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Sympathy for The Devil? With Safoora getting uncontested bail on ‘humanitarian grounds’, Islamists win this round

The Modi government's commitment is being tested. What remains to be seen is whether the government realises its follies in letting the shameless propagandists run amuck and take corrective actions before the last round is played.

A fundamentalist, specifically, a Muslim fundamentalist believes and believes with all the conviction that he can muster, that the people he seeks to victimise believe in nothing at all so passionately, so unequivocally as himself. It is this lack of faith, this shameless lack of conviction that the terrorists, the Islamists and their ideological brethren exploit. The lack of unbridled faith is open to exploitation.

Exploitation by pleas of humanity, that the terrorists don’t afford their victims. Pleas of compassion that the terrorists don’t afford their victims. Pleas of constitutionality, the very constitution that is a hindrance to the faith of the Islamists. And it is with these pleas, the exploitation of the innate lack of rock-solid faith of the ‘faithless’, do the terrorists get away – scot-free, as the ashes of those they killed become one with the ground. A similar ploy, a similarly grotesque injustice was seen today as Safoora Zargar got bail and walked out of Tihar jail.

Safoora Zargar is no ordinary woman. The 27-year-old ‘faithful’ is accused of being one of the people who orchestrated one of the worst riots that Delhi has seen in a long time. A riot that left over 50 dead and was aimed at subjugating the Hindu population of the country post the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Safoora, a pregnant Islamist, was arrested under the UAPA for inciting and masterminding the Delhi riots. In fact, Safoora was explicitly mentioned in the charge sheet filed in the murder of constable Ratan Lal, who was lynched mercilessly by a Muslim mob during the riots. Safoora was named as one of the instigators of the mob and was named as one of the people, along with elements like Yogendra Yadav, AISA functionaries, DS Bindra etc who was known to and was in contact with the rioters on that fateful day.

Now, after all the evidence against her, Safoora has been granted bail by a Delhi Court. However, as many of us love to do, this time around we can’t unload our frustration against the court of the judge.

Much to the horror of those who have been advocating for the strictest comeuppance against the perpetrators of the Delhi violence, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for Delhi police, submitted that without going into the merits of the plea, and without considering this as a precedent, the State has no problem with Safoora being released on bail provided she doesn’t indulge in activities she’s being investigated for.

Essentially, the Modi government, citing ‘humanitarian grounds’, allowed a terrorist to walk free simply because she was pregnant. One can go on and on talking about the history of births in Tihar Jail. Or that pregnant convicts give birth to their children behind bars almost on a daily basis.

One can point out only recently, the Delhi Police had vehemently asserted that in the last 10 years, 39 deliveries have taken place in the Delhi prison and thus, Safoora is entitled to no special treatment. However, the fact remains that the Modi government did concede special treatment to Safoora today when the Solicitor General, appearing for Delhi police which answers to the Home Ministry, said that the State had no problem if bail was given to pregnant Safoora.

The inexplicable u-turn from opposing bail in the status report just a day before and then assenting to bail on humanitarian grounds could well be a legal strategy, however, it leaves one wondering how to maintain faith in the legal system when someone who orchestrated riots that claimed the lives of over 50 people and is named in the charge sheet filed in the murder of constable Ratan Lal can walk scot-free on bail.

The spotlight of a million questions shines squarely on the central government. The Delhi government answers to the HMO and thus, bail being granted to Safoora after getting a no-objection nod from the solicitor general cannot be passed on to the inefficiency of the courts itself.

Why did the central government decide to give bail to someone who incited and instigated riots? Did the government develop cold feet? Did the government bow down to the propaganda machinery with the Islamists and Leftists working in tandem? Did the government sacrifice the investigation to avoid the global propaganda it has been facing after the riots?

Did the Modi government let the Islamists and the Leftists manipulate and exploit their lack of dogged belief in justice as the ultimate goal to be achieved, regardless of hindrances, to their own advantage? Despite taking decisive action against the perpetrators of the anti-Hindu Delhi riots, why did the Modi govt show sympathy for the devil in this case?

Why, after putting hundreds in jail for the anti-Hindu Delhi riots, did the Modi government let Safoora walk free?

These are all valid questions and questions that must be asked. The Modi government has essentially put an accused terrorist back on the streets and one has to wonder if the Islamists belief that those who oppose them essentially believe in nothing, least of all the tenets of justice and comeuppance, with as much doggedness as they believe in the employment of violence and bloodshed, actually holds true.

When sources in the know were spoken to, the author was given the impression that they truly believed that given the state of mind of Islamist Safoora, she may have ended up harming herself or her unborn child while in custody. With the Delhi riots being internationalised by the Left cabal, any harm to the child or Safoora, even if inflicted by herself, would shift the focus away from the heinous crimes perpetrated during the riots, that resulted in brutal deaths such as those of Ankit Sharma and Ratan Lal, to the perceived “injustice” by a “vindictive” government against a “pregnant woman”.

Unfortunately, the romanticism of human rights for terrorists and lure of fighting against perceived injustice (to terrorists) is such, that a decision that will only and rightly be perceived as weakness on the part of the state had to be taken keeping in view the larger picture. However, even though the Modi government seems to be stuck between a rock and crazy place, in this instance, the Islamists have won the round fair and square.

Ever since the Delhi riots, the entire global fraternity of the Islamists and the Left started furthering the incorrect narrative that the Delhi riots were a pogrom against the Muslims. They shut their eyes to the Islamist agenda that was in place ever since December first week. They shut their eyes and convinced the global community that the riots by Muslims in December and the continuous onslaught against Hindus ever since the passage of CAA played no role in the planning and execution of the anti-Hindu riots.

They ensured that the world sees the riots as a state-sponsored pogrom against Muslims instead of what it truly was – a planned conspiracy to teach Kafirs a lesson. Whether a riot is an anti-Hindu riot or an anti-Muslim one is defined by how the riots started, and not by the number of the dead on either side. How the Delhi riots started was by the Islamist ideologues fanning hate against Hindus and the Islamist mobs running riots since December.

The global narrative became such, that the Modi government found itself stuck between its Dharma to punish the perpetrators and the narrative that was running uncontrolled in the entire world.

It is an undeniable and indisputable fact that the Modi government has failed miserably in controlling the narrative and furthering facts of the matter that are as apparent as day. The Islamist nexus in India and its Left ideologues who have their teeth firmly in planted on the jugular of the Western Media have furthered their own version of events that are laden with lies and deceit.

One has to realise that the Modi government is dealing with a cabal that kept quiet when their own were being physically exploited simply because speaking up would “hamper” their fight against “fascists”. One has to recall that the Modi government is dealing with a cabal that rejoiced when infants died during the Shaheen Bagh protests due to weather conditions and called it “a sacrifice for the cause”. One has to realise that the Modi government is dealing with a cabal that uses women and children as human shields, using their blood to paint the symbol of “revolution”. That their sheer monstrosity and shamelessness in furthering a motivated agenda sans fact was a consideration in giving bail to Safoora comes as no surprise. It is entirely possible, that as confirmed by our sources, this could be a tactical retreat to ensure that the Left does not create an opportunity to tarnish the entire investigation with their propaganda.

However, what is tragic is that despite being in power for 6 years, now in their 7th year, the Modi government has failed to put in mechanisms in place that would impose punitive costs on those who compromise national security and integrity. On those who peddle bald-faced lies to further their agenda. On those whose ecosystem is so strong, that they can make a government let an accused terrorist walk free while holding them to ransom.

The government at the centre needs to realise that the will of the people give them the legitimacy to rule, the opinions of the liberal class have nothing to do with it. To a large extent, the Modi government recognises that perfectly and that realisation is reflected in hundreds responsible for the Delhi riots being in jail, the abrogation of Article 370, the Ram Mandir fanfare, their stand in the Sabrimala issue and several other instances where the Modi govt has proved beyond doubt that the “liberal” ratification means nothing to them. In fact, even when the entire global Left coterie was trying to pin the blame of Islamist aggression on Kapil Mishra, the Modi government did not bow down. It realised that their propaganda means paltry little when it comes to the truth. They knew that the Islamist agenda started in December and Kapil Mishra had nothing to do with it. They did not bow down. That is exactly why the bail to Safoora Zargar stands out like a sore thumb in the entire Delhi riots investigation and in the track-record of the Modi government.

One also has to remember here that the support towards Safoora Zargar by the Leftist establishment has very little to do with principles. If principles were of any concern here, then one would have expected them to be similarly considerate towards Sadhvi Pragya but that hasn’t been the case at all. Safoora Zargar has been turned into a poster-boy for the Liberal establishment because she fits the bill perfectly. She ticks all the right boxes. She is from the minority community, which means she has an automatic claim to victimhood that other mere mortals do not have.

She is well educated, studies in a university that has a great reputation among liberal intellectuals. But most importantly, despite being a ‘modern’ woman, she is fiercely an identitarian. Moreover, she is pregnant currently, and human societies value are innately sympathetic to pregnant women. Thus, she is almost tailor-made to serve as the propaganda tool for the liberal establishment.

The danger here is that the bail to Safoora Zargar will only boost her credentials in the propaganda war and undoubtedly, it will be used by propagandists to target the government further and the more radical sections will interpret it as a victory for Islam. The extremists will interpret the bail as further confirmation of their delusion that Allah protects them as they wage war against Kaafirs. And that is dangerous.

Having said that, it has to be conceded that Islamists have won this round, as has been said before, and there is really no other way to admit it.

This round goes to the Islamists. Their propaganda won. Their lies won. This round was theirs. And it will continue to be theirs unless the government in power can believe in justice just as much as Islamists believe in the dominance over Kafirs. The commitment to that faith will be tested when elements like Safoora have to bought to justice for their crimes because the propaganda machinery will use such cases to further their propaganda and paint the government as monsters.

Hundreds of those who have been arrested for the anti-Hindu Delhi riots are currently in jail and for the most part, the Modi government has done a commendable job in ensuring that those responsible for the carnage face the law. However, the sanctity of their dogged pursuit of justice will be tested in cases like these.

The Modi government’s commitment is being tested. What remains to be seen is whether the government realises its follies in letting the shameless propagandists run amuck and take corrective actions before the last round is played. The central government here needs to realise that it does not need the approval of the echo-chambers of the liberal establishment.

The Islamists train and use women and children because it is far easier to exploit the lack of dogged faith in justice by amplifying pleas of “humanity”. It is easier to paint the aggressor as the victim when the aggressor is a woman. Far easier when the woman is pregnant and a walk-over when that woman or her child is harmed.

One can only hope now that the Court will not award her a light sentence if found guilty on account of her motherhood. Regardless, today’s verdict busts the narrative for the nth time that equality before the law is a mythical concept. Those on favourable terms with the liberal establishment do enjoy special privileges that the rest of us mere mortals do not.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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