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How Varna of Vedic era has been corrupted into vote-bank and caste-wars in modern times. Evolution of ‘caste’ though ages

What ‘caste’ was in the Vedic era, how it interplays with birth and occupation, and how it has evolved through various stages of history. An excerpt from Rajiv Malhotra’s book.

As Rahul Gandhi equates Hinduism with Ahimsa, time to remember why Hindus must not fall for ‘another Gandhi’

Rahul Gandhi in the parliament today invoked Lord Shiva to tell Hindus to stay cowardly - here is why he is wrong.

Opposition parties are using an age-old litmus test – push the Hindu community because they won’t react anyway – but here is why this...

The Hindu and cultural resurgence is almost complete, thanks to the opposition delivering self goals - and BJP will be the biggest beneficiary

‘Fighting against Shakti’: Here are 6 instances when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had denigrated Hinduism

As Rahul Gandhi faces criticism over his 'Fighting against Shakti' remark, there are at least six incidents when the Gandhi scion stands accused of demonstrating Hinduphobia.

Uttar Pradesh: Professor Ehsan Ahmed does ‘ghar wapsi’ and embraces Sanatan Dharma, changes his name to Anit Pandit

The professor noted that he did 'ghar wapsi' to Hinduism after reading about the religion. He is a devotee of Lord Hanuman.

‘Come back king, save the country’: Protests erupt in Nepal for the return of Hindu monarchy and the nation’s former status as a Hindu...

Thousands have hit the streets in Nepal demanding the restoration of the country to its former status as a Hindu state.

PM Narendra Modi is not a Hindu: Says convicted politician Lalu Prasad Yadav, asks why PM Modi does not have children

Lalu Prasad Yadav said, "Narendra Modi is referring to dynastic politics nowadays. He doesn't have a family. He should tell why there was no child born in his family."

Chhattisgarh: School headmaster in Bilaspur makes people pledge they won’t worship Hindu Gods, arrested for hurting religious sentiments

A video of the speech was uploaded to YouTube, after which a Hindu right-wing activist named Rupesh Shukla approached the local police with a complaint.

Ramlalla in Ram Mandir to be worshipped by Ramanandi method, the sect founded by Ramanand focuses on devotion and surrender to Lord Ram: read...

The Ramanandi sect follows an egalitarian ideology. It is one of the largest sects of Hindus. The beginning of this sect is believed to be with Lord Shri Ram himself.

I requested for the song: South African cricketer Keshav Maharaj reveals why ‘Ram Siya Ram’ is played everytime he comes to bat

Keshav Maharaj, who belongs to the Hindu faith, also has an ‘Om’ sticker on his bat.

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