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Mika Singh

Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar sends legal notice to Mika Singh for his jibe on Jacqueline Fernandez’s photo

Mika Singh deleted his comment soon after it gained widespread attention, however, not before infuriating the Bollywood diva's boyfriend who has now sent a legal notice

With Rakhi Sawant’s consent, the ‘kiss case’ against Mika Singh gets quashed by Bombay HC

Bombay High Court quashed FIR and chargesheet registered in 2006 against singer Mika Singh for kissing actor Rakhi Sawant forcibly. 

Singer Mika Singh thanks PM Modi for being able to use Indian currency at Doha airport, here is how it shows INR getting stronger

The RBI has recently allowed banks from 18 countries to use Indian currency for payments.

Kamal R Khan calls Mika Singh ‘anpadh gawar sooar’ after the singer released a diss track titled ‘KRK Kutta’: Here is how the feud...

The feud between KRK and Mika Singh descends to calling each other ‘dogs’ and ‘pigs’, here how it unfolded

‘Will perform in Pakistan if invited, stop me if you can’: Congress leader and actor Shilpa Shinde defends Mika Singh

Congress leader Shilpa Shinde speaking to the media attacked the two entertainment bodies for banning Mika Singh for performing in Pakistan.

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