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‘Aaj Dekh Lenge Hinduon ko’: The tale of Faizal Farooqui, Rajdhani and DRP school and what Chargesheet number 1 says

From JCC, Faizal Farooqui was also in touch with Safoora Zargar who garnered a lot of sympathies because she was pregnant at the time of her arrest for her involvement in the riots. From Pinjra Tod, Faizal was in touch with Divyangana and Natasha Narwal as well. Further, he was also in touch with Md Illyas, who is the head of PFI Delhi.

The anti-Hindu Delhi riots rocked the national capital on the 24th and 25th of February 2020, leaving over 53 dead and several hundred injured. The Delhi Police and the Special Cell have filed numerous chargesheets in the Delhi riots that pertain to several different incidents of violence that led to carnage and destruction over a period of the two days. Other than Chand Bagh, one of the areas that saw unprecedented planned brutality was Shiv Vihar Tiraha.

The Shiv Vihar Tiraha lies in the jurisdiction of three police stations – Karwal Nagal, Dayalpur and Gokulpuri. One road in the Shiv Vihar Tiraha leads to Mustafabad, which is a largely Muslim dominated area, and the other leads to areas like Shiv Vihar and Babu Nagar which have a mixed population. The areas have mostly Hindu dominated colonies with Muslim houses as well. The Shiv Vihar Tiraha violence was especially brutal against Hindus. On the afternoon of 24th February, the first body that was found was that of Dilbar Negi. His hands and legs were chopped off, and the rest of him was burnt right in front of Rajdhani school in Anil Sweets.

In Shiv Vihar Tiraha, one of those most sinister plans hatched was executed from the rooftop of Rajdhani School. Islamist mobs fired guns, threw bottles full of acid, stones etc from the rooftop of Rajdhani school which is owned by one Faizal Farooqui. The first chargesheet filed in the Delhi Anti-Hindu riots case also pertained to the Rajdhani school and the events that transpired there on the 24th and the 25th of February 2020.

The complaint in the case was filed by one Mr Yatendra Sharma, the owner of DRP school which is adjacent to Rajdhani school. DRP, which is owned by a Hindu was completely gutted by the mob that was atop the Rajdhani school, which is owned by a Muslim. Most of the PCR calls on that day were made from DRP school, by one Dharmesh Sharma.

The chargesheet mentions the testimony of the guard of DRP school, that categorically blows open the entire conspiracy against Hindus during the Delhi riots. He said that in the afternoon of 24th of February when he went to close the gates of DRP school, he saw that several Muslims were standing at the gate of Rajdhani school and the owner, Faizal Farooqui was also present with them. Faizal, who was sitting on his bike, asked the guard of Rajdhani school (a Hindu whose identity we are withholding) to give access to “all his Muslim brothers” into the school.

The guard of DRP school further makes a shocking revelation. He says that he overheard Faizal Farooqui saying “Aaj dekh lenge Hinduon ko” (Roughly translated, it means “today we will teach Hindus a lesson”).

Then, the guard of DRP school says that the mob descended into DRP school with ropes from the terrace and a large number of rioters broke the gates of DRP school and entered the compound.

The guard further says that one of the rioters saw him and shouted, “Shahrukh bhai, wo raha Hindu. Maaro saale ko”.

Another witness from the area was examined (identity, as mentioned in the chargesheet, being withheld in this report). He too testified to exactly what the guard of DRP school had said. He said that at about 2 PM on the 24th of February 2020, he saw Faizal in front of Rajdhani school with other Muslims. While sitting on his bike, he instructed the guard of Rajdhani school to allow his “Muslim brothers” inside. He also heard him saying “Aaj dekh lenge Hinduon ko”.

Interestingly, further into the chargesheet, a witness also identified the driver of Faizal Farooqui as being actively involved in the riots that gutted DRP school.

What the Hindu guard of Rajdhani school, owned by Faizal Farooqui, said

The Hindu guard of the Rajdhani school, that was used as a launchpad to target Hindus, testified that at around 2 PM, Faizal was talking to his Muslim brothers while sitting on a bike and had instructed him to let them into the school. When the rioters came to the school, he, along with his family, fled to save their lives.

On the 25th of February, on the second day of the riots, Faizal met The Hindu guard and assured him that the Muslim rioters would not harm him “as per the plan”, however, The Hindu guard was scared for his life. He, therefore, did not return to the school. In the chargesheet, it is mentioned how he identified the rioters from CCTV footage.

The conspiracy and how money was paid to rioters by Faizal, owner of Rajdhani school

The chargesheet says that one Sharukh was apprehended by police on the tip-off of a ‘secret informer’. After being apprehended, during sustained interrogation, revealed the involvement of Faizal and admitted to his own involvement in the riots as well. Interestingly, Sharukh identified Faizal Farooqui while he was already in the police station being interrogated in a separate case.

Sharukh under interrogation started that Faizal used to constantly tell him that due to CAA and NRC, all Muslims would be thrown out of India.

Sharukh admitted that Faizal told him to be prepared for any kind of sacrifice for the community. He also admitted that Faizal Farooqui had given him Rs 5,000 and told him to wipe out Hindus and their business interests. He also disclosed that Faizal had strong connections to Deoband and had visited the place frequently.

The chargesheet categorically states that the number of stones, bricks, acid bottles, weapons etc found on Rajdhani school could not have been collected in one day spontaneously. It says that Faizal was the natural leader of his community in the area and was looked upon to give guidance to the Muslim community since he was resourceful and rich. He had three schools in the area and was a leader of the Muslim community. Rajdhani school, which is a tall building owned by Faizal, was used as a vantage point with his instruction to attack Hindus.

Further, the chargesheet says that an analysis of the CCTV footage has proved that the parents of the students studying in Rajdhani inexplicably came to pick their wards up at 11 AM while those of DRP school came as per schedule. The streets adjoining Rajdhani school were also deserted as per the chargesheet. This, the police have concluded is a clear indication that the riots were pre-planned.

On the 25th, the second day of the riots, Faizal even gave Rs 2,000 to the rioting mob for food after praising their “word” and how effectively they had targeted Hindus of the area.

How Faizal Farooqui was in touch with JCC, Pinjra Tod etc

Faizal Farooqui, during interrogation, stated that the CAA and the NRC were against the Muslim community and hence, he had been participating actively in the protests that were taking place across the capital. Further, the chargesheet says that he admitted meeting several Muslim clerics, members of Pinjra Tod, JCC and also the radical Islamist outfit PFI. Further, he said that he was assured all sort of help and cooperation.

From JCC, Faizal Farooqui was also in touch with Safoora Zargar who garnered a lot of sympathies because she was pregnant at the time of her arrest for her involvement in the riots. From Pinjra Tod, Faizal was in touch with Divyangana and Natasha Narwal as well. Further, he was also in touch with Md Illyas, who is the head of PFI Delhi.

Faizal had travelled to Deoband a day before the riots

The chargesheet says that Faizal Farooqui had travelled to Deoband in Uttar Pradesh on the 23rd of February, a day before the riots took place. He left Delhi at 7 AM and returned at about 8:15 in the evening. It is pertinent to note that Deoband is a hotbed for radical Islam and also houses the Darul Ul Deoband where the Sunni Deobandi Islamic Movement began. The radical faction is infamous for issuing fatwas for anything that they perceive as ‘unIslamic’ or not confirming to their traditional, radical view of Islam.

The police also suspect Faizal’s connections with Tablighi Jamaat and the Delhi Markaz. In the chargesheet that OpIndia has perused, 13 calls and messages were exchanged between Faizal and Abdul Aleem, who is close to Maulana Saad. These aspects are still being investigated by the Delhi Police. The police also suspect that the meteoric rise in the properties purchased by Faizal could be connected to the rise to the top of Maulana Saad in Markaz.

The 6 prominent incidents of violence against Hindus in Shiv Vihar Taraha

The chargesheet details the 6 prominent incidents of violence against Hindus in the Shiv Vihar Taraha area.

  1. On the 24th of February, the totally burnt body of Dilbar Negi was recovered.
  2. On the 24th at 4 PM, Rahul Solanki sustains gunshot injury.
  3. On the 25th, acid was thrown as SSB Jawans.
  4. On the 25th at around 4:30 PM, Veer Bhan sustained gunshot injury on his head while crossing the Taraha on his bike.
  5. On the 25th at around 5:00 PM, Dinesh sustained gunshot injury on his head while standing at the Taraha.
  6. On the 25th at around 10:15 PM, Alok sustained injuries from stone pelting by Muslims.

It is pertinent to keep in mind that this was the first chargesheet which was filed in the Delhi riots case by the Delhi Police and subsequently, far more information has come to light. It is difficult to view the riots on the 24th and 25th when the planning of the riots was taking place since December 2019 with several incidents of violence that preceded the final riots. OpIndia report on the planning and chronology of events since December 2019 can be purchased and read here.

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