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Kamal R Khan calls Mika Singh ‘anpadh gawar sooar’ after the singer released a diss track titled ‘KRK Kutta’: Here is how the feud started

The public feud between KRK and Mika Singh began last month after Salman Khan had filed a defamation suit against KRK over his scathing review of the movie 'Radhe.'

On Sunday, actor turned film critic Kamal R Khan (KRK) lashed out at singer Mika Singh over a diss track on him made by the singer. KRK compared the singer to a ‘sooar’ (pig) after Singh’s diss track called him a ‘kutta’ (dog). In the music video titled ‘KRK Kutta – barking dog’ specifically made to insult KRK, Khan’s face was morphed onto bodies of dogs, and bodies of several dancing women. Khan slammed the video saying that Mika is a very bad singer. He posted a video on his YouTube channel to respond to the diss track, where he also attacked Mika Singh for inconsistencies in his attacks against KRK, and narrated how Singh had been jailed for inappropriate behaviour.

The public feud between the two began last month after Salman Khan had filed a defamation suit against KRK over his scathing review of the movie ‘Radhe.’

While reacting to the lawsuit, Mika Singh had said, “KRK is a ‘gadha’ (donkey). Salman Khan should have filed the case on him a long time ago. KRK intentionally says nasty stuff to get attention, so that he keeps getting publicity. He makes personal attacks, he starts attacking family members. This is wrong. He talks absolute garbage, starts abusing people, he just says anything to anyone and the entire entertainment industry is silent. Someone needs to give him a proper reply.”

On May 29, KRK had referred to Mika Singh as a ‘chirkut singer’ (small time singer). “Now a Chirkut Singer wants to jump in the matter to get publicity. But I won’t give him. Kood Beta, Jitna Koodna Hai. Tujhe Toh Bhav Bilkul Nahi Doonga! Kyonki Teri Aukaat Hi Nahi Hai (Jump as much as you want but I won’t entertain you. You don’t deserve to be entertained by me),” he tweeted. 

Screengrab of the tweet by KRK

While speaking to Bollywood Helpline earlier this month, Mika Singh had vowed to answer KRK back with a song titled, ‘KRK kutta (KRK dog)’. He added that the rap song would be composed by singer Toshi Shabri. “I want to entertain people and make KRK popular, which would make him happy. He wants to be in the news. He wants publicity and now we will give him publicity. This song is our answer to him,” Singh announced. On June 9, the singer released the teaser of his diss track and announced that the full video would be released on Friday (June 11).

KRK had then warned him against releasing the diss track. However, as per his plan, Mika Singh went ahead and posted the ‘KRK Kutta’ rap song on his official Youtube channel on Friday. The video featured the singer, besides Vindhu Dara Singh in a cameo, and several common people. KRK, who had initially threatened to file a lawsuit against the track, tweeted, “After all the discussion with my lawyers, I have decided to not file defamation case because no use to fight a case for next 15 years. Therefore my videos about all of them are coming soon. Watch this review tomorrow morning.”

Screengrab of the tweet from KRK’s private account via Hindustan Times

While responding to his tweet, Mika Singh took a dig at him, “someone please tell my son to not do this. Once he threatens to file a case and then backtracks. Do whatever you want but don’t make your account private. You have many followers who want to send you dance videos on the KRK kutta song.”

Around the same time, a video had surfaced on social media wherein Mika Singh had allegedly stood outside the residence of Kamal R Khan. In the video clip, he said, “Dekh bhai, main tere ghar ke bahar khada hoon yahaan pe. Chaati chaudi kar ke khada hoon. Tu jahaan kahega, wahaan mil leta hoon. Tu saari umar mera beta hi rahega. Meri tere se koi ladai nahi hai (I am standing right outside your house. I am standing here with my head held high. I will meet you wherever you want. You will always be my son. I have nothing against you).”

KRK releases video, compares Mika Singh to a ‘pig’

In a video uploaded on his Youtube channel on Saturday (June 13) responding to the diss track by Mika Singh, KRK said, “The video that he (Mika Singh) made against me is as dirty as the face of this uncivilised, illiterate pig. Even I can morph his pictures onto porn videos. Since he is a pig, he wants to wrestle me in the mud. So, I won’t stoop to his level.” In his unhinged rant, the ‘Deshdrohi’ actor said that the stature of Mika Singh is lower than the driver of director Karan Johar. As such, he would not even allow the entry of singers such as Singh to his office premises.

While refuting the claims by the singer, KRK alleged that he has five bungalows on the road where Mika Singh lives. He claimed that he had sold one bungalow to a friend of the singer on his request. “So, he was standing opposite to his own house and claimed that I am not living there out of his fear,” KRK said. He also added that Mika Singh had earlier begged him for an invitation to his birthday party.

(Video Courtesy: Youtube/ Mika Singh)

KRK pointed out how Mika Singh and his brother Daler Mehndi were arrested by law enforcement authorities. “He is from such a disgusting family, where every member has gone to jail. And he claims to very powerful. He is only powerful in his dreams.” KRK added how Singh had kissed actress Rakhi Sawant ‘like a pig’ in 2006. He also reminded that the singer was arrested by Abu Dhabi police for sending nudes to an underage girl in Brazil.

Salman Khan sued Kamaal R Khan for Radhe review

Bollywood actor Salman Khan had sent a defamation notice to Kamaal R Khan for his review of ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.’ The latter shared the news on his social media account and said that the defamation notice was a proof of Salman Khan’s disappointment. He then said that he would not review Salman’s films anymore.

“I said so many times that I never review film of any producer, actor if he asks me to not review. Salman khan filed a defamation case against me for review of #Radhe means he is getting too much affected by my review. Hence I won’t review his films anymore. My last video releasing today,” he had tweeted. On May 13, KRK had reviewed Salman Khan’s latest release, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, where he kept referring to Salman Khan as ‘Daadu’ (grandfather)

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