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This is why the American editor of The Wire wants to silence IPS officer Nageswara Rao

Nageswara Rao highlighted the fact that there is an organised attempt underway to relegate the Hindu Civilisation to the dustbins of history. According to him, there is a deliberate attempt to deny Hindus knowledge of their history and vilify Hinduism as a collection of superstitions.

Founding Editor at The Wire, Siddharth Varadarajan, has hit out at former interim-director of CBI M Nageswara Rao after the latter spoke out against what he calls “Project Abarahamosation of Hindu Civilisation”. American citizen Varadarajan took great offence at the IPS officer for exercising his freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

In the tweet in question, Nageswara Rao highlighted the fact that there is an organised attempt underway to relegate the Hindu Civilisation to the dustbins of history. According to him, there is a deliberate attempt to deny Hindus knowledge of their history and vilify Hinduism as a collection of superstitions.

Nageswara Rao also says that the education system has been Abrahamised and so have been the media and entertainment industry. He said an attempt has been made to shame Hindus about their identity and consequently, if the glue of Hinduism ceases to exist, then Hindu society withers away.

Furthermore, the IPS officer attached four photos to his tweet which highlights the phases in which subversive elements attempted to undermine Hindu society. In the first phase, the attached picture says that the Ministry of Education was under the hands of people such as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Humayun Kabir and Nurul Hassan and leftists.

1st ohase of deracination of Hindus according to M Nageswara Rao

During this phase, there was the distortion of history at an industrial scale and an attempt to whitewash the crimes of the genocidal Muslim invaders. Leftist and pro-minority academicians and scholars were patronised by the government while their Hindu Nationalist counterparts were deliberately sidelined.

Nageswara Rao calls the 1980s the phase of ‘inadvertent re-Hinduisation’. During this phase, the Ram Janmabhoomi gates were opened and the appearance of television shows such as Ramanand’s Ramayan and Lav-Kush ‘re-Hinduised’ Hindu society on a massive scale. Furthermore, “the sustained hard work of RSS/VHP” aided in the same.

Image Source: M Nageswara Rao/Twitter

Nageswara Rao says the second phase of the deracination of Hindus began from 1990s after “Anti-Hindus understood the process of re-Hinduisation in 1980s”. The Anti-Hindus, he says, “started an intensive and extensive de-Hinduisation of every aspect of education and public institution.”

The IPS officer says that de-Hinduisation is underway at a massive scale in mass media, art, literature, entertainment and cinemas. He said, “In fact, Cinemas have gone a step ahead by Christo-Islamisation- one hardly finds Hindu imagery nowadays but Christo-Islamic imagery is in abundance both in lyrics & visuals even though the plot and characters are Hindu.”

Second phase of deracination of Hindus according to Nageswara Rao

While people may disagree with individual components of the officer’s reasoning, hardly anyone will disagree with the fact that there is a concerted attempt underway to undermine Hinduism. Similarly, it is widely recognised that Indian history has been distorted and the crimes of the Islamic invaders have been deliberately whitewashed. Even ‘secular liberal’ intellectuals bemoan the fact that history was distorted due to politics which they blame for the rise of Hindutva in the country.

The abundance of anti-Hindu propaganda on platforms such as Netflix and even Bollywood movies, something we have reported on extensively, is testament to the accuracy of the assertions made by Nageswara Rao. In addition to this, the manner in which the mainstream media covered the anti-Hindu Deli Riots and the frequency with which it spreads fake news to undermine Hinduism further proves his assertions as well.

The hysterics of Varadarajan, no doubt, was exacerbated by Rao’s usage of the term ‘Christo-Islamisation’. The term refers to the alliance between the two monotheistic religions to undermine the Hindu Civilisation. It is known that such an alliance exists. For instance, after the CAA was passed by the Indian Parliament, Christian organisations and priests opposed the Act for the persecuted minorities of three neighbouring Islamic countries even though it had the provision for Christians from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The protests against the CAA was the biggest demonstration of the alliance between Christian and Muslim fundamentalists. Furthermore, it is also known that Christian missionary organisations from abroad fund missionaries to convert Hindus in India and Islamic organisations radicalisation of Muslim youth in the country. Thus, there was hardly anything extraordinarily controversial about what Nageshwar Rao said.

Yet, Siddharth Varadarajan and certain other ’eminent citizens’ of the country descended upon the high ranking official and ascribed personal motives to his comments. The objective, quite clearly, is to paint as a ‘conspiracy theory’ the obvious threat to the Hindu Civilisation. Thus, in order to keep Hindus oblivious to the threat to their way of life, it is of paramount importance to paint such observations a consequence of ‘communal bigotry’.

Ironically, with his frenzied proclamations, Siddharth Varadarajan only further proved Nageswara Rao correct in his statements. Amusingly enough, it was only today that The Wire published an article where it was claimed that Muslims have a greater claim over India than the Hindu community. Thus, quite clearly, the founding-editor of The Wire is greatly bothered only because the nefarious designs of his ilk have been found out.

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