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American people of colour group slams White liberal Audrey Truschke for defamatory allegations: Here is what Hindu American Foundation said

Audrey Truschke alleged that the Hindu American Foundation were involved in a coordinated attack against her.

On Friday (April 2), controversial ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke shared an article published by Aljazeera, wherein it claimed that 5 organisations have received US federal relief funds to the tune of $833,000. The article alleged that the organisations have links to ‘Hindu supremacist groups’.

Citing the said article, Audrey Truschke alleged that the groups are known for engaging in violence, stifling academic inquiry and promoting religious bigotry. She listed the names of the 5 groups mentioned in the article and alleged that they are connected to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

One of the groups mentioned in the article was the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), which is based in Washington DC. As per Aljazeera, HAF received $378,064 in PPP loans and $10,000 in EIDLA from US federal relief funds. The other organisations included Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA), Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA, Infinity Foundation and Sewa International.

Screengrab of the tweet by Audrey Truschke

The controversial historian alleged that some of the organisations, especially HAF, had been involved in a coordinated attack against her. Audrey Truschke claimed, “To add a personal note- Some of the groups mentioned here, especially HAF, have participated in a recent coordinated effort attacking me. That effort has involved targeted harassment of me and others and violent threats. This is a huge red flag for a US-based organization”

Screengrab of the tweet by Audrey Truschke

HAF rubbishes claims of Audrey Truschke

On Sunday (April 4), Rajiv Pandit slammed the controversial historian for her defamatory and baseless allegations against the HAF. Pandit is a Dallas-based surgeon and a member of the Board of Directors of Hindu American Foundation.

In a tweet, he emphasised, “No, Audrey Truschke, as a board member of HAF, I can confirm that your name was never discussed as part of a coordinated attack, nor ever been brought up at the board level. Any such accusations are defamatory.”

While exposing her Hindu hatred and bigotry, Rajiv Pandit added, “It’s actually you who has been involved in targeted harassment. You, Audrey Truschke, have mocked Hindu texts, claimed Lord Rama was a misogynistic pig, that rape & “rape culture” were endemic to Hinduism, portrayed Hindus as bizarre “cow piss” drinkers, taught students that Hinduism is inherently oppressive, racist, and violent.”

The HAF member reiterated his support for the Hindu students of Rutgers University, where Truschke works as a Professor, for holding her accountable. “Such vitriolic anti-Hindu bigotry, which no religion should experience from a so-called academic, has consequences. You reap what you sow, and we’re proud of Rutgers University Hindu students who are holding you accountable for your blatant Hinduphobia,” Rajiv Pandit concluded.

Hindu students expose Audrey Truschke’s Hinduphobia , Rutgers hailed it as ‘academic freedom’

The controversy broke out after several Hindu students of Rutgers University had written a letter to the university in reaction to ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke’s attempts to sell Hinduphobic fiction in the name of ‘history. In its petition, the group of Hindu students studying at Rutgers-Newark pointed out that Audrey Truschke tried to trivialise and downplay the Hindu genocide committed by the Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb.

The students who initiated the petition were miffed with Truschke’s continuous vile and bigoted opinions against Hindus. In an open letter written to the university authorities, the students said that they are “aghast at the bigotry being peddled against Hindus via continued derision of our religion, our deities, and our sacred texts” in the university, which may be a potential threat to their security, as it may lead to “potential attacks, bullying, and backlash, either on campus or via social media, due to our faith”.

The petition specified how the atmosphere in the university is at odds with the Hindu student due to the hateful and vile anti-Hindu remarks made by professor Audrey Truschke on various occasions. However, Rutgers University, instead of addressing the concerns of Hindu students, had backed Audrey Truschke and whitewashed her vile and bigoted anti-Hindu remarks as ‘academic freedom’. Meanwhile, the faculty members of the university had also extended their support to her.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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