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This is why Obama will not be ‘cancelled’ by liberals just yet for his comments on Rahul Gandhi. There is a silver lining

It is Obama's good fortune that he is not a Congress leader, because 'madam' would not have been pleased over this kind of statements about Rahul baba.

Indian Twitter is all stirred up today after the reports of a rather interesting assessment of Rahul Gandhi in Barack Obama’s new book. He has described the Congress leader as someone who lacks aptitude and passion to master the subject.

Former US President and liberal heartthrob Barak Obama, in his new book ‘A Promised Land’ has reportedly made an interesting observation about Rahul Gandhi. Obama’s book says:

Rahul Gandhi has a nervous, unformed quality about him, as if he were a student who’d done the coursework and was eager to impress the teacher but deep down lacked either the aptitude or the passion to master the subject”. 

The curious opinion already has the Indian Twitter in splits. For Rahul Gandhi is usually mocked for his outlandish comments, factually incorrect claims and general incompetence among the general public, not just his political rivals. However, since the Congress ecosystem and the compliant media absolutely refuses to see the writing on the wall and accept that Rahul Gandhi is not cut for politics, we get op-eds after op-eds, one PR campaign after another hailing Rahul as the present and future of Indian politics, a worthy opponent for the Modi regime and whatnot.

As we have covered in this report, the left-liberal media in India has been predicting Rahul Gandhi’s ‘coming of age’ for over a decade now.

Why Indian left-liberals won’t ‘cancel’ Obama

Obama has done something that would easily have got a Congress leader expelled from the party. No, it is not an exaggeration, anyone in Congress, who dares to question the leadership is forced to resign, or hounded till he or she does resign. Even senior Congress leaders, ones who have given literally a lifetime to the party were duly reprimanded in the last CWC meeting when they allegedly wrote a letter seeking some structural and leadership-level changes in the party.

It is Obama’s good fortune that he is not a Congress leader, because ‘madam’ would not have been pleased over this kind of statements about Rahul baba.

Still, Obama won’t be ‘cancelled’ just yet by Indian left-liberals. Here are the main reasons.

Obama is smart, his ‘criticism’ can actually be twisted to mean as subtle praise

Obama’s statements on Rahul do not actually write him off. By pegging him as a ‘student’ Obama has done what Karan Johar does to Shah Rukh Khan, portrayed him as a young, vibrant individual who is young enough to be called a ‘student’ and not a 50-year-old dynast who is yet to achieve anything of his own. ‘Nervous student’ is the American version of calling JNU’s Dafli-banging senior citizens as ‘student leaders’, to create a false image of youthful energy and thus, making an escape tunnel for abject failures to be dismissed as minor mistakes of youthful fervour and pass unnoticed.

By citing Rahul Gandhi as a ‘nervous student’ Obama has opened the opportunity for another dozen op-eds, declaring that the young student has finally ‘come of age’ and is now no longer nervous like a first-year student in his first day at college.

‘Done his coursework’? Seriously?

When had Rahul Gandhi done his coursework? In the now-famous interview with Arnab Goswami, where his incompetency, lack of knowledge and insincerity was out for everyone to see? Or the varying range of costs of a Rafale jet, that kept changing in every rally? Was Rahul Gandhi doing his coursework when he was lying, blatantly lying and lying some more on top of all that lying all through the run-up to the 2019 elections about the non-existent Rafale ‘scam’ where no one could point out what or where the ‘scam’ was?

Remember the instant where a person from the audience in a London meeting asked him about the Doklam standoff, an issue Rahul Gandhi has been ranting about for months? Rahul’s answer was, “I don’t know the details”.

Rahul is a person who attempts to pronounce “Visvesvaraya” in Karnataka rally and utterly fails to do that. Rahul Gandhi is so up-to-date with his homework that he cannot even pronounce the names of government schemes, claims he wakes up in the morning in the middle of the night, and so on.

Rahul Gandhi is the one Indian politician who never does his coursework. Congress loyals should be grateful to Obama that he was so kind to Rahul Gandhi.

Obama, by claiming that Rahul Gandhi ‘has done his coursework’ but still appears nervous, has in fact, inserted the scope for liberals to claim that Rahul is a sincere, youthful, hardworking student who is learning his way around, unlike old bullies like Modi, and thus will be a perfect PM candidate for young India. There is a scope for at least 2 dozen op-eds there in that single sentence.

Obama is the liberal dream, un-‘cancellable’

It is a unique predicament for Congress loyal, Gandhi family faithful, Indian ‘secular-liberals’ that Obama has done this. After all, how do they express displeasure against a former American President of the same party after they just expressed great joy over Joe Biden’s alleged election victory. Obama was after all, Biden’s boss for eight years.

Also, they have just fawned over Kamala Harris for being black, being of Indian-descent and being a woman and still becoming the Vice President of USA, forgetting that Indian, Sri Lankan women have been becoming presidents, prime ministers and chief ministers for decades now. ‘Cancelling’ Kamala’s former boss so soon after fawning all over the Democrats is going to look a bit ‘uncool’ after all.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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