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They tortured me physically, mentally, abused my religion and my God: Read how women in Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal are being victimised

Weeks after the post-poll violence gripped West Bengal, women are coming forward with their horror stories that puts the society to shame.

While Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal turns a blind eye towards the post-poll violence and abuse, several victimised women have come up to narrate horrific details of grievous bodily harm and sexual violence meted out at them allegedly by TMC cadres.

A report by Organiser pens down the horrifying story of a few of such women, who had to pay the price of supporting BJP in Mamata’s West Bengal.

BJP polling agent from West Bengal Pinky Baj recounts the atrocities inflicted on her family by TMC cadres

In her complaint to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, New Delhi, one Pinky Baj (34), resident of Jaygram, village, North Parganas, West Bengal, revealed the horror that unfolded on May 2, when Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress returned to power in the state.

Pinky alleged that around 7:30 pm on May 2, around 50 TMC goons led by Mujaffar Baidya, Mahabur Baidya, Akhar Bhagi, Aja Mullah, Labawali Gazi and others barged into her house. “They started abusing me in the filthiest language. They started beating us with bamboo sticks, iron rods, their bare hands, and destroyed each and everything in the house and looted items worth 3 lakhs.”

“Jaisi tumhari Hindu devi maa Kaali n*ngi hai.. waise hi tumko n*nga karenge (the way your Hindu devi Kaali is naked, we will make you naked as well)”, they attacked my religious belief by abusing my God, lamented the BJP worker. She alleged that they hurled filthy abuses at her and threatened to rape her and also hurled sexually explicit abuses towards Goddess Kaali and Lord Ram.

“They have tortured me physically, mentally and attacked my religious belief by abusing my God. It is such a humiliation that I cannot forget it ever in my life,” rued the BJP polling agent while narrating her horrific tale.

However, according to Organiser, the TMC goons had started harassing the BJP supporter much prior to May 2. In fact, on April 17, Pinky, who belongs to the schedule caste community, was present at the polling booth, when the TMC cadres approached her and started hurling casteist abuses at her. Using extremely derogatory language against her, the TMC goons threatened to rape and thereafter shoot her when their party comes back to power.

Pinky Baj further wrote in her complaint that on that very day, she and her son were accosted by Mujaffar Baidya, Mahabur Baidya, Akhar Bhagi, Aja Mullah, Labawali Gazi, while she was on her way back home after polling got over. The TMC goons brutally thrashed her 17-year-old son, recalled Pinky.

The mother and the son duo were continuously harassed by the TMC goons until they managed to run away from the village. However, this was not the end of Pinky Baj’s miseries. After they fled, her husband, Sadhan Baj, who works outside the village, called up Mujaffar Baidya, to sort things with him, so that he could get his wife and son back home.

Mujaffar Baidya, reportedly told Sadhan Baj that he would first have to send his wife to him. Then only will he allow them to come back into the village.

Speaking to Organiser, the BJP polling agent said that all she wants is that those TMC goons get punished for their sins.

BJP worker Aparna Das raped, poisoned by TMC goons in West Bengal

Likewise, BJP worker Aparna Das, resident of Barotola in Khejuri Vidhan Sabha also left her village due to the constant harassment she was subjected to by the TMC goons. She said she would return to her village after 5 years if the BJP forms the government in Bengal.

Recollecting the horror, Das said that on June 2, few boys belonging to the Muslim community visited her and threatened her to leave her house. “Later during the night, they came back and dropped a bomb in front of my house. The next day, they dropped another bomb,” she said.

“The day after that, once again Usman (Ara), Gautam Das, Shushant Das, Subroto Das, all of them TMC goons, came to my place at around 10 o’clock at night. They asked my daughter-in-law to open the door. Since she is from Assam, my daughter-in-law did not know any of these people. She called me to check. I immediately locked her up in another room and opened the door. They barged into my house and demanded I get my daughter-in-law out. They demanded to rape her. I fell on their feet to leave her alone. I told them that I was like a mother to them and she’s like their sister. I pleaded with them to please let her go. They kept on insisting for around an hour and I kept begging them. Finally, they left and warned me that they would come back the next day”, Aparna Das, recounted.

Petrified by what ensued the previous night, Das consulted her neighbours, who advised Das to send her daughter-in-law to some other safe place where these goons could not reach. Das hid her daughter-in-law away in one of her neighbour’s house. On the night of June 5, Aparna Das recalled, that those TMC goons came back to her house and started banging the door. Knowing that it would be dangerous to open the door and let those goons in, Aparna did not respond. However, this was not the end of the horror, said the BJP worker.

She said that “they kicked open the door of my house and barged in. They started asking for my daughter-in-law. When they could not find her, they forced themselves on me. Usman then raped me. I kept pleading with him. Pleaded with him saying I am like your mother. Don’t do this to me. All my pleading fell on deaf ears as he continued forcing himself on me. That day I, a Hindu woman, lost my honour to a Muslim goon. They did not stop at this. Gautam Das advised Usman to kill me lest I would lodge a complaint against them. All the four together forced me to open my mouth and forced poison inside. I totally lost consciousness and I don’t even know how and when I was rescued”.

“I plead with you all to ensure I get justice. I, a Hindu woman, got dishonoured by this Muslim TMC goon, and do not wish to remain a mere victim. Please come forward to ensure I get justice”, pleaded the terrorized BJP worker.

Pinky Baj and Aparna Das are two of the umpteen women who have been victimized by TMC cadres in the post-poll violence in the state.

BJP worker daughter gang-raped on gun point in front of the father

Likewise, Diya Guha (21) from Birbhum, alleged that on May 2, local TMC leader Mamul Sheikh, and 10 to 12 other TMC goons belonging to the Muslim community barged into her house where she lives with her father, a BJP worker, and started thrashing everyone.

“They tore my clothes and when my father tried to save me, they beat him up brutally and said, “Nahi hum logon ko tu nahi chahiye.. teri beti chahiye .. hum logon ko Hindu ladki chahiye. (We don’t want you we want your daughter. We want a Hindu girl)”.

The report by Organiser further says that these TMC goons then took turns to rape the 21-year-old woman in front of her father, who was held on gun point. 7 men violated the girl one after the other, while her helpless father looked on.

The TMC goons then attempted to kill Diya and her father saying: “Ladki aur baap ko maar do nahi to humare liye zehar ho jayega.” (kill the father-daughter duo otherwise they will prove fatal for us).

Diya adds that somehow her father was able to wrap her body naked with his turban and pulled her out of the house from the back door and escaped. They could not return home since then, rued Diya.

TMC goons sexually assault BJP supporter from Haldipara village, Purba Bardhaman

“I am a BJP supporter, and due to this fact alone TMC goons stormed into my house to punish me and beat me up with dandas and their bare fists. They tore my saree, my blouse, and assaulted my breasts with a knife multiple times. They kept touching my private parts,” lamented one Pratima Das, from Haldipara village, Purba Bardhaman. She said that she has been kept in confinement in her own house for days now, as the TMC goons have cordoned off the whole area not allowing anyone to go out or enter the village.

NHRC constitutes a 7-member team to probe post-poll violence in West Bengal

While the National Commission of women has taken suo-moto cognizance and set up an inquiry committee that visited the victims and submitted its report, the National Human Rights Commission, on June 21, also formed a 7 member committee to probe the post-poll violence in West Bengal.

The NHRC has complied with the Calcutta High Court’s June 18th order which directed the statutory public body to enquire into the complaints.

The committee was formed hours after Calcutta High Court rejected the Mamata Banerjee government’s plea to recall the June 18 order directing the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to investigate post-poll violence in the state of West Bengal. 

Union Minister Smriti Irani slams Mamata Banerjee for her silence over the violence

Lauding Calcutta High Court’s dismissal of Mamata Banerjee’s plea to stay the order over the post-poll violence in West Bengal, Union Minister Smriti Irani on Monday tore into the West Bengal Chief Minister for ‘keeping mum and witnessing’ the ongoing crimes in the state. 

“Women are taken away from their homes and raped openly. A 60-year-old lady approached the Supreme Court, claiming she was raped just because she was a BJP worker and supporter. How many more rapes will Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee watch silently?” Irani questioned.

“Probably for the first time in our democracy, I’m seeing a CM witnessing people being murdered because they didn’t vote for her party…Pahle to unke (Mamata Banerjee) haath khoon se sane hue the, ab daaman par bhi mahila ke atyachar ke daag hain” Union Minister Smiriti Irani was quoted by ANI as saying.

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