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Hindu hate

The Left confirms Congress’ Hindu-hate: The saga about IUML, Congress’ ally, throwing the ‘Kafir’ jibe at Left candidate in Vadakara

Exposing Congress' and its allies Hinduphobia, a message by its ally referred to the opposition candidate, Shailaja, as a kafir, while asking voters to vote for Shafi Parambil, for his devout Islamic practices.

‘Muslim area’, no songs during Namaz and more: 9 incidents where Hindus were attacked for playing Holi

In Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district, a Muslim mob including women attacked several Hindus celebrating Holi on the 25th of March

Ghaziabad: Teacher at Holy Trinity Church school smears student’s face with fluid for writing Jai Shri Ram, Bajrang Dal protests

The teacher in her apology letter claimed that she only put two dots of fluid on the student's face and that she did not have any ill-intentions

UK: Hindu families living in perpetual fear of persecution by Islamists, netizens reveal chilling details of harassment and police inaction

Hindu harassment is not uncommon in the UK. But several accounts of atrocities faced by them reflect the horrifying image of persecution underway.

There are leaders in Congress who hate Ram Mandir, Lord Ram and Hindus: Congress leader Acharya Pramod

Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam again lashes out against his party leaders for hating Ram Mandir, Lord Rams, Hindutva and Hindus

‘Massacre of thousands of Muslims’: While TNM denies Hyderabad genocide of Hindus KTR threatens to move censor board against ‘Razakar’ movie

Netizens have called out The News Minute Editor-in-Chief Dhanya Rajendran and all those lauding the tyrannical Razakars while denying the genocide of Hindus

‘Ram and Ravan were both mad for Sita’s beauty’: Rajasthan Congress minister’s derogatory statement stirs controversy

"Nowadays people are discussing that from which party Guda will get the ticket this time. I want to tell those people that I get votes based on my work, not based on some party's symbol," boasted Guda.

The Truth and Bollywood’s creative block: How film fraternity insults Hindus with sheer lack of intellect and what it can actually learn from the...

Indian regional cinema on the contrary has tens of hundreds of Ramayana, Mahabharat, and several other such productions based on spiritual Indian history. And each of these productions is full of creativity in their story-telling.

Bijnor: Altamas, Anas, Aamir and Fardeen arrested for harassing Hindu youth and two Muslim girls travelling on a bike

The accused youths were acting as a group to deter Hindu men from roaming with Muslim girls. Following that, they would notify the Muslim girl's family.

Delhi-based woman, who has hand-holding photos with AAP’s Atishi Marlena, insults Hindu Gods, says ‘why devotees make Gods eat but not defecate’

Geeta Ruchika who indicatively portrays herself as a 'feminist' and 'atheist' has taken to Facebook to demand Hindu Gods

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