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‘In India feminism ends where Islamism begins’: Watch Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ speak on ‘feminist’ hypocrisy on forced conversion

In the first part of his second exclusive video for OpIndia, Nitin Rivaldo touches upon topics like the historical and systematic violence against Hindus especially Hindu girls by radical Islamists and the penchant of the pseudo feminists and secularists, who choose to maintain a stoic silence over it.

In the first episode, comedian Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ had unravelled the modus operandi of forceful conversions of minor girls and patterns being used to oppress and convert the Dalit community.

Now, in the first part of his second exclusive video for OpIndia, he touches upon topics like the historical and ongoing religious persecution and systematic violence against Hindus especially Hindu girls by radical Islamists and the penchant of the pseudo feminists and secularists, who choose to maintain a stoic silence over rampant incidents of forced conversions of Hindu girls, but outrage when people raise voices against the phenomenon.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Nitin Gupta’s part one of the second exclusive video for OpIndia on forced conversion of Hindu women, cities and temples

“For some weird reason, in India, feminism ends where Islamism begins”, says comedian Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ as he expresses his disbelief over how these so-called feminists have chosen to remain silent on issues like Nikah Halala, female genital mutilation and opposed the Triple Talaq Bill simply because the perpetrators belong to the Muslim community.

“The method adopted by the invaders have left behind them their aftermath. One aftermath is the bitterness between the Hindus and the Muslims which they have caused”, beginning his 25.43 mins video with a BR Ambedkar’s quote, Gupta gives an example of an incident of Grooming/Love Jihad that took place in Barmer, Jammu and Kashmir in 2019.

On January 12, Opindia reported how an 18-year-old Hindu girl had alleged that one Gulzar had blackmailed her with her edited photo, forged false documents of marriage, forcefully converted her and forced her to eat cow meat and read namaz. Referring to this incident, Gupta tries to draw attention towards how these rabid Islamists have been following a systematic pattern to persecute Hindu girls.

Further, to highlight how Muslims have enslaved Hindus over centuries, Rivaldo gives examples of Muslim invaders like Sikandar Butshikan, Qutubuddin Aibak, Muhammad Ghauri, Alauddin Khilji and Md Shah Tuglaq. He asserts that the way these Islamic invaders persecuted Hindus, especially women, hundreds of thousands of whom were raped, assaulted and taken as sex slaves during the Muslim period, radical Islamists are trying to bring back these Islamic practices by turning Kashmir into an Islamic caliphate.

Gupta stresses how the sole aim of these radical Islamists is to simply convert as many as they can. “This is not love jihad, this is only Jihad”, Gupta deplores.

Taking a sarcastic jibe at Congress leader and India former PM Manmohan Singh, for asserting once, that all Muslims should have the first claim on India’s resources, Gupta says that these Islamists are with remarkable dexterity, exploiting these resources to expedite their comprehensive propaganda, PR and brainwashing system intended to convert as many non-Muslims as possible.

Giving examples of Bollywood movies like Shahrukh starter ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’, Gupta highlights how Bollywood is also endorsing Islamism and manifesting jihadist proclivities through its movies.

Sneering the penchant of the stereotypical Indian liberals, Rivaldo says that this coterie never outrages on any sort of conversion, be it the conversion of Hindu girls to Islam or the Hindu temples to mosques or for that matter the name of cities in the country, but the moment you reclaim or try to revert the phenomenon, this particular section of people starts outraging.

Interestingly, this cabal never speaks against those who forcefully convert or against the phenomena, but they will emphatically resent those talking of putting an end to this Islamist programme. Forced conversion has become the new secularism, opines Gupta.

The video ends with a quote by Swami Vivekananda in which the Hindu monk had highlighted the dangerous implications of sectarian beliefs of ‘some’ Muslims that had wrought havoc on the lives of disbelievers (Kuffirs): “Everything beyond that (in Islam) not only is bad, but must be destroyed forthwith; at a moment’s notice, every man or woman who does not exactly believe in that must be killed; everything that does not belong to this worship must be immediately broken; every book that teaches anything else must be burnt. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, for five hundred years blood ran all over the world. That is Mohammedanism!”

In the first and second part of the first exclusive video he shot for OpIndia, Nitin Gupta demystified the evil designs behind the forced conversion of minor Hindu girls and explained how kidnapping, conversion, sex slavery and rape are justified by the accused.

OpIndia has been actively covering the cases of Love Jihad, Grooming Jihad, kidnapping and forceful conversions of Hindu and Sikh girls. To read about these cases, click here

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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