecting drinking water from pipes passing through drainage.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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