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From dead babies to hushing rapes: How the spectacle of human sacrifice has come to dominate liberal protests

If they are willing to sacrifice the life of a woman and silence a crime as devastating as rape for their protests, then what else are they willing to sacrifice?

Yogendra Yadav, darling of the liberal intelligentsia, was aware that a woman had been raped by AAP leaders at the Tikri border farmer protest site, according to a report by Bhaskar. In spite of that, he chose to remain silent about the matter.

No doubt, he chose to remain silent because he believed that if the crime attracts national attention, then it would undermine the legitimacy of the protests. She was blackmailed as well and has since then died of Covid-19. But those on the outside must ask ourselves this question.

If they are willing to sacrifice the life of a woman and silence a crime as devastating as rape for their protests, then what else are they willing to sacrifice? Unfortunately, it is not the first time that news of crimes against women have emerged from farmer protest sites.

The crimes against humanity at protest sites

An editor at India Today had revealed months earlier that women were being sexually harassed at the protest sites. And yet, it was summarily ignored by everyone in the liberal camp. As days passed, people even forgot about it. And now, we have a dead woman who was raped.

Deaths at such liberal protests have become extremely normalised in recent times. During the Shaheen Bagh protests, a baby had died due to the negligence of parents. The baby was exposed to the cold Delhi winter every night and eventually, the infant was unable to cope with the harsh weather.

Even the death of a baby was not enough to move conscience of our liberal intelligentsia. And expectedly so. The perverse mentality that has come to dominate such protests was captured perfectly by the parents of the dead infant. The parents said that they would be willing sacrifice their other child for the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act as well.

It is emblematic of the pathological attachment that liberals have towards politics. For them, politics transcends every aspect of human life. Politics dominates every aspect of the human experience for them. Personal relationships, entertainment, sports, every single facet of existence must conform with their vision of politics.

Liberalism is a Godless religion

It is mostly due to the fact that most liberals have substituted religion in their lives with politics. Liberals worship their political ideologies and ideologues with the same reverence that ordinary people reserve for their Gods. The vacuum that the absence of religious belief entails is occupied by piety towards their political ideology.

Liberals have their own Gods, their own priests, preachers, institutions for promoting their religious belief and their own versions of doomsday apocalypse prophecies. Protests against ‘fascism’ and ‘authoritarianism’ are their own version of festivities.

Consistently, the deaths and rapes at such protests is the liberal equivalent of the human sacrifice ritual that was widely widespread once upon a time. The human sacrifice ritual takes two forms in liberal circles and there are consequently, two varieties of responses to it.

First and foremost is the deaths due to natural causes which are used to galvanise the protests further by wrongly placing the blame on the authorities they are rebelling against. We saw the manner in which the blame for the deaths of protesters during the farmer protests were placed at the feet of the central government even though they had nothing to do with it.

Posters could be found at protest sites with the names and photographs of those who had ‘attained martyrdom’ fighting against the ‘fascist regime’. Consequently, candles were lit in front of the protesters and the venue became some sort of a shrine.

The other category is the one that the unfortunate baby and the woman fall under. These are deaths due to negligence or crimes committed by the protesters themselves. The liberal response to such deaths is starkly different. Everyone pretends that it just did not happen despite everyone being aware of the monstrosity that has been committed.

There is a ritualistic response to such unfortunate events. Everyone just shuts their eyes to it and waits for the tide to blow over. No one dares report the crime to authorities because anyone who does so would be accused of betrayal of tribal loyalties and that person would be considered more wicked than the rapists themselves.

Politics above humanity

No one wants to suffer the collective wrath of the tribe. Therefore, the response invariably is denial of the entire series of events that led to it. Their hearts are so consumed by political tribal loyalties that they sincerely believe that such silence is justified.

It is not only the protesters themselves who harbour such mentality. Liberal media, intelligentsia, academia, liberals in all spheres resolutely hold the belief. That is why outlets like The Wire choose to remain silent regarding the matter.

It is for the same reason that the intense “Believe All Women” rule does not apply to the women who have accused US President Joe Biden and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct. Liberals genuinely believe that women and children on their side of politics are worth sacrificing to achieve larger political objectives.

The unfortunate woman at the farmer protests and the infant at Shaheen Bagh are merely pawns whose deaths must not be allowed to dent liberal politics.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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