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audrey truschke

Western academia comes together to deny Hinduphobia in US universities and blame Hindus: How Indian scholars debunked the lies

Indian scholars debunk lies spread by Audrey Truschke and her supporters in denying Hinduphobia that exists in American academic institutions

The Life and Times of Audrey Truschke: Links to dubious Hinduphobic groups, accusations of stalking and other controversies

'Historian' Audrey Truschke, who teaches at Rutgers University, is one of the most unpopular academicians in India today.

Hinduphobic professor Audrey Truschke found stalking parents of students at Rutgers University who had passed resolution against Hinduphobia

Voices against Hinduphobia gained prominence in Rutgers University after it defended Hinduphobnic ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke

Rutgers Student Association passes historic resolution against Hinduphobia: All you need to know about the lead up to it

Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) passed a resolution (No. 1451-XX) to adopt a scholarly definition of Hinduphobia.

Current and prospective students at Rutgers slam varsity for defending anti-Hindu historian Audrey Truschke. Here are 5 testimonials

Rutgers University had defended Audrey Truschke's vile anti-Hindu bigotry as 'academic freedom'.

American people of colour group slams White liberal Audrey Truschke for defamatory allegations: Here is what Hindu American Foundation said

The HAF member reiterated his support for the Hindu students of Rutgers University, where Audrey Truschke is a Professor.

Stand up for the Black community, stand up for Muslims, stand up against racism and hate crimes

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about Hindus and Hinduphobia.

Hamas-linked organisation, Islamic group linked to SIMI and others extend support to Audrey Truschke, accuse Hindu students of being ‘Nazis’

Defending Audrey Truschke, Islamic & left-wing groups claim that Aurangzeb did not kill as many Hindus as claimed by Hindu groups.

Faculty members of Rutgers university defend controversial ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke, say students should be intellectually challenged

The faculty members claimed Audrey Truschke is doing critical examination of Hindutva, and it is not the same thing as Hinduphobia

After humiliating Hindu students, Rutgers issues a follow up ‘apology’, but stays silent on alleged ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke: What we know so far

The Rutgers University, which has backed Audrey Truschke and her bigotry against Hindus, said that they value Hindu students

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