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Political opposition amid pandemic has become so devoid of humanity that Modi haters now want Gujaratis dead

You lowlives can continue to wallow in the shallowness of your own thoughts. Because whether you like it or not, Gujarat model is here to stay.

At the beginning of pandemic last year, when we were just trying to figure out what is this monster China has unleashed on us, many of us thought that we will all emerge from this nightmare a little bit kinder, nicer and overall better humans. A year later, as the virus goes unhinged, there are people who are celebrating the death. If you are a Gujarati, especially, you deserve to die.

Just one army veteran hating on Gujaratis

Here is one Rajendra Bhaduri. He wears a uniform in his profile picture, signifying at one point he vowed to protect Indians. But here he is, celebrating the grim situation of Chinese coronavirus in Gujarat as a ‘vengeance’. Just how much do you hate Narendra Modi and Amit Shah that you cheer for the death of Gujaratis as ‘revenge’.

As a COVID positive person myself and as a primary caregiver for two COVID positive patients at home, who is struggling the guilt of ‘bringing virus home’, that I have not used expletives while writing this speaks a lot about my restrain. Rajendra Bhaduri, how do you live with yourself?

What is worse is that Bhaduri here is not an exception but the rule when it comes to Modi haters who’d rather have Gujaratis dead if it shows Modi as a failure. Here are some more examples:

Congress being its usual self

Here is the primary opposition party, whose man-child of a leader thinks he deserves to be Prime Minister only because his father, grandmother and great grandfather were one. Why does Congress hate us Gujaratis so much? Is it because Gujaratis have not voted the party to power in over two decades? Yes, so people are dying, the administration is struggling as it is everywhere across India. But we will not forget that you danced on dead bodies of Gujaratis amid the raging pandemic.

Gujarati ‘satirist’ mocking ‘Gujarat model’

One of the most misplaced sense of importance some people have is that they are ‘speaking truth to power’ and hence as ‘brave’. Urvish Kothari is one such satirist. He writes columns for vernacular newspaper Gujarat Samachar. When the Islamic terrorist attacked CRPF convoy in Pulwama in February 2019 because he wanted to kill those who ‘drink cow urine’, Gujarat Samachar thought invoking ‘How’s the josh’ catch phrase to question the government was a good move. Islamists were using the phrase to celebrate the Pulwama attack.

“How is the josh”

The reference to the film Uri, which was on surgical strikes India carried out to avenge the Uri attacks, Gujarat Samachar mocked the government, which has been using the catchphrase while interacting with citizens lately. The phrase ‘how is the josh’ was not used by citizens to question the government, but it is actually used by jihadis to celebrate the Pulwama attack. Sometimes, terrorist sympathisers masquerading as mediapersons also use it to cheer for terrorists.

So when a columnist associated with this piece of hatred mocks ‘Gujarat model’ while his fellow brethren are suffering, it just shows that they are not questioning the administration for struggling healthcare but are just scoring a political point. Your hatred for Modi is being masqueraded as ‘anguish’ for the suffering of Gujaratis and no one is buying this bullsh*t accept fellow haters like yourself.

But you know what? Gujarat and Gujaratis will come out victorious. We are way more resilient. The ‘Gujarat model’ you are mocking worked not because Modi brought it with him, but he just managed to highlight it. Gujarat, a state with all adversities in terms of resources, has managed to not only survive but thrive. We will emerge stronger from this pandemic too. We will continue to provide medicines, essential anti viral drugs as well as oxygen across India and beyond.

You lowlives can continue to wallow in the shallowness of your own thoughts. Because whether you like it or not, Gujarat model is here to stay.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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