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Outrage over PopSugar article asking Rihanna to apologise to Hindus: Just another needle that punctures the ‘farmer protest’ bubble

With each such outrage cycle the stark reality of the farmer protests becomes clearer - it was never really about the farm laws. It was never really about farmers. It was about showing Hindus their place and every time Hindus resist, their attacks are only going to get more aggressive. The real question now is - are Hindus ready for it?

Rihanna has attained notoriety in India in the recent past, and certainly, not for the right reasons. Rihanna had tweeted in support of the so-called farmers, who have been protesting against farm laws that benefit the actual farmers of the nation. In the process, the Khalistanis-led ‘farmers’ had unleashed violence on the streets of Delhi and indulged in an attempted insurrection, by ‘occupying’ the Red Fort on the 26th of January. The support by Rihanna and others like baby protestor Greta Thunberg came only days after the insurrection.

What followed was nothing short of shocking. Greta Thunberg tweeted a ‘toolkit’ that detailed a plan to destabilise India. Written and distributed by Khalistanis, the toolkit already had the names of Greta Thunberg and Rihanna. They were mentioned as the global ‘celebrities’ who were to support the ‘farmers protest’. Interestingly, the document contained the exact tweet, with the article link, that Rihanna was supposed to tweet. The involvement of Poetic Justice Foundation, a Khalistani organisation was also revealed. Its founder, Mo Dhaliwal, had proudly gone on record several times in the past to talk about Khalistan and breaking India. Interestingly, as the media investigated the story, it was also revealed that Rihanna was paid $2.5 million (roughly translates to about Rs 18 crores) by Poetic Justice Foundation to tweet in favour of the rioters laying siege on Delhi.

Expectedly, Rihanna’s foolish and perhaps greedy support to the rioters created an ocean of backlash in India. Many questioned her knowledge on the subject of farm laws and her locus standi to interfere in the internal affairs of India. Many also asked her if she endorsed the terrorist Khalistani ‘movement’ that aims to break India and is an attack on the sovereignty and integrity of a democratic nation.

In this ‘toolkit’ case, Indian law enforcement agencies have made substantial progress. They have arrested Disha Ravi, the woman who headed Greta Thunberg’s organisation in India and was instrumental in the formulation and distribution of the Toolkit, they have also arrested one Shantanu who was editing the document shared by Greta and they have an arrest warrant out for one Nikita Jacob, an alleged AAP activist and lawyer who was also involved in the writing and distribution of the toolkit.

However, the subject of this article is slightly different.

After the fiasco, Rihanna, perhaps staying true to her drug-addled self, posted a picture recently where she posed nude, wearing a necklace with Lord Ganesha.

Outrage over PopSugar article asking Rihanna to apologise to Hindus: Just another needle that punctures the 'farmer protest' bubble
Rihanna posing naked with Lord Ganesh necklace

Now, it is obvious that Rihanna has no devotion to Lord Ganesha. The explicit reason, many theorised, for her to pose naked with the necklace was to slight the majority population of the country, Hindus, who the Khalistanis wish to suppress. The explicit aim of the terrorist Khalistani movement is to break India and carve out a state exclusive for Sikhs. In the process, Hindus have been slighted, mocked, killed and mobbed. Since it was Poetic Justice Foundation, a Khalistani organisation, that roped Rihanna in to support an insurrection in India, one could theorise that her action of mocking Hindus was also the handiwork of the Khalistanis and since Rihanna does not seem to be very bright, she perhaps thought it was what she must to get back to her ‘trolls’ (basically, Indians who were questioning her stupidity).

Given that Rihanna either deliberately, due to another tranche of payment or, her genuine affiliation with Khalistanis chose to mock Hindus to get back at Indians who questioned her, American outlet ‘PopSugar’ published an article that argued how it was time for Rihanna to apologise to Hindus.

Outrage over PopSugar article asking Rihanna to apologise to Hindus: Just another needle that punctures the 'farmer protest' bubble
Article by PopSugar

In the article, author Nikita Charuza writes, “While the singer is clearly promoting her new Savage x Fenty line, which just got $115 million in funding, I’m baffled by what made her think it’s OK to appropriate another culture. Rihanna was wearing a necklace of a god, which is incredibly sacred to Hindus. For those who don’t know, Ganesh is a Hindu god who is believed to be the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles. I understand that many outside of the religion may not immediately understand what the big deal is, but once you learn the meaning, it’s easy to see that celebrities truly need to stop using other religious symbols as their aesthetic, because it’s getting old”.

The author further details how Rihanna apologised after another show of hers showcasing lingerie, where a song included the Hadith. After Muslims were outraged, Rihanna had posted a heartfelt apology for her error. Now, the author questions that if Rihanna can apologise for appropriating the Islamic culture, why can’t she just apologise to the Hindus?

The author had, of course, made a cardinal sin. The sin of expecting Hindus to be accorded the same respect that Muslims get. Because Muslims are the sacred community that does no wrong and must be apologised even at the slightest possibility of being offended. The global Left and Islamist nexus is not exactly a concept we are unfamiliar with, however, it is not just the Left-Islamist nexus at play here.

The predominant hand at play is that of Khalistani sympathisers and terrorists, driving the narrative and ensuring that global celebrities like Rihanna are seen insulting the Hindus faith. Why one might wonder. The answer is clear – When Hindus are slighted and deliberately insulted, while they don’t exactly blow themselves and others up like certain other faiths that must not be named, they do voice their opinions. And when those visible on social media vociferously voice their sense of insult, it is used then by the Khalistanis to allege that Hindus are ‘radicalised’, merely for voicing their objection to a deliberate insult of their faith. That then, in turn, fuels the hate more. In the process, Rihanna can be painted as a victim of attacks by The Hindu majority because she supported the “innocent farmers” (they are not innocent though. They indulged in rampant violence, leaving over 400 police personnel hurt. The movement itself is driven by Khalistanis and not farmers).

Now, once we understand why Rihanna insulted Hindus and why Hindus are angry, we also need to understand why the article published by PopSugar is receiving backlash by the usual suspects.

Meher, a ‘feminist writer’ (yes, most of the silly ones define themselves thus) took strong exception to the article published by PopSugar. Joining her in her unbridled outrage was another ‘feminist writer’ (told you) Suchitra Vijayan.

One is not exactly sure what they are taking offence to. Perhaps the fact that Rihanna is being asked to apologise to Hindus (they did not seem upset when she apologised to Muslims), or the fact that the author has theorised it could be a clap back to Hindus by the appropriation of their culture (which seems obvious). Or are they simply upset that this article was published in American media and not an Indian media outfit?

You see, the explicit aim of the Khalistani toolkit was to ensure that India gets embarrassed in the global community. International slight was the aim of the Delhi Riots conspiracy and of the farmers protest conspiracy. There is a reason why they chose Republic Day for their planned insurrection and violence. Now, when American media, even one portal, publishes an article that does not toe the line that the global left wants it to toe, the probability of their narrative crumbling to bits becomes a real and present danger.

Therefore, the outrage by Khalistan sympathisers and the global left does not really come as a surprise. Their aim was to create an International conversation around Hindus and how they are becoming “fascists” and an American outlet looking through that nonsense can prove to be a damper. None of us would really be surprised if PopSugar cows down to the pressure and takes the article down, however, with each such outrage cycle the stark reality of the farmer protests becomes clearer – it was never really about the farm laws. It was never really about farmers. It was about showing Hindus their place and every time Hindus resist, their attacks are only going to get more aggressive. The real question now is – are Hindus ready for it?

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