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Malayalam director Ali Akbar converts to Hinduism and becomes ‘Ramasimhan’, had quit Islam a month ago: Read details

After quitting Islam, Malayalam Director Ali Akbar has now reconverted to Hinduism and will be known as Ramasimhan

Gharwapsi in Karnataka: Hosmani family to return to Hinduism from Christianity after nearly 50 years

Parents of Timothy Hosmani, a 55-year-old labourer in Karnataka, had given up Hinduism and embraced Christianity 50 years ago

Veer Savarkar, Hinduism, Hindutva and the ‘liberal’ strawman arguments

In order to attack the Hindu faith, Savarkar is needed, an angry Savarkar. So an extremist strawman is created

Ghar Wapsi in Samastipur: Man reconverts to Hinduism from Islam after 15 years

15 years ago, Umesh Rai had left Hinduism to become a Muslim. Now, he has returned back to his former religion

‘Garv se kaho hum Hindu hai’: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath slams ‘accidental Hindu’ Rahul Gandhi in Amethi

Speaking in Amethi, Yogi Adityanath launched an no-hold-barred attack on Rahul Gandhi over his recent Hinduism vs Hindutva rants

Karnataka: Stone pelted at mutt in Afjalpur after the seer of the mutt spoke against love jihad, Hindu group protests demanding action

Miscreants pelted stone at Mashala Siddalingeshwara Samsthan mutt in Afjalpur town in Karnataka after seer Kedar Sree spoke against love jihad

From denouncing Islam to the Quran to his demand to shut Madarsas, Wasim Rizvi gets candid in an interview with Hindustan Times

Wasim Rizvi, who reverted to Hinduism by renouncing Islam in December 2021, spoke to the Hindustan Times on several issues in an interview

Dharma Sankat over Dharma Sansad: Calls for violence and a dilemma for Hindus

For the past two days, Twitter is rife with videos of a three-day event called Dharma Sansad, organised in Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Rahul Gandhi and his ‘Hinduism vs Hindutva’ jibes: The Duryodhana in borrowed ‘Kavach’

Looking at Rahul Gandhi’s silly attacks on Hindutva raises a question – is he fighting on borrowed armour?

The two Indias when it comes to secularism

Secularism is supposed to be the free market for religion. But in India, the Hindu religion is not allowed to step into the free market.

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