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The Quint incites its readers to replicate violent US protests in India, compares crackdown on anti-CAA rioters with police brutality in the USA

Users on social media have claimed that senior producer at The Quint, Shorbori Purkayastha, sent out a mail to readers speaking of the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The violent riots in USA following the death of an African-American man George Floyd have created ripples that have been felt in other countries as well. Violent protests have been observed in Canada, France and the United Kingdom among other countries as well. Indian liberals, meanwhile, are trying desperately to import the protests, which have no relevance here, to India as well.

Ever since the protests broke out, liberals in India have been drawing a false equivalence between African Americans in the United States and Muslims in India. The objective was to replicate the violent protests in India over the alleged persecution of Muslims in India and the arrests being made in the Delhi anti-Hindus riots case. Now, it appears, propaganda outlet The Quint has joined these efforts.

Users on social media have claimed that senior producer at The Quint, Shorbori Purkayastha, sent out a mail to readers speaking of the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. “But if Indians are joining in to call out George Floyd’s death, why don’t similar killings and similar profiling in India not trigger such widespread protests in India?” She concludes the letter with the words, “What will it take to introspect and bring justice home?”

While Purkayastha speaks of ‘bringing the protests home’, she hasn’t once mentioned the widespread violence that has ensued in the United States and other countries in connection with the protests. Thus, if the protests do get here, it is inevitable that violence will follow. Furthermore, liberals in the USA were celebrating, justifying and inciting riots during all the chaos. And liberals in India have been trying to get the chaos home.

Purkayastha does not explicitly incite violence but the implications are quite clear. If the protests do reach India, there will be violence. And it should also be borne in mind that when violence gripped the national capital as early as in December 2019, propagandist at various far-left media portals were still busy calling these protests ‘peaceful’ in stark denial of reality.

The Quint’s ties with the Democrats

The parent company of The Quint, Quintillion Media Pvt. Ltd., signed a joint venture agreement with New York based Bloomberg LP in April 2016 to launch a co-branded digital product – BloombergQuint. Bloomberg LP is owned by Michael Bloomberg, who was one of the candidates contesting to become the nominee from the Democrat party.

The evidence of Bloomberg’s ownership affecting its coverage of politics came when the news network announced that they will not be publishing any investigative reports on Michael Bloomberg or any of his competitors during the course of the Democratic primaries. But they would continue to investigate US President Donald Trump. Following the announcement, the Trump Campaign revoked Bloomberg News’ press credentials.

Give such circumstances, it is not far-fetched to assume that the coverage of The Quint is affected by the business association of its parent company with Bloomberg LP as well. And given the fact that Michael Bloomberg is a major Democrat donor and participated in the Democratic primaries, these speculations cannot be put away lightly.

Democrats are currently busy blaming Donald Trump for the social unrest even though it was liberals who incited the violence in the first place. It is not surprising then that the looting, arson, vandalism and brutal attacks on innocent men and women have been conspicuously left out by The Quint.

The Quint compares crackdown on rioters by Indian Police with police brutality in US

Purkayastha wrote, “The year 2019, for example, saw massive student and citizen protests in India triggered by the CAA bill – which cops tried to tame with tear gas and lathis.” The Quint conveniently ignores the fact that these were not protests but riots and during the violence, the Police was attacked with bullets, pelted with stones and the rioters engaged in rampant acts of vandalism and arson.

Quite clearly, Purkayastha is standing in support of rioters and drawing completely ridiculous analogies in order to peddle her favoured political narrative. The ‘protesters’ who were hit by the Police were not innocent lamb, they had engaged in violence themselves and spread anarchy on the streets.

The Quint appears to believe that the Police should not take adequate measures to restore and order after antisocial elements have run riot. Quite clearly, they are on the side of the rioters. Such propaganda if allowed to go uncontested would unnecessarily put Indian Police at a false position the next time mischief makers start getting ideas.

‘Muslim Lives Matter’ chorus rose in tandem with ‘Black Lives Matter’

While ‘Black Lives Matter’ chants got louder following the death of George Floyd, liberals in India jumped into the bandwagon trending ‘Muslim Lives Matter‘. People such as Ashok Swain and others openly urged Indian citizens to replicated the kind of violent protests that were witnessed in the USA in India.

Liberals have also attempted to portray Indian Muslims as the African Americans of India, which is an extremely flawed comparison from a historical perspective. Some also urged Muslims to ‘rise up’ in defence of the students of Jamia Milia Islamia University who are currently being prosecuted legally for their alleged involvement in the anti-CAA riots.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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