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Audrey Truschke attempts to intimidate donors of Hindu American Foundation, was earlier exposed by US court for making “arguably verifiably false” claims

"We know about Audrey’s ethical failings, so we were very careful in protecting our donors & supporters," the Executive Director of HAF said.

House Resolution 1131, Hinduism and Hinduphobia – How anti-Hindu groups are opposing resolution that recognises Hinduphobia in the USA

Anti-Hindu groups in the USA oppose House Resolution 1131 which aims to officially acknowledge the violence faced by Hindus in America.

Parliament of World’s Religions cancels talk by Vivekananda Kendra Vice President Nivedita Bhide after vicious campaigns by leftists and Islamists

Nivedita Bhide boasts an impressive literary record with more than 15 published books to her name. She conducts regular yoga teachings and spiritual retreats worldwide, imparting her wisdom.

As Hinduphobic US professor Audrey Truschke steps up to support Udhayanidhi Stalin’s speech on eradicating Sanatan Dharma, her old anti-Hindu tweets surface

Audrey Truschke claimed the term 'Sanatan Dharma' was coined in 19th century while it has documented evidence of 1,000s of years.

No takers for the propaganda of Audrey Truschke? ‘Historian’ greeted with vacant halls and empty chairs at Parliament of World’s Religions in Chicago

Although the event titled 'The Importance of Freedom of Speech to Defend Human Rights 'was conducted virtually, Audrey Truschke was greeted with empty chairs and vacant halls.

Leftists and Islamists join hands to downplay ‘Hinduphobia’ in the US. Here is what happened

The Hindu advocacy groups in the US have reached out to their Jewish counterparts, who are often the subject of prejudice and denialism by the leftist-Islamist ecosystem.

The Wire gives platform to Jamaat-e-Islami linked IAMC to insult, gaslight American Hindus in their lawsuit against Audrey Truschke

The Wire has gone on to provide platform to Rasheed Ahmed, the executive director of the Indian American Muslim Council

US court dismisses Hindu American Foundation’s defamation suit against Audrey Truschke, IAMC, and others despite ‘verifiably false’ statements

US District Judge Amit Mehta although dismissed the defamation suit filed by HAF, noted that Hindus for Human Rights co-founder Sunita Vishwanath’s claim that HAF has parent organisations in India is “plausibly verifiably false.”

Global ‘liberals’ come together to whitewash Islamists accused of Delhi anti-Hindu riots in February 2020

Global ‘liberals’ come together to whitewash Islamists accused of anti-Hindu riots of Feb 2020

Audrey Truschke repeats lie debunked in court, says belly of pregnant Muslim woman was cut during Gujarat riots: Here are the facts

Audrey Truschke repeats familiar lies about Gujarat riots that Islamists and left-liberals kept repeating, despite being proven false in courts

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