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‘Who is running the country?’: Series of bizarre comments by US President Joe Biden sparks further concerns about his deteriorating mental health

While the US media continues to fawn over him and pamper him with soft questions, a series of incongruous comments have only served to fuel suspicions about Joe Biden's deteriorating mental health.

Some of the inexplicable decisions and strange remarks made by US President Joe Biden lately has once again rekindled concerns about his declining psychological well-being.

While the US media continues to fawn over him and pamper him with soft questions, a series of incongruous comments have only served to fuel suspicions about Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental health. As a consequence, numerous political commentators, journalists and analysts have raised doubts whether the President is mentally fit enough to lead.

Joe Biden rambles incoherently, sparking questions

The American people need an objective evaluation of President Joe Biden’s cognitive capabilities, journalist Grant Stinchfield argued in the wake of his disastrous CNN town hall, where he was seen meandering and providing confusing answers to the questions asked of him. Stinchfield held that Joe Biden is showing more signs of dementia and a man in decline as his stammering, stuttering and a complete lack of coherence during his townhall meeting suggested.

Newsmax also highlighted the corruption scandal that engulfs President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden and much of the Biden family.

Highlighting how President Biden had been mouthing off inanities at his townhall meeting, one of the social media users remarked that he had said “not a joke” at least seven times in 30 minutes of his address at the townhall.

President Biden was frequently using mildly exasperating catchphrases all too often during his townhall meeting and predictably, it didn’t go unnoticed by observant political junkies.

One of the issues on which President Biden’s incoherence appeared evident was on his views on vaccination. When asked about when the vaccines will be available for the children, Biden blurted out a string of sentences that failed to make any sense. Former president Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr, was among those who mocked Mr Biden for his incoherent rambling.

The Republican Party’s Twitter account also had poked fun at the President.

In another video that is doing the rounds on social media, Biden could be heard snarling, “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we are sucking the blood out of kids?” when he was asked if there were some in the Democrats who advocated for defunding the police.

President Joe Biden was also mocked by American stand-up comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore in a new episode of his “The Jimmy Dore Show” after the United States carried out air strikes in Somalia, one of the poorest countries in the world. In his characteristically sardonic manner, Dore rhetorically asked, “The US military carries out first air strike in Somalia under Biden, isn’t it nice that a demented guy gets to decide who to kill? isn’t it awesome?”

Source: YouTube

Jimmy Dore and his guest also wondered who made the decision to bomb Somalia and suggested that Biden is not in control of the situation.

This is not the first time that President Joe Biden has been accused of suffering from dementia and losing his mental acuity. In the run-up to the US presidential elections, political observers and commentators had raised concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and ominous signs of senility creeping in that they claimed would seriously cloud his ability to function as the President of the most powerful country on Earth.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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