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Kathua lawyer links sex crimes with worshipping Devi to target and guilt trip Hindus during Navratri, Congress joins in

It is pertinent to note here that Deepika Singh Rajawat has been using the case primarily to boost her own celebrity status. And those in the media were only overeager to cater their services to suit her interests.

Advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat of Kathua Case fame appears to belong to the coterie of secular-liberals who believe that Hindus must not be permitted to enjoy their festivals in full fervour without efforts to guilt-trip them. Consistent with her atrocious conduct in the past that drove her to infamy, Deepika Singh Rajawat linked sex crimes with worshipping the Devi in order to target the Hindu community and dampen the festive fervour among Hindus.

On Tuesday, Rajawat posted a cartoon that linked sex crimes with ‘Devisthan’. In the cartoon, a man could be seen raping a woman at some place during ordinary days while it says that on Navratri, the man worships the Goddess at the same place. The visuals depicted in the cartoon vaguely reminds one of the Hinduphobic narrative that was launched during the Kathua case, the crime that drove Rajawat to celebrity status.

Tweet posted by Deepika Singh Rajawat

The reaction of Deepika Singh Rajawat is quite different when the festival under consideration is Eid. On Eid, festivals become an occasion to bring people together. But during Navratri, the opportunity is to be used to target the Hindu community.

Thus, we see what has become a familiar trope in secular-liberal discourse. In the echo-chamber of liberal activism, targeting Hindus is how liberals collect brownie points to boost their careers. Of late, Deepika Singh Rajawat has witnessed a decline in her celebrity status following the fiasco in the Kathua Case. Therefore, she is looking to reignite the career prospects by targeting the Hindu community during an auspicious festival.

Targeting Hindus on the occasion of their festivals while celebrating ‘secular’ festivals in full vigour is the perfect encapsulation of the perversity that dominates liberal discourse and forms one of the foundational cores of liberalism. Rajawat was only paying obeisance to the liberal dictum when she linked sex crimes with the Devi.

It is a core part of the ‘Woke’ ideology to target the Hindu community based on our devotion towards the divine feminine. The fact that Hindus are the only religious group that conceptualise the God-head as a feminine entity which is a marked departure from Abrahamic faiths is perversely twisted in order to target the community.

Crimes are a reality of every human society and monsters have always existed and will continue to exist. Using crimes to target a community during their religious festival comes across as sheer malice. And it is no doubt that individuals such as Deepika Singh Rajawat do harbour malice in their hearts for the Hindu community.

Despite tolerating rampant pedophilia amidst their ranks, any secular-liberal hardly ever describes the Vatican as an organised sex racket. Liberals go out of their way to whitewash and cover up the crimes committed by Radical Islamists. They have even managed to project the Hijab as a symbol of women empowerment. It is only the Hindu community that is the subjects of its repeated barbs.

The Kathua case and the attempt to malign Hindus

It is pertinent to note here that Deepika Singh Rajawat has been using the case primarily to boost her own celebrity status, while the secular-liberal camp relied on her and her version of events to target the Hindu community. And those in the media were only overeager to cater their services to suit her interests. However, her conduct during the actual trial was abundant evidence of her own dedication towards justice for the victim.

She attended merely two out of a hundred and ten hearings and was ultimately removed by the family of the victim. That hasn’t stopped her, however, from linking sex crimes to worshipping the Devi during Navratri. During the Kathua Case, the ‘Devisthan’ angle was propped up by the entire media and the entertainment industry, something that is strenuously avoided when crimes are committed inside Madrassas.

It may be recalled here that following the tragic rape and murder of an eight-year old girl in Kathua, liberals and their Bollywood counterparts made a beeline to malign Hinduism and Hindus by highlighting the fact that the rape and murder presumably took place inside a ‘Devisthan’. A placard campaign was run on social media where liberals took special care to point out that the incident took place inside a “Devisthan”.

Instead of talking about the bestiality of the crime, assorted liberals, including leftist organisations such as NDTV, brazenly communalised the incident by focusing on the religions professed by the victim and the rapists. Exploiting the poor girl’s death, they communalised the whole matter by alleging that the Muslim victim was raped and killed by the Hindu perpetrators because they harboured deep animosity against the Muslims.

The Congress party joined in too

Deepika Singh Rajawat appears willing to revive that narrative again it seems. The Congress party, for its part, as the fountainhead of all such rhetoric, did not disappoint. Only recently, the Chhattisgarh unit of the party sermonised that lighting a lamp during the day for the Goddess won’t absolve anyone of the sin of setting a daughter on fire at night. It appeared to be another reference to the Hathras Case.

Image Credit: Twitter

All of this has become a familiar pattern ahead of every Hindu festival. Every festival is an occasion to offer more and more sermons to the Hindu community to the point where people do not even convey their greetings properly. Diwali becomes the focus for ‘No pollution’ campaigns, Holi becomes the focus of ‘Save Water’ campaigns and Navratri, again, is seen as an opportunity to guilt trip Hindus over crimes that are committed by monsters.

Individuals such as Deepika Singh Rajawat harbour so much hatred for the Hindu community in their hearts that they truly believe that Hindus must not be permitted to celebrate even one festival without feeling an overbearing sense of guilt. Their self-loathing also motivates them to go out of their way to prostrate before the ‘secular’ communities in the most pathetic of ways.

It is important to understand that such people engage in such behaviour the liberal community encourages and provides incentives for people to behave in such a fashion. If there were no incentives and people were punished for the same, they would be much less enthusiastic about targeting the Hindu community.

Unless such a twisted reward-structure is inverted and people actually suffered adverse consequences for their Hinduphobic rhetoric in terms of their career, we would see a marked decline in such incidents. The Congress party has realised this to a large extent, thus, we see Rahul Gandhi on Temple-runs before every election although there are errant politicians everywhere since it is extremely hard for people to abandon their intrinsic tendencies.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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