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The father of the Kathua rape victim has been duped of the money that was donated to him by well-wishers, India Today has reported. The money has been siphoned off his bank account by anonymous people, the father claims.
Mehbooba Mufti inducted into PDP the controversial rights activist Talib Hussain who is accused of serious offenses such as domestic violence and rape.
The Supreme Court said that it is unfortunate that rape victims are treated as 'untouchables' in our society.
Against the expected 25,000 crores, the Roshni Act has managed to raise only 78.4 crores for the state government.
Kathua rape victim's parents removed Rajawat as their lawyer after she attended only 2 out of 110 hearings in Pathankot court.
After blaming the parents for firing her, she threatened to sue those who were questioning her on Twitter
The eight-year-old girl belonging to Bakarwal community was allegedly kidnapped on January 10, after which she was gang-raped and murdered.
A leaked audio had surfaced earlier which suggested that the funds had never reached the victim.
Talib Hussain was at the forefront of fighting for justice for the little girl raped and murdered in Kathua
The victim narrates that her rapist, who was jailed on charges of raping a relative, is now out on bail.
Talib Hussain reportedly attempted suicide inside police custody
A case has been registered against him under section 376 (rape) of Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) and 4/25 Arms Act.
His sudden appearance in Kathua district hospital had raised doubts in the minds of the villagers
Earlier, villagers had also claimed to have been tortured by JK Police crime department under the pretext of questioning.
The fact finding committee has found a lot of faults with the chargesheet filed by the Jammu and Kashmir police
The biased op-ed by Nicholas Kristof has completely ignored the facts and ground reports on the Kathua case
CCTV footage shows Vishal withdrawing money from SBI ATM in Meerpur, Muzaffarnagar where charge sheet accuses he was in Kathua at the same time
The genocidal maniac was supported by Kerala's Finance Minister.
The Committee also concluded that there was no material evidence to prove that Adv. Deepika Rajawat was threatened.
A violent mob went on a rampage in MP's Burhanpur on Friday
Swarjya magazine's extensive research unraveling and scrutinizing facts
The mob was supposedly protesting against the Kathua rape case
Allegations of a "scam" in this matter are doing the rounds
Her protests appear hypocritical when she has defended stalking in films and downplayed sex crimes by Islamic invaders
Notices sent to media houses to pay Rs. 10 lakh for disclosing identity of victim.
Bhushan, who is taking a high moral ground here, himself has blamed 'Hindutva' for molestation incident.
Incidences of violence were reported in the state
Queen Mary Indian society has distanced itself from the letter

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